Thanks so much to everyone who helped make yesterday such a…

“Thanks so much to everyone who helped make yesterday such a big success!”Ron Paul

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  • brian filley

    does anyone happen to know where i can find info. re : paul’s views on social-security ( if any ) ? is very personal issue for me and i’d like to know where he stands…thnx

  • brian filley

    anyone know paul’s stand on social-security ? am having hard-time finding out…thanx

  • Citizen

    Dear Dr Ron Paul,

    You’re a great Patriot and Constitutional Scholar and a LIBERTARIAN!
    I am also and I applaud you SIR!!!

    If you want to WIN the REPUBLICAN NOMINATION…. you are going to have to LIE.
    I’m sorry but to WIN, you are going to have to DUPE the Military Industrial Complex into supporting you, even if you intend to cut their budgets 50% and bring home our troops.

    You may even have to DUPE the UNIONS into believing that you support their Labor Monopolies, even though I know you would disband collective bargaining.

    I’m Sorry Sir, but you are just too Honest a man to run for the corrupt GOP ticket.
    But if you insist and still have the Heart to Run the gauntlet.

    Then God Bless You Sir and you have my vote and support.
    But please try a few white lies to improve your chances

    God Bless Ron Paul for President 2012!!!


    • tj

      lol…I am not certain why you got 4 thumbs down…did they not agree with what you wrote? or did they agree with what you wrote, but not like the truthfullness of it?

      in any case, I agree and disagree. There is no doubt most everyone does not really understand liberty. So, as I recently wrote, a little tact might be involved…but this is not being untruthful. Ron Paul wants to cut military spending…but not because he is weak or a pacifist. However, if he does not have time to explain himself, he should avoid the issue entirely. When he does have time, he can claim he wants to improve national security by bringing the troops home in order to protect the borders while at the same time saving taxpayers money. It is a WINWIN proposition. And, it is the truth.

      As for unions? Libertarians are not anti-unions. Libertarians believe people have the freedom to join any group they wish and can negotiate their wage in any way they choose. Two people in a company can go into their boss’s office and proclaim that both will stop working if both do not get a raise. The boss then weighs the disadvantage of losing both employees with the cost of the raises. This is freedom…this is capitalism.

      Freedom is lost and capitalism perverted when government intervenes like it has in the past 75 years….

      Ron PAul 2012…You are either for FREEDOM or you are against it….

    • Rhonda

      An interesting truth is being told here. To win the Republican nomination, it has been a history that those who lie get it. The same is for the Democrat party side. Just look at Obama. He stole virtually every talking point from Dr. Paul and has not followed one of those campaign promises almost to the letter. He got in by lying; but this might be the time in history when it would be wise or beneficial for Dr. Paul to truly leave the Republican party and go with another where his truths will be taken since he is not the type of man to belittle himself and those who support him to that lowest denomination.


    • Fallacy

      I must respectfully disagree. It’s Ron Paul’s honesty and generally amiable nature that drew me to him in the first place. Why should he have to compromise his integrity just to appease socialist neo-cons?

      If anything, Ron Paul’s best chance at winning the Presidency is running as an Independant. How many of you would like to tell your children you helped break the two party duopoloy?

      Ron Paul 2012

  • Mike

    Spamming Fox poll as we speak. : )
    I think Ron Paul won hands down!!! I was thinking about what if he doesn’t win and maybe we are out of time. I still feel his message is spreading and on the bright side we still have Rand. Its crunch time folks. we will make this happen.

    Go Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thomas

    were tired of these people trying to fool us with the same game that has the same outcome.How moranic to continue this waste of our lives. the only two ways i know to be heard by my state reps and senators is buy silver and vote for Ron Paul.I know the truth about this country.

    • brian filley

      i loved the way that HANNITY was somewhat taken aback by paul being the only candidate after debate on FOX to not be on his program afterwards…i think that’s a brilliant political move not to become one of hannity’s chronie’s…instead, he went to tea-party rally…brilliant…sean was obviously a little confused and offended that paul snubbed him…paul can’t get too tied-up and dependent on the FOX POLITICAL MACHINE if he’s going to make a serious run in 2012…real quick–does paul believe in privatizing SOCIAL SECURITY, or not even have it at all ?

      • Rhonda


        I fully agree with you about your impression received from Sean Hannity. It maybe was the first time the good Congressman Paul actually told the system off in his own statesman-like way. He really knows how to act with the audience. A good entertainer, and in this field, politician, knows his/her audience and knows how to get the most out of them. In this case, Dr. Paul could have even gone to the tea party thing alittle later, but stayed the course and went with the people to the point of doing just at the right time with the correct person to get it reported on television.



  • tj

    Winning a debate is not the objective. I have rarely heard a supporter of a particular candidate admit that their guy did not win the debate.

    Nonetheless, someone here made a good point about keeping the message easy to understand and not too extreme. If you only have 45 seconds to answer someone, do not be controversial. When there is more time to explain a position and more time to convince someone about a libertarian issue…do so. But, in my opinion, we should never utter the words, “End the Fed,” unless we have 10 minutes to explain ourselves.

    So, here is my Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach:
    a) We want lower taxes,
    b) We want lower government spending,
    c) We want lower government regulations (including regulations on our money supply and for you druggies, regulations and restrictions on our drugs)

    …and, in the end, any discussion w/ a potential supporter can conclude with a catch-phrase like this: FREEDOM, you are either for it or against it.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • joe
    • Rhonda

      Good for the person who was creative enough to come up with a noticable and harmless way of getting Congressman Dr. Ron Paul’s name and stance for the presidency this 2012 out and to be physically able to do it. In that case, writings are done on all public walls in heavy view of the people/traffic all around the country. No one seemed to care when things such as the Obama people ripped out and covered Ron Paul signs in 2008 with Obama’s name doing actual damage to personal property and yet he was voted in. Does anyone really think that if the name was either Bush or Obama that such negativism would exist? Past history says NOT.


      May 7, 2011/Saturday

  • Joel

    Slow start last night Ron, but once you let go of the podium and got rolling you were great! Way to turn the tables after they threw “heroin” at you. You have my support all the way. How much longer can people ignore the truth you speak?

  • Brett Istre


  • Jodi

    thank you Ron Paul for being a representative worth voting for! Keep up the great work and I’m behind you 100%

  • Rob

    Don’t Let Herman Cain an EX-FEDERAL RESERVE AGENT win. VOTE FOR RON PAUL here.

  • Ali

    RON!! You did great!! Keep destroying them! Don’t listen to all the negative bullshit comments from the mainstream media! Even if you don’t win, your words will spread like wildfire!!

  • kevin

    If you support ron please go to fox news and vote for who you thought won the debate