Ron Paul: The Revolution Begins Today!

Ron Paul will participate in the first presidential debate tonight in Greenville, SC. Paul and four other candidates trying to become the next Republican nominee will do their best to be considered the GOP frontrunner, answering policy questions on everything from the economy to foreign policy. Ron Paul’s opponents include Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Businessman Herman Cain and Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson.

Watch the debate live on Fox News and at 9 p.m. EDT

To mark the first presidential debate, Ron Paul’s supporters have organized a mass onation event (“Debate Day Moneybomb”). By 6 pm EDT, the moneybomb had raised in excess of $640,000. You can participate in the event by making a donation at Ron Paul’s official website

  • Seth LaClair

    Dear Congressman Paul,

    I am relieved to know that there is a candidate who really cares about the liberties of the Amarican people. It’s completely obvious, because of the blatant disreguard and/or abuse of “our” constitutional rights, that this country needs a New American Revolution. I hope and I pray that every American takes notice how extensively their rights are being violated on biabolical levels, how they are being lied to and decieved out of their “American Dream”. Quite frankly the dream has become a complete nightmare for most.

    I’m requesting that to help out the cause, there needs to be more outlets of “true and provable” information that outlines the illegal actions of the current administration, an explation as to how they are pulling this off without legal consequences and what it means if we don’t act now.

    I’ve spent years reading accounts of hundreds of “whistleblowers” who claim with desperate certainty that what they know would change the world we live in, yet nothing is ever done. Instead the one’s responsible for their far reaching suppresive tactics, psychological war-fare and false flag actions, keep the general public brainwashed into thinking that any word against them is just a “conspiracy theory”. I guess what I’m saying is why can’t there be a forum, a committee or watchdog group that takes these allegations seriously and then sets out to see if they can prove those allegations to be true. Seems to me that they are committing crime, after crime, after disgusting crime on humanity and simply getting them voted out of office is in no way close to the proper punishment. What ever happened to the term “Treason”?


    Good luck on your journey to the White House as I’m sure you will, without any doubt, be remebered as a true Patriot who guided this country back into the hands of its true and origenal owners.

    Sincerely dedicated to restoring America,
    Seth H. LaClair