Tomorrow I’ll be on Good Morning America around 7AM. I’ll…

“Tomorrow I’ll be on Good Morning America around 7AM. I’ll also be making an important announcement at the historic Exeter town hall in New Hampshire at 10AM. If you are in the area, please stop by, or tune into the live stream of the announcement at www.ronpaul2012.comRon Paul

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  • M

    I am excited and I am ready!
    Since I’m too young to give my vote, I’ll definitely be giving my time and service to Dr. Paul.

    Sign me up for the Revolution!

    M, Age 15

  • tj

    lol…boy there are plenty of wackos who will be voting for Ron Paul 2012

    We will take any votes we can get…the lady who wrote that very long post mistakenly believes in public funding of elections and mistakenly believes Ron Paul is politically aligned with Kucinich, a socialist…but vote for Ron PAul please

    there is a guy on here who believes the evil oil companies are price gouging…Ron Paul will not stop them…but his policies of privatizing public lands for things like oil exploration…drill baby drill…and balancing the budget which will strengthen the dollar….these policies will result in $2/gallon of gasoline within a year of his election…vote for Ron Paul 2012 please…

    and then there is the lady who supports him even though she wants us to defend Israel…lol…the beauty of libertarianism is that she can continue to support Israel financially or through action or prayer all she wants….but the US government will NOT…forcing tax payers to defend Israel is the real sin…but vote for RON Paul 2012 please…

    for the life of me, I still have problems understanding how so many people simply do not get it…they do not understand freedom…it is simple…if you feel compelled to do something…you are probably not free…if you are prevented from doing something you are not free…if something is taken from you, you actually worked for someone else…and you are therefore a slave and not free…when you use the word WE without the permission of the others included in WE, you are making demands on others and encouraging them to be less than free…words like “have to”, the “public”, “we ought to”, “there should be a law”, “responsibility”, “duty”, “obligations”, “we the people”, are all anti-freedom words

    Ron Paul 2012…you are either for FREEDOM or you are not…but, lol…even if you are not vote for Ron Paul 2012 please…

  • Message From Leader of REVOLUTION 2011 to Dr. Paul

    1) The U.S. Constitution does not give the Federal Government the right to legislate health care, only regulate interstate questions and commerce. THIS IS THE GRAVEST PROBLEM WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!- IT has taken away the duties given to the STATES!! This original Founding Fathers were more concerned about writing STATE CONSTITUTIONS than the federal one! The Federal Constitution was needed at the time to raise money for the Revolution.PERIOD! Thomas Jefferson was nervous about it ALWAYS and he also DID NOT WANT A JUDICIAL PART IN IT- He feared that a lifetime position would become corrupted!

    2) The HEART and SPIRIT of American is NOT the U.S. Constitution but the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! Have you noticed it is the Declaration of Independence which is quoted now by the revolutionists in the Arab Spring! In 1776 government was to be instituted to PROTECT the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of each and every individual and remember those rights were given by GOD, not a government and they put IN GOD WE TRUST on their money (like what we have in the preamble of the U.N. dictatorships, communism where the state, here in America Congress, the President or Supreme Court gives the rights). BIG DIFFERENCE! SUBTLE but PROFOUND!!!

    3) The new governments formed in 1776 were not democracies but REPUBLICS. Here the individual is sovereign, equal and separate and his right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness all are to support him and he everyone else. THAT WAS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH AND VISION which 52 men and 6% of the American populace were ready to die for!! We had almost reached such a utopia here in America after we brought equality to blacks and women. But with the entrance of the Robber Barons, Federal reserve system and corporations and their control and expansion of the federal gov………we lost it!

    4) Tomorrow Ron Paul will probably announce his run for the Presidency on morning television. I beg him to run as an independent who will restore the ‘vision’ of the Declaration of Independence by bringing down the power of the federal government. I believe if he were to run as an independent, he would easily win. Americans, both Democrats and Republicans are ‘fed up’ with the party politics and the corruption by BIG MONEY in all of them, including now Tea Party. Americans want representative with NO LABELS; who will represent all the people..not corporations. Dr. Ron is clean, righteous being. Dennis Kucinich and Barbara Lee are also. How about Barbara Lee as VP and Dennis as Secretary of State using all his Dept. of Peace ideas? Now …THAT’S A WINNING FEARLESS TICKET!

    5. Here is a simple plan for REVOLUTION which Dr. Paul could lead. Here is my background statement about it and the document itself:

    Dear Americans,
    On this the anniversary of the immoral and illegal Iraq invasion where about 1,000,000 died, I am asking you all to ‘go within’ and ask God what you should now do. I did and I felt led to start an American Revolution. We already have many patriots who have started before me like Bradley Manning and Schaeffer Cox who are imprisoned without due process. (Bill of Rights) We already have the Patrick Henry orators like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Michael Moore and Ralph Nader. We have the Thomas Paine COMMON SENSE writers like Chris Hedges and Charlie Reese.
    This NEW REVOLUTION so far is bloodless, in terms of Americans. We can continue to CREATE THE WORLD we all desire if we LOVE.
    Most people on our Mother Earth do love. They are kind and would not harm anyone. They treat animals and all life with respect. However, there are the few at the top who at nearly hopelessly addicted to ‘power and control’.
    I ‘envision’ another 60’s Revolution with poet songwriters like Wayseeker to lead our spirits back to our divine selves where we are ONE with God and each other.
    Unlike the past American Revolution led by the rich, white, males… this revolution will be led by and include ALL THE PEOPLE – rich, poor, male, female, all races including our spiritual native Americans. All that is needed is YOU!
    If you approve of the new DECLARATION please get others to sign and publish it in your local paper. And write these demands to your Congressmen and President Obama. As these are published your small towns and huge cities can organize to force our Congress to do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!! What are 545 elected officials against 300 million angry citizens!
    In closing, our Founding Fathers and Mothers envisioned a REPUBLIC where the individual, not a King or President, was the Sovereign. And the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of each SOVEREIGN individual was respected and government was to protect those rights. Their motto and now OUR MOTTO IS:

    Please pray for those who are so addicted to ‘power and control’. Let us all LOVE THEM back to their holy, divine, innate selves. Jimmy Hendrix said it perfectly:
    “When the POWER OF LOVE is greater than the LOVE OF POWER we will have

    Here is the document. God Bless Us All, Mary

    NO MORE KILLING in Iraq, (over 1,000,000 dead), Afghanistan (hundreds of children die daily) and now maybe Libya! NO MORE BETRAYALS. NO MORE false patriotism from a puppet Federal government which encourages our beautiful young men and women to join the U.S. Military and thus sacrifice their sacred lives for corporate profits.
    Wake Up Americans …you have been HOODWINKED The Federal Reserve bankers and their military/industrial corporations are the REAL \TERRORISTS and MURDERERS! . STOP THEM and THEIR WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION NOW! Get out in the streets and PROTEST the WARS. PROTEST that the Federal Reserve Bankers and their corporations ‘control’ your U.S. Federal Government.
    Together We the People must stand firm and demand that 545 Elected Officials of the U.S. Federal Government govern fearlessly, morally and compassionately for, the current State of Governance is threatening the Life, Safety and Happiness of our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.


    1) End of the immoral and illegal Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the immediate return home of our beloved men and women in the U.S. armed forces.

    2) No more tax money for Pentagon endorsed Weapons of Mass Destruction and Secret Projects.

    3) Become a Republic as envisioned in the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    4) Corporations and financial institutions must be licensed and closely regulated with fiduciary responsibility for and goal of providing Safety and Happiness of our Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

    5) Public funding of federal elections made law.

    6) Repeal of the charter which gave the control of our money to the private Federal Reserve Bank and the return of the control of our money system to The People.

    7) Open governance …including Disclosure of Secret Projects and alien presence past and current in our world.

    Mary Hath Spokane, alias Lady Liberty and Leader of

    REVOLUTION 2011- On Earth We Bring Heaven

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Remember the ’07 – ’08 campaign …
    Remember what they did, remember who did it.

    nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan
    This time an entire citizen army of every stripe stands beside Dr Ron.

  • blaine

    Time to enter the fray.

    Consider ordering several bumper stickers to get some visibility on the highways and roads. I’m going to the site store right now.


  • blaine

    Candidacy announcement coverage on WTOP radio in DC was dismissive, saying that most political analysts consider him too “unconventional” to win.

    However, I am blown away by how respectful and objective this morning’s piece at is (for a change!).

  • John

    I support Ron Paul. I intend on engaging and challenging people to be intellectual honest about the Constitution, States rights, and the consistent platform that Ron Paul advocates. The real problem with America is not the prince of fools (Obama) but the fools who voted for him. Obama is a symptom of a greater problem with America. This problem is the sheeple. They have been educated into imbecility through the propaganda of the main stream media, public education, and colleges and universities. The sheeple flip flop between two parties (Republican and Democrat) that are not really that distinct from each other. We who believe in the Constitution, language, border, and the flag will be challenged in attempting to “snap” people out of the hypnosis of Left vs. Right. We the people have got to stop working for the government and demand a smaller government that works for us!

  • I have seen your numerous comments against the Federal Reserve Bank. (FRB)However I have not seen you make it clear to the general public that when FRB prints money it does not belong to US Government (USG) it belongs to the FRB. Then it gives it to USG at 6% interest. Almost of half of the US debt would not exist if there was no FRB and if USG printed the money directly.

    I hope you make these important points clear

  • PeoplePower

    Dear Ron, Keep up the good work you may not have big name sponsers or media coverage, but you do have the people who support you which is far greater.
    Nothing can defeat God’s will all evil shall fall, the golden age is just around the corner.Restore our Liberty,Freedom & kick the Federal Reserves Ass the Global Elite are about to get pwned.

    I’m not trying to be dramatic but i’d like to post a great quote from the movies.
    “Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming. I see the darkness spreading. I see death… and you are all that stands in his way.”
    The Oracle Matrix

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Brett Istre

    Ron Paul will have my vote and I will be representing him here in the New Orleans, Louisiana area and the Westbank of New Orleans, if he is going to run for the 2012 election! I will put all my time and every extra dollar I have into helping people the South Louisiana area know whats going on, educate them and tell them about Ron Paul! Its hard to explain common sense to brainwashed sheep, but I will give it all I got and hopefully awaken some people who have been brainwashed by FOX NEWS and NBC, ect… Basically all mainstream media! They report what they are told, FOX NEWS is basiclly an unofficial spokeman for the New World Order Elite Group! They wont cover Ron Paul here, they are afraid of him! And they should be!!!

  • todd theel

    time to shake off the political rust from 2008 and shine my political armor again that was well worth waking up at 6:45.

  • Ross

    Win or lose, I’ve never doubted that Ron would run again.He doesn’t have the corporate media support or a $ billion to finance his campaign.Ron does have a new political awakening happening via the internet.That is more powerful than most of his opponents realise.

    Run Ron. Run with the wings of your freedom, integrity, truth, honour, love ,guts and your allegiance to the US Constitution.That will be enough.

  • Carole

    I’m getting VERY excited to think that Ron Paul may be running for President & announcing it tomorrow.
    I HOPE SO!!! I want everyone to buy bumper stickers & spread the word. I want him elected as he is the only guy who has been for our CONSTITUTION for LOTS & LOTS OF YEARS…. finally there is a chance… I want to make it a GOOD chance or just plain a REALITY!!!

    Goodbye IRS (if possible) ~ smaller government ~ no more spending wildly…. YES!!!

    I’m EXCITED!!! Let’s all work with him to get voters to listen to him and they will be convinced that he is THE ONE… I know I’m jumping the gun, but I think he’s really going to run in 2012…. Let’s ALL spread the TRUTH … THRILLING!!!!

  • Kenny Clark

    RUN RON RUN !!!!!

  • Rob

    I highly doubt he’s going to announce that he is going to give up on politics and that he is just going to be a OBGYN from now on.

    THIS IS IT GUYS!!! Its time we take our country back from the puppets. Tell Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy that their time is over. Its time we get a true American Leader!!!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • We would be honor to see and listen to your words of wisdom.
    I will see you tomorrow on the morning show.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Jeff

    Yeah, I do not believe a word about this Bin Laden nonsense. My daughter at 25 died from failed kidneys within 4 years. I am sure she was more healthier then Bin Laden, and Dialysis is not a cure… usually die within 4 years if you don’t get a transplant.

    Right now, I see the oil companies gouging the public to no end; it’s gotta stop ! I can’t see a brighter candidate then Ron Paul to handle it. I know Trump is running and true he’s a good business man, but controlling D.C. takes a “shark” not just a business man. Someone has to have the “you know what” to control this Pentagon turning our country into a Police Force for the World, at the slaving tax-payers expense !

    Stop this nonsense of scaring the public that the boogey-man with a towel on his head is going to get us ! I’m sick of the Oil Companies sponsoring this nonsense !

  • Cheryl (Sheri) & Ken Nichols

    We both will vote for you in 2012, my husband is a truck driver and we will tell others about the things we agree with u about so they can hopefully make the same decision. We r Christians and believe in supporting Israel god’s people also. We believe in eliminating the IRS and not aborting innocent Baby’s. Getting rid of all the other unfare taxes and balancing a budget. Taking care of America first but we can’t forget gods people of Israel either. The government should only get what we the people get so they don’t make unfair laws. The unions need 2 b eliminated also, they eventually drive businesses elsewhere. Illegals do not need 2 b here, Illegals the name says it all.

    • I say if America isn’t in your list to be number 1, 2 and 3 something is definitely wrong with you lady and your hubby. You mentioned Israel three time and America only once. What the f…?

      I suggest you watch 2.5 hours long documentary – War by Deception (2011) by Ryan Dawson

      Talking about Illegal’s? These bustards using stolen land, stolen passport, and stolen identities to commit crime internationally against anyone at anytime on anyone cost.


  • Mike

    I hope for the sake of my country this is it and congressman Paul is running! I’ll definitely be campaigning for him this year in the Mississippi Delta area and wherever i can take time to travel to!

  • Ryan

    “I’ll also be making an important announcement ”

    Could this be it???! Is he going to announce his campaign?!?!?