Ron Paul: Stop Aid to Pakistan

Date: 05/05/2011

  • nelson3300

    4:40 what the hell is going on in the background? Very loud bang noise. This is the second video I have watched that has this sound. same interviwe location too (congress?)

  • writofmandamus

    i hope ron paul’s not getting too old for forgetting Saddam Hussein’s name


  • CodedDude

    6 people like funding terrorists.

  • jamil316

    List of terrorist incidents in Pakistan since 2001?????

    anyone nows do a google search alot more then the US will ever see so pakistan does its Job

  • SonofDust777

    China will take our money and give it back to Pakistan…either way, Pakistan gets our money

  • tpstrat14

    Take money from poor people in a rich country and give it to rich people in a poor country… Ron, you are fucking brilliant. That’s EXACTLY what’s going on.

  • angkhymek

    if our founding fathers were here now, they would march right in the white house and due away with all of this nwo order evil. we all still carry the genes of our founding fathers!! nothing worth having comes easy. everyone get up together the way our founding fathers did! God bless.

  • bwild61

    We Need Ron Paul. Ron Paul 2012.

  • shawondemand

    I hear there is a republican debate tonight does anyone know where I can watch this thing?

  • FullBlown26

    we need to stop giving money to other nations…. Give the money back to the U.S. citizens! like our education… for an example

  • deficithawker

    It’s time for Ron Paul to shut up and show some respect to the victims of 9/11. His comments in this video are tasteless and display a lack of patriotism.

  • lilsm555

    fuck obama im still voting ron paul.

  • wowwow180

    all this Osama business is made up so they can have an excuse to attack Pakistan

  • BrownSugar2050

    and how much economic damage Pakistan has suffered because of this American war on “terro-r” ?

  • covertgreen

    at least China doesn’t go around the world killing millions of innocent people, and at least they don’t rape a pillage other peoples lands. i support Pakistan leaning on China, Fuck the corrupt evil american government. fucking fake jewish/british/french scums. not the general people either by the way just the government and their supporters

  • callouschristian

    Ron Paul couldn’t remember the name of the man we went to war to kill, after we went to war to stop “uranium stockpiles”…….not his fault, just very telling about the state of One Nation Under Israel.

  • OkieJohn1950

    Dr. Paul please explain this to me. I’m only trying to be logical so if it sounds like a sarcastic comment please understand.
    Pakistan and other foreign nations receive foreign aide (welfare) from the USA and nobody wants to stop their welfare. BUT, the American worker pays taxes all their working lives into social security and medicare and America wants to stop the citizens dependency on welfare? Since when are taxes welfare?

    • Libertarian777

      Taxes are not welfare.

      Taxes PAY for welfare.

      And think about this, you pay 6% into Social Security, and are promised benefits that exceed your 6% contribution.
      Where does that extra money come from? Supposedly from the return from the ‘assets’ invested ie. the Soc Security tax you pay is put into a ‘fund’.
      The reality though is that the ‘assets’ of the Soc Security fund don’t exist, they ‘invest’ in US Treasuries, ie. those social security funds have been spent already (the taxes go into the general fund).

      What happens when those assets mature? the government has to tax whoever’s working at that time to pay off those maturing bonds.

      Why do they do this? For 1 everyone will vote to keep Soc Security because the promise has been made. 2. no one realises there are no assets in the ‘fund’ until its too late, by then the politicians who you voted for are gone from office, and you’re left with nothing. All your taxes paid into the fund are gone.

  • MissEVitale

    why don’t you all stop politias as usual… will ron paul really get voted in as we all know elections are fixed? sure we all want hope of change etc, but never do we receive the change… not to be pessimistic anything is possible I guess…

  • TrooTheDolly

    Dont drag pakistan in a war which has nothing to do with it america! ohh maybe you wana invade it just like you did to other nations!

  • Altasshrug

    Grassroots not Billion Dollar Campaigns

    Ron Paul 2012!

    $600,000.00 and counting