Wow! CNN is reporting a new poll that has me tied with Trump…

“Wow! CNN is reporting a new poll that has me tied with Trump for second place in New Hampshire! Please consider donating to today’s moneybomb @ ! Suffolk University – May 4, 2011”Ron Paul

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  • bill wilson

    I am always impressed by your commitment to liberty. However, it is unconscionable that your sponsored bills would at the same time show deep commitment to oil, mining and energy ‘pigs at the trough’ wanting unlimited access even to ANWR ! (H.R. 2415) Such proposals reveal no concept of federal responsibility for protecting waterways, shorelines, air, land, foodways, natural heritage, and animals… all of which entails protecting us humans and the quality of our lives, our world.

    Calling 2415 the ‘affordable gas’ act is pandering. Commodities will always be a game until the game is restricted to industry-players-only on CBOT.

    What is freedom when a whole generation cannot conceive of our connection to the wilderness and everything else at the molecular level ? We can’t afford to say, “Private rights! Earth huggers be damned.”

    Do I have you all wrong? If so, correct my misunderstanding and I will be ok with that. Am I wrong about H.R 393?

    You see the Fed is there to protect certain kinds of unity coast to coast, to prevent unconstitutional state-based aberrations like slavery, and just plain reckless liberties like waterway discharge. Environmental protection, what little we have, is there because the people demanded it in the face of and in spite of corporate hopes for free-wheelin’. You would give them that ? In this day and age ? whew….

    Smaller gov’t means vastly different things depending on who is saying it.

    Your other bills, like H.R. 2597 open the door to a ‘patchwork’ of state laws. But yet you recognize the prudence of Federal power to unify the patchwork of laws on firearms and immigration.

    You make a big deal, in H.R.2597, to get federal jurisdiction out of states’ power over a woman’s right to choose how she handles her own biomass. Like that’s liberty ?! Suddenly your not for individual rights ? Like a state should be deciding that for her ? Life begins at conception. So what ? Every female culture on Earth has and will always have a form of infanticide. Get over it.

    I don’t understand your gross contradictions. You are wise on liberty issues, economics, foreign burdens, but so lost on some other fundamental values that future generations must live with.

    I want you to rock the boat. I do. But not cater to the mining and oil industry so shamelessly. I’m glad you want to dump farm subsidies. But can you undo what Earl Butz did to our continent? You would have to, quickly, if we are to survive. I don’t read your bills as doing anything of the sort.

    Your voting record is admirable. But your bill targets are not thematically contiguous, not at all. I’d be happy to help there.


  • AFV

    How does your views of smaller government combined with fewer regulations square with the ride Wall Street has just taken us on? Would you have allowed the these investment banks to fail? And if the ramifications of that failure were a bankrupt nation and out of work populace how would your positions have helped? Seems to me the wheels of justice move a bit to slowly for an unemployed family who can’t afford to feed their kids.

  • AMJ

    Congressman Ron Paul,

    These clowns may have ridiculed and heckled you in the past – but they won’t be able to heckle you this time. We are ALL supporting you, the whole country is supporting you, and we will do everything to get you elected and get the pest that has infested Washington fumigated.

    Good luck!

    We are with you and behind you!

  • Michael Stevens

    To the bringer of life, to the Champion of the Constitution, to the Hero of liberty, TO THE NEXT PRESIDENT.


    I have sworn a oath to our Constitution. To uphold and defend the principles that our country was founded upon.

    I tremble when I see the oceans of people that know nothing about history yet are eager to vote for Socialist agendas.

    It gives me a GREAT feeling to see your work. I have spent the last 4 years of my life spreading the Love of liberty to as many as I can reach.

    I beleive that Banking Instatutions are more dangerous than standing armies to our liberties. SPEAKS VOLUMES.

    You have my support and the support of millions, not only in the United States but around the entire Planet.

    We will not retreat, We will not Yeild, We will no longer fall back. We will not except a World Government or a New world order. NOT ON OUR WATCH, NOT ON OUR TIME.

    Your actions make me proud to be an American Citizen and for that, I will remember for the rest of my life.

    Thank you SIR. Thank you for teaching us to remember.

    The REMINENT exists and will persist and grow.

    For the first time in my life. I feel alive. I no longer question why I am. now I know.

    Thank you and god speed.

  • calliegal235

    Congressman Paul,
    I have not decided for which candidate I will support and vote, however, it was a pleasure to hear your responses this evening during the first debate. You are certainly a winsome candidate, with your unreserved passion, and your ability to amusingly point out what is obvious to you, but often missed by the rest of us.
    I know I am not alone in stating, whether you become our next president or not, millions of Americans are grateful for the service and leadership you have already provided. You have already earned a respected place in American History, and you will never be forgotten by those of us who value liberty and freedom, and who are concerned about the America we will leave to our children. Thank you, and best wishes to you and your family.

  • Michael

    Well that’s great Ron! That means you’re tied with the cookie monster and ahead of the Santorum. (for those who don’t know who santorum is just google it)

    And what a presidential debate you will have tonight! All the frontrunners together in a cluster fuck on the wacko network, Fox noise!

    THis shit is depressing. I’m outta here.

  • sailingaway

    The CNN poll ALSO shows that Ron Paul is strongest of all GOP candidates when running head to head against Obama!!