Ron Paul: Abolish FEMA! Why Should Someone Else Rebuild My House?

Date: 05/13/2011

Wolf Blitzer: On the whole issue of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, do you want to see that agency ended?

Ron Paul: Well, if you want to live in a free society, if you want to pay attention to the constitution, why not? I think it’s bad economics, I think it’s bad morality, and it’s bad constitutional law. Why should people like myself, who had until too long ago a house on the Gulf Coast – and it’s expensive there and it’s risky and it’s dangerous. Why should somebody from the central part of the United States rebuild my house? Why shouldn’t I have to buy my own insurance and protect from the potential danger? Well, the reason we don’t have market insurance is because it’s too expensive. Well, why is it expensive? Because it’s dangerous. So why should we take money from somebody else who doesn’t get the chance to live on the Gulf and make them pay to rebuild my house? I mean, it’s a moral hazard to say the government’s always going to take care of us when we do dumb things. I’m trying to get people to not do dumb things. Besides it’s not authorized in the constitution.

Wolf Blitzer: But if there’s a disaster like flooding or an earthquake or Hurricane Katrina, what’s wrong with asking fellow Americans to help their fellow citizens?

Ron Paul: Nothing, and I think Americans are very, very generous and they have been traditionally. The big problem is, Americans are getting poorer and they’re not able to voluntarily come to the rescue. But to coerce people to ask them to help, that is fine and dandy. But when you bankrupt our country and nobody has a job and then they say, “Well, FEMA needs to bail out everybody”, then all we do is compound our problems. And believe me, I’ve been very much involved in the hurricanes that have come into my district, and most of the people in my district do not like FEMA. They want to try to get their money out, but FEMA comes in and takes over, they take over their property rights, they dictate, they prevent some of the volunteers from going in. So there’s a strong resentment towards the way FEMA operates because there are bureaucrats who don’t understand the rule of law, nor do they understand local control and property rights. So there’s a very strong argument that this whole program that governments, through coercion and taxation, can bail out everybody when we’re flat broke, then they have to print the money. And now we’re going in to inflationary problems, which are very severe. That’s our big issue right now.

  • WhiskeyTango15

    hm I support Ron Paul on everything but this, FEMA is an agency founded purely on aiding Americans in need, not only do they provide most of the aid to Aemricans in a time of crisis they also train teach and guide other agencies.


    • Jim

      Really? You remember the great efforts in trucking all those mobile homes to the south? Spent millions. Guess what, most of them were never used and now sit laying around going to waste.

  • Galicia1981

    all you guys that are for all these social and foreign programs. If you didnt have a central bank with the ability to create money out of thin air, then you would have to pay for EVERYTHING OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET. That means that at the end of the year, you would have to write a check

    And if that were the case, none of you would be for 85 percent of these programs, and the few that were, would get out bc the load is to heavy to bear.

  • SgtPlmFry

    “I’m trying to get people to not do dumb things.” That’s one the best US presidential candidate quotations that I’ve ever heard. I sincerely hope that he wins in 2012.

  • kommisar

    He was very “in your face” and “to the point”. You’re just looking for someone to talk like you. Sorry, no one will buy into your exaggerating and that over-dramatic bullshit. FEMA isn’t out to enslave or kill anyone; they’re simply a bureaucratic extension.

  • SvrchovaneCechy

    I can’t stand this little Zionist treacherous prick Blitzer.

  • cootercat486

    My God, he would make a great president!

  • JimFariello

    God this man needs to be elected to the White House. Elected people like him are few and hard to find and at one time made America the place we once had.

  • HUJUism

    All these agencies are only good for the people on the payroll!!!

  • kommisar

    You’re right, and that’s one of the big reasons why so many people do not agree with RP’s views on shrinking the government. It’s very much like how people think we should be the world police because we’re supposedly the best, most free, most prosperous and most benevolent nation in the world, and yet they want the budget fixed without any tax raises.

  • kommisar

    What the hell is your point? That he didn’t talk about FEMA herding disaster victims to stadiums and relief centers? Were you not paying attention that shit about preventing disaster volunteers from entering areas and not understanding the rule of law and property rights?

  • plodej

    CNN is such a pathetic news organization. They have the dumbest anchors, totally clueless and uneducated!! GO RON PAUL, you have my vote sir!!!

  • TheBiscuit08

    The American Red Cross has a hell of a better track record than fema ever could.

  • TheBiscuit08

    The American Red Cross has a hell of a better track record than fema ever could.

  • VulcanosMustDie

    CNN is shit!! Ron Paul for president!!

  • VulcanosMustDie

    CNN is shit!! Ron Paul for president!!

  • drlovebutton

    Greed and entitlement thats what replaced values of strength and liberty in the US, thanks a lot fascist corps.

  • Likkerish

    “What’s wrong with asking fellow Americans to help their fellow citizens?”

    Pardon me while I cry, “Wolf, Wolf.”

    Sheesh! I cannot believe Blitzer’s childlike mentality.

  • jess1up

    He’s absolutely right. If you didn’t live in such a dangerous area maybe your house wouldn’t be destroyed so much. Buy your own insurance if you insist on living in such an area. Abolish FEMA and let’s become a real free society!

  • marywriter01

    I didn’t like this clip because I think Dr. Paul missed the point, although he was “talking” Wolf’s “talk”. When Wolf said, “…if there’s a disaster, lke flooding, or an earthquake, or hurricane Katrina, what’s wrong with asking fellow Americans to help their fellow citizens?” I think that was Dr. Paul’s opportunity to say, “Helping your fellow Americans has nothing to do with a federal police force involuntarily relocating you to a residential center…indefinitely…with aid or without…

  • takadi

    Because of economic and moral reasons. Economic because central planning is inefficient and moral because the government has no right to force people to insure people halfway across the country.

    I think you need to stop relying on anecdotes and look at the big picture. FEMA has been a historically wasteful agency, despite “nice people” who reside in it. I’m sure there are some very friendly and dedicated people who work in the Federal reserve, but that doesn’t justify its existence