Carol and I are having the whole family over today to…

“Carol and I are having the whole family over today to celebrate Mothers Day.”Ron Paul

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  • Barbara Waters

    Please keep up this worthwhile effort

  • Barbara Waters

    What powerful words you’ve given on the CNN program. Your being heard! There is no one more in step with what Americans want and need to restore sanity and healing to this nation! It’s your time Congressman Paul! We need you desparatly. KUDOS!

  • Louise

    Sorry this is late — Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Paul.

    Carol Paul is as sweet and sincere as her husband is strong and true. She personally answered an off the wall email I sent to her one time, in response to her story of RP, the delivery man (or something like that.)

    Their family and their story would be a great book (how I wish I could’ve been Mrs. Paul!!)


  • blaine

    Completely off-topic, but I don’t know where one can post on this site about “new” topics.

    New highly-positive article by Juan Williams:

    IMO this article definitely deserves its own entry on this site.

    • Rob

      Like in the movie Pearl Harbor when the Japanese general feared the most and said “I think we have woken up a GIANT” I believe this is the time, Ron Paul is the giant and he has woken up. Its time for this man to take his place to lead a nation on its knees and pick it back up. Enough is enough, I made my pledge and donated just like most everyone here I’m sure. This man is going to fight a tough battle against this corrupt society. But we are his troops, we are his support, its time that we take this country back not only for us but for our children.


  • Hope you can find time to look into the cluster bombing of Misrata (info on the below link) and ask some appropriate questions of NATO and political leadership


  • Brett Istre

    Hi Congressman Ron Paul, there are people out there that talk bad about you, those are the Nazi wannabes and the people who love war and curruption! Please dont give up on the rest of us who believe in you and what you can do for this country which is get us on the right path back to freedom and liberties. I thank the Lord for people like you Mr. Congressman, people like you will change the world so please dont give up on us, you are America’s last hope! My love goes out to you and your wonderful family! And Happy Mother’s Day to your wife!

  • paul ron

    who gives a shit

  • Ryan

    Happy Mother’s Day, to all moms everywhere! 🙂