Wow! This video should energize us all!!

“Wow! This video should energize us all!! Ron Paul: GOP Candidate to Beat? – Fox News Video – Kirsten Powers weighs in”Ron Paul

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  • Can’t seems to find the video…

  • Shelley Kitsis

    Mr. Paul, PLEASE Do not skip over IOWA! You have Many supporters here, but if
    skip over us to N.H. we will unfortunately have to endure another 4 years of Hell. Newt Gingritch has already planned 28 stops in different Iowa cities/towns. _You_ have the people of IOWA in your corner right now (since Huckaby announced he was not going to seek the nomination) over Newt, BUT you HAVE to get here soon! If anything we have learned from the President, everything starts in Iowa…he sat with ordinary poeple in backyards. You had a lot of suppport last time around, but Huckaby had more. Hope to see you soon!!

  • Ray S.

    Where is the video?

  • L Portillo

    Ron Paul is the only DECENT politician we have out there. He speaks the truth,
    and lives by it and does not take any BS. (sound familiar JFK?) I love the guy – Let us get a true politician in there to straighten out our country, lets get rid of all those Goof Offs!

  • middleclass

    For a person like me Ron Paul is Refreshing. I am a Moderate Democrat that will cross Party lines in a minute, and I am really fed up with both Parties not listening to what the people want, that is the people that vote, not the people that pay for their campaigns. This man has stood behind his beliefs through the years. The problem is that he doesn’t realizes who his base is. The reason he can’t get nominated is not because of what he believes in, it’s because all of his base cannot vote for him in the primary. He has just as many Demarcates that support him as Republicans. He has been independent all his life even though his views line him up a little more with the Republicans. The fact is, if he ran as a an Independent he would be the next President of the Free World. They say that an Independent President could never get anything done. Contrary to that, I believe that he would have the power of both Parties behind him. Bottom line is, Ron if you want to become President and help this great Country we live in, Go Independent. Your time just may be now.

  • beowulf

    Ron Paul would the best person as President for the rest of the world also. From a UK slave.

  • Brian

    If this was the Matrix movie, Ron Paul would be THE ONE!

  • Brian

    Ron Paul —THE ONE!

  • Val Drooger

    I love Ron Paul, I really do. But sometimes, all the crazies on this site throw me off.

  • Dfens

    Ron Paul is all for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! That’s why he wants to eliminate all tariffs and throw open our borders to all immigrants. His problem with the WTO, NAFTA, and the other “free trade agreements” is that they don’t get us to one world government fast enough for him. He wants to destroy the United States of America.

  • Brett Istre

    Ron Paul will ruin all the elite’s plans for a one world goverment! They wont let him in office and if he does get in, theyll just assasinate him and all hell will brake loose! I hope to God he gets elected as president 2012 and hopefully they goverment will know we know if he gets killed like JKF, we will know it was them! and maybe back off! But thats just wishful thinking! LOVE U RON PAUL! KEEP FIGHTING THESE NEW WORLD ORDER SCUM!

  • Rob

    The question shouldn’t be is there anyone that can take Obama out of the oval office. The question at this point should be is there anyone that even comes close to being a challenger for Ron Paul. Don’t be fooled by an Ex-Chairman of the Federal Reserve (Herman Cain), don’t be fooled by Obama lies.

    RON PAUL 2012