Ron Paul: Abolish FEMA! Why Should Someone Else Rebuild My House?

Date: 05/13/2011

Wolf Blitzer: On the whole issue of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, do you want to see that agency ended?

Ron Paul: Well, if you want to live in a free society, if you want to pay attention to the constitution, why not? I think it’s bad economics, I think it’s bad morality, and it’s bad constitutional law. Why should people like myself, who had until too long ago a house on the Gulf Coast – and it’s expensive there and it’s risky and it’s dangerous. Why should somebody from the central part of the United States rebuild my house? Why shouldn’t I have to buy my own insurance and protect from the potential danger? Well, the reason we don’t have market insurance is because it’s too expensive. Well, why is it expensive? Because it’s dangerous. So why should we take money from somebody else who doesn’t get the chance to live on the Gulf and make them pay to rebuild my house? I mean, it’s a moral hazard to say the government’s always going to take care of us when we do dumb things. I’m trying to get people to not do dumb things. Besides it’s not authorized in the constitution.

Wolf Blitzer: But if there’s a disaster like flooding or an earthquake or Hurricane Katrina, what’s wrong with asking fellow Americans to help their fellow citizens?

Ron Paul: Nothing, and I think Americans are very, very generous and they have been traditionally. The big problem is, Americans are getting poorer and they’re not able to voluntarily come to the rescue. But to coerce people to ask them to help, that is fine and dandy. But when you bankrupt our country and nobody has a job and then they say, “Well, FEMA needs to bail out everybody”, then all we do is compound our problems. And believe me, I’ve been very much involved in the hurricanes that have come into my district, and most of the people in my district do not like FEMA. They want to try to get their money out, but FEMA comes in and takes over, they take over their property rights, they dictate, they prevent some of the volunteers from going in. So there’s a strong resentment towards the way FEMA operates because there are bureaucrats who don’t understand the rule of law, nor do they understand local control and property rights. So there’s a very strong argument that this whole program that governments, through coercion and taxation, can bail out everybody when we’re flat broke, then they have to print the money. And now we’re going in to inflationary problems, which are very severe. That’s our big issue right now.

  • kommisar

    No one’s ignoring the other issues; this is a video on RP’s views on FEMA, you clown. Doesn’t matter if there are things that take up more of the budget. The bottom line is FEMA and the whole idea behind federal disaster relief is bullshit. Your appeal to emotions doesn’t help your argument anymore either. Am I also an asshole for wanting to cut aid to Pakistan? Stop using fallacies; it’s pathetic.

  • urdisturbing

    Let those poor people die, we have an idea to protect!!!

  • Gioxtream




  • brasshop4real

    enumerated and limited, period. with a shell of a federal power everything else will fall into place.

  • kommisar

    Hmm, so that’s your argument: Go live in another country if you don’t like paying high taxes? You’re full of shit. There’s nothing cold-hearted about saying people should be responsible for rebuilding their own houses, and that people shouldn’t be FORCED through taxation to help them. There are plenty of volunteers and charities to help with this, and even despite the taxes and FEMA people still help them. Typical neocon attitude: “help” provided through the force of jail or a gun.

  • kommisar

    I’m sure a lot of people in the Federal Reserve would be upset in losing their jobs, and so would the thousands of useless bureaucrats, but getting rid of it would be all for the better. The federal government’s job should be to defend against foreign militaries, not provide disaster relief. At the very least, why couldn’t the states be responsible for this? FEMA has a horrible reputation for its incompetence, but you’re mostly wrong on a principle level.


  • kommisar

    Why is it those always in favor of big government always bring up the “roads” argument? Sorry, it does not take 25% of a middle class person’s income IN ADDITION to all the other taxes they pay to build some fucking federal highways. Those take up a miniscule amount of the federal budget. The problem here is you seem to be defending FEMA because your job would be affected by it.

  • kommisar

    “Central planning is very efficient in my opinion.”

    Well the facts don’t agree with your “opinion”. Central economic planning doesn’t work. If our current situation doesn’t convince you, look at the Soviet Union, where central economic planning was the M.O. for every aspect of living. It’s no coincidence that the more central economic planning there is, the bigger the government becomes and the worse things get. Sorry, the bottom line is you’re wrong.

  • Tranceation

    I love most everything Mr Paul says. Sadly, I dont think that a majority of Americans have the guts to accept what will have to be done to fix this country. I think a lot of people have become soft sucking off the government tit. What was the %? 50% or so Americans on some form of government aid?

  • Jim

    You know really, America used to be totally self sufficient. I wonder just how self sufficient we are now. We have become more consumer than producer. Are we losing our people with useful skills because our industries are either closing or moving over seas?

  • TennVol92

    Ron Paul= Badass
    Big Government= Dumbass

  • takadi

    Do you think paying taxes is akin to donating to charity? That people are unable to cooperate and help each other unless someone is sticking a gun to their head? And what makes you think there isn’t any conflict of interest when an organization takes your money and is expected to “serve the public”. They will always serve themselves first before anything else.

    FEMA is big brother, that’s the point you aren’t seeing.

  • takadi

    You have this strange notion that if the government doesn’t provide a certain service, no one will. That is so far from the truth, and in 90 percent of the cases, private entities do a much better job for less money.


    FEMA decided a new shed in my sisters backyard in Oregon would have to be 3 feet off the ground b/c of flood zone. Nothing in the neighborhood is 3ft off the ground. We would have to install a lift just for her to park her car in the shed…FEMA is dumb. Not to mention totally ineffective- ask my aunt down south who lost her house after Katrina hit. Government will not save you. Go Ron!

  • melora72

    Ron Paul is rich. He doesn’t need help building his house.
    He’s got one good point though. People should be discouraged from living in high risk places like in low lying areas near rivers or on hills that could landslide.

  • SumerianInspired

    I think i now know why some people hate Ron Paul…and its cause they love being taken care of by there government and love being told what to do, there indecisive in life and need constant attention.

  • JMS13579

    1:11 “whats wrong with asking fellow Americans to help out”

    you aren’t ASKING, you are forcefully extorting money and threatening with violence and/or jail if anyone refuses to do so…

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win in 2012 then the greatest constitution in the history of the world, the only one to have ever successfully controlled corruption by government in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE, will have officially been wasted and ignored by selfish fools who fail to realize what they’ve even done.


    “What’s wrong with asking fellow Americans to help their fellow citizens?” Does he actually believe that crap? Who has ever been “asked” to contribute tax dollars to FEMA? Taxes are not voluntary.

  • smoke360ful

    great man

  • welderMTL

    the government thinks were animals FEMA camps drug laws