Ron Paul: Stop Aid to Pakistan

Date: 05/05/2011

  • 0xTRX007

    Election 2012 FOX poll – Ron Paul Voters, Vote Now!!!
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  • TeDuaMalakie

    the american aid to Pakistan will never be stopped as long as Pakistan has a nuclear weapons,so that is why america keeps aiding Pakistan. to keep the mass distraction weapons safe and to keep the nuclear technology info from being leaked to any country .same thing with Egypt , America bribes these retarded countries for the sake of protecting Israel & Europe. Egypt aid mainly for keeping the peace convention with Israel. America money is just to keep Israel, Europe always safe from any threat .

  • iddicted


  • kommisar

    Amazing how these asshole politicians talk about how we need to cut spending and can’t afford to cut all these various things, but will keep sending out money to shithole Middle East countries for no good reason.

  • TheGordonAShumway

    Ron Paul needs to support his buddies on his political payroll. Please donate to his 2012 campaign. He’s friends are poor and need your help.

    Go Ron Paul!!

  • Cavin21

    Ron Paul has been talking a lot about Pakistan way before all of this and our victory of killing Osama.

  • ElectricSparks2425
  • FransisR

    Ron Paul for 2016 .Then he will run against miley cyrus.
    Jokes apart he appears too truthful to be a politician!

  • defexorcist

    Another bumbling foreign policy move by us. We better start listening to Dr. Paul before we are completely screwed.
    Vote your conscience, not your pride!
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • caddyrolla123

    Ron Paul is our best bet in 2012.Like it or not.Listen to the man.11 straight terms in congress.Ron always tells the truth and believes in LIBERTY.

  • KavaniLoyan

    we need someone to end marijuana prohibition. Ron Paul is the man for that

  • brandon

    Take money from poor people in a rich country and give it to rich people in a poor country… Ron, you are fucking brilliant. That’s EXACTLY what’s going on…


    right? i just watched that interview…I love it…someone actually telling the truth….

    watchout lolol

  • philliptjr1

    Isn’t it amazing that the supposed mastermind of 9/11 is living in a hole in a wall with hardly any security. Can anyone add 2+2. It doesn’t add up. Think about it.

  • philliptjr1

    That is the beautiful part of this whole corrupt system. They take our money and send it to all these countries calling it aid then have the nerve to tell us we are broke. lets quit all the foreign welfare and lets stop all the wars with all the CIA contractors and lets see how much money we have left. I am sick of this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ryanfoss

    Neil Cavuto needs to pull the 10 inch dildo out of his ass, and then go on a diet.

  • LeJimster

    Vote for Ron Paul on the foxnews site. He’s currently trailing Herman Cain of all people o_O hehe.
    On front page bottom left. “YOU DECIDE: Who Won?”

  • jmoneyboy08

    fuck you Fix News…you screwed my boy in the debate

  • BfairCJustice

    They take the money out of Medicare, and social security benefits, and hand it to Hosni Mobark of Egypt, and others like him. These rulers take the money directly to their Swiss bank accounts, and not a penny goes to their people. Dr. Paul is the only one I know in the government that has always talked and voted against these wasteful spendings. You want to put an end to this, start giving his name out. If the average American knew who Dr. Ron Paul is, we will be calling him Mr. President soon.

  • smellyfooty

    how come he doesn’t mention CHINA right away? Why? Because america is in DEBT to china and so is canada. Human rights policies don’t exist when you’re in debt to a country that you owe money to.
    china has no interest in making war at all. they were never condemned in the participation of going to war with iraq or afghanistan or libya or yemen or iran or….
    you name it. yet, french fries were called freedom fries for lack of french participation in the invasion of iraq….

  • smellyfooty

    how come he doesn’t mention CHINA right away? Why? Because america is in DEBT to china and so is canada. Human rights policies don’t exist when you’re in debt to a country that you owe money to.