Ron Paul: Abolish FEMA! Why Should Someone Else Rebuild My House?

Date: 05/13/2011

Wolf Blitzer: On the whole issue of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, do you want to see that agency ended?

Ron Paul: Well, if you want to live in a free society, if you want to pay attention to the constitution, why not? I think it’s bad economics, I think it’s bad morality, and it’s bad constitutional law. Why should people like myself, who had until too long ago a house on the Gulf Coast – and it’s expensive there and it’s risky and it’s dangerous. Why should somebody from the central part of the United States rebuild my house? Why shouldn’t I have to buy my own insurance and protect from the potential danger? Well, the reason we don’t have market insurance is because it’s too expensive. Well, why is it expensive? Because it’s dangerous. So why should we take money from somebody else who doesn’t get the chance to live on the Gulf and make them pay to rebuild my house? I mean, it’s a moral hazard to say the government’s always going to take care of us when we do dumb things. I’m trying to get people to not do dumb things. Besides it’s not authorized in the constitution.

Wolf Blitzer: But if there’s a disaster like flooding or an earthquake or Hurricane Katrina, what’s wrong with asking fellow Americans to help their fellow citizens?

Ron Paul: Nothing, and I think Americans are very, very generous and they have been traditionally. The big problem is, Americans are getting poorer and they’re not able to voluntarily come to the rescue. But to coerce people to ask them to help, that is fine and dandy. But when you bankrupt our country and nobody has a job and then they say, “Well, FEMA needs to bail out everybody”, then all we do is compound our problems. And believe me, I’ve been very much involved in the hurricanes that have come into my district, and most of the people in my district do not like FEMA. They want to try to get their money out, but FEMA comes in and takes over, they take over their property rights, they dictate, they prevent some of the volunteers from going in. So there’s a strong resentment towards the way FEMA operates because there are bureaucrats who don’t understand the rule of law, nor do they understand local control and property rights. So there’s a very strong argument that this whole program that governments, through coercion and taxation, can bail out everybody when we’re flat broke, then they have to print the money. And now we’re going in to inflationary problems, which are very severe. That’s our big issue right now.

  • aznthg27

    We need to get rid of almost all government leave the police to the state and sheriffs, and leave the military with the congress and American people, and abolish the Feds from printing paper money.

  • kommisar

    “I work for FEMA.”

    A few posts earlier….

    “I technically don’t work for them [FEMA], because I am not paid.”

    Yes, nice to see you’re just another honest big-government supporter. Hahaha.

    Again, refer to the video. FEMA is a bureaucracy which doesn’t do a very good job, and it’s fucking bogus to make other people rebuild others’ homes. Private property rights entails maintenance from the person who owns said property, NOT the taxpayers.

  • kommisar

    Mmm, no, FEMA requires nothing from a governor to intervene, and even if it did, it has no problem overstepping its boundaries in “assisting”. It has done a shit job, and this is what you keep failing to grasp IN ADDITION to the tax thing as mentioned in the video. Again, you are side stepping the issue and advocating a bureacracy to keep your job.

  • kommisar

    First off, dipshit, schools, libraries and most roads are state-funded. Second off, it doesn’t require 33% of my paycheck for all those things. Social security is a pyramid scheme. What your paycheck goes to mostly is entitlement programs and the military, which the government abuses for less-than-admirable political purposes, e.g. oil. We had no income tax for over a hundred years and we had plenty of money to build roads. You’re a fucking moron. Fuck off, you fascist shit.

  • sungmee45

    To me FEMA is a big joke!..I wouldn’t trust them with a ten foot pole..Florida Gulf Coast Oil is a good example. FEMA place those people in a toxic trailer and many, include with children got really sick. Because of the material that took to build those fema trailers. Man trust FEMA, not on your life. I don’t trust any politician, but only few that are willing to follow the constitution & protect our Liberty.

  • kommisar

    Uhh, yeah, it does work that way. FEMA is controlled by the federal government, not the states, and the current federal government has a habit of overriding state rights and rules to enforce their own (e.g. California marijuana laws and Arizona anti-immigration laws). It’s not a matter of if FEMA volunteers “want” to fix someone’s house; they’re following orders.

    Yes, you made it clear you work for the government. See your prior posts.


  • kommisar

    How about you let people do what they want instead of feeling you are in a better position of knowing what they should do? Narcissists like you that talk from a position of moral superiority are essentially fascists. If you were a true freedom lover, you would be promoting freedom, not force.

    Furthermore, perhaps if the government let people keep more of their money, they would have more to give to charity…. Your system obviously isn’t working — so fuck off, shithead.

  • kommisar

    Why are you in favor of such socialist, fascist policies? You are free to help all you want, but I don’t see why I should be forced to pay for people’s homes when a high-risk area lives up to its reputation. Evidently you’re a libtard douchebag who favors force over rule of law and the constitution. The funny part is, losers like you who are always calling for other people’s money to be forced out of their hands and put into a pool for a certain purpose NEVER are seen donating your own money.

  • kommisar

    It doesn’t matter whether I work for them or not. It’s a matter of constitutionality, economics and common sense. A large natural disaster is a state issue, and the fed oversteps its boundaries by coming in and taking over everything. No, it is not fair people should be forced to rebuild other people’s homes, just like it’s unfair that you should be forced to fix my car because I wrecked it on a road that has a high accident rate. Pull your head out of your ass; no one owes you a job, prick.

  • sjones8295

    If Ron Paul doesn’t become president, we might as well officially denounce the constitution and rename America.

  • pennjersey83

    Why do Paultards think they are philosophical and intelligent? Did they all take philosophy 101 and Austrian economics at college?

  • kommisar

    Again, the supposed “purpose” of FEMA is irrelevant in light of what it actually does. The bottom line is it is a failed bureaucracy.

    I fail to see what’s the harm in cutting unnecessary or unconstitutional federal jobs. That is COMPLETELY different from cutting jobs in the private sector. Just admit you have selfish reasons for keeping FEMA around and wasting people’s taxes. It appears, outside of genocide, you don’t give a damn how tax dollars are spent. Why are you a RP supporter then?

  • Psyho84

    You cannot have paid jobs at fema without destroying jobs in the free market. The money is lacking somewhere else. Only difference being that jobs in the free market would actually produce something that was asked for.

  • kommisar

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    You can go now.

  • wanabyastick

    If you are to stupid to understand lowlands,waterfront risk,steep slopes etc… it is no ones responsibility to rebuild your house or relocate you, if you don’t have insurance tough, you assume ALL RISK when you build in these locations.

  • jneil2007

    FEMA is such a geat agency. How nice of them to disarm residents living around New Orleans after Katrina when they were trying to protect their homes.

  • kommisar

    “A few”? Right, because FEMA only uses “a few” dollars to herd people into a stadium, etc.

    Regardless of FEMA’s alleged purpose, they don’t do a good job of it. They actually do more in terms of taking over state rescue efforts. They completely dropped the ball on Hurricane Katrina. Again, like RP said, someone in the Midwest is helping to pay to rebuild someone’s flood-destroyed home on the gulf. Why is that OK with you?

  • kommisar

    I’m still waiting for your rebuttal, coward. Quit sending me your homoerotic PM’s; they’re disturbing.

  • kommisar

    I’m still waiting for your rebuttal, coward. Quit advocating FEMA just because you don’t want to find another job. Also quit sending me your homoerotic PM’s; they’re very disturbing.

  • RJWooller

    This is typical stupid thinking of Ron Paul idiots. If you abolish it, why not reform it? If you get rid of it, you get rid of people’s jobs.