Ron Paul: Abolish FEMA! Why Should Someone Else Rebuild My House?

Date: 05/13/2011

Wolf Blitzer: On the whole issue of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, do you want to see that agency ended?

Ron Paul: Well, if you want to live in a free society, if you want to pay attention to the constitution, why not? I think it’s bad economics, I think it’s bad morality, and it’s bad constitutional law. Why should people like myself, who had until too long ago a house on the Gulf Coast – and it’s expensive there and it’s risky and it’s dangerous. Why should somebody from the central part of the United States rebuild my house? Why shouldn’t I have to buy my own insurance and protect from the potential danger? Well, the reason we don’t have market insurance is because it’s too expensive. Well, why is it expensive? Because it’s dangerous. So why should we take money from somebody else who doesn’t get the chance to live on the Gulf and make them pay to rebuild my house? I mean, it’s a moral hazard to say the government’s always going to take care of us when we do dumb things. I’m trying to get people to not do dumb things. Besides it’s not authorized in the constitution.

Wolf Blitzer: But if there’s a disaster like flooding or an earthquake or Hurricane Katrina, what’s wrong with asking fellow Americans to help their fellow citizens?

Ron Paul: Nothing, and I think Americans are very, very generous and they have been traditionally. The big problem is, Americans are getting poorer and they’re not able to voluntarily come to the rescue. But to coerce people to ask them to help, that is fine and dandy. But when you bankrupt our country and nobody has a job and then they say, “Well, FEMA needs to bail out everybody”, then all we do is compound our problems. And believe me, I’ve been very much involved in the hurricanes that have come into my district, and most of the people in my district do not like FEMA. They want to try to get their money out, but FEMA comes in and takes over, they take over their property rights, they dictate, they prevent some of the volunteers from going in. So there’s a strong resentment towards the way FEMA operates because there are bureaucrats who don’t understand the rule of law, nor do they understand local control and property rights. So there’s a very strong argument that this whole program that governments, through coercion and taxation, can bail out everybody when we’re flat broke, then they have to print the money. And now we’re going in to inflationary problems, which are very severe. That’s our big issue right now.

  • trpdnatrp

    Kommisar who the fuck r u talking to? I’ve been trying to figure it out. Who the fuck is this FEMA worker u keep debating with? I cant draw any conclusions with 1 side of the story but I know FEMA is pretty worthless. IM FOR RON PAUL 100% BUT “THE PEOPLE” do not run this country. Corporations, bankers, and super rich run this country. Im afraid if Ron Paul does not get elected I’m going to have to drink the kool aid. MAKE MINE RED FLAVOR PLEASE!!!!!!! ROTFLMMFAO!!!!!!

  • kommisar

    Yes, you are a bozo. It appears you haven’t paid any attention at all to the video. Instead, you spout out liberal, big government dogma. “The government needs to be there and hold people’s hands.” Grow the fuck up, you fucking baby. The fact that you can’t even hire someone to fix your home without Uncle Sam helping you speaks volumes about your lack of self-reliance and overall intelligence.

  • kommisar

    Your claim of “managing a disaster” involves nothing more than unnecessary spending. Perhaps people wouldn’t apply for aid if it weren’t there? My stance makes a lot more sense than yours: Let people be responsible for their own property, not every taxpayer. Yours is to create a bureaucracy to do a job that people are perfectly capable of doing themselves. Have the government hire contractors for people? Right, that’s not inviting trouble. What’s next, do their Christmas shopping for them?

  • kommisar

    Half your argument has been addressed, bozo. The government IS responsible for repairing property that belongs to it, such as parks and street signs. The people will be responsible for repairing their own property. If someone’s house is destroyed in a flood, if they have flood insurance, the company will send out a claims adjuster to assess the damage and liability. If they don’t, then they would have to pay out of pocket for someone to fix their house.

  • How insane would it be to have random agencies running around doing god knows what after say, an earthquake? No government at all. How do you know which private companies are legit? Which are fakes, just there to loot? How would public property be rebuilt without the government being there to document the damage? Who is going to manage these companies? If it were as simple as what you make it out to be, I wouldn’t have a job.

  • How insane would it be to have random agencies running around doing god knows what after say, an earthquake? No government at all. How do you know which private companies are legit? Which are fakes, just there to loot? How would public property be rebuilt without the government being there to document the damage? Who is going to manage these companies? If it were as simple as what you make it out to be, I wouldn’t have a job.

  • Dolt, you say? How are people going to apply for aid? How is the disaster going to be managed? We know much more about this than you. Do you want a privatization bill passed or not? Belonging to any political party is a bad idea in my opinion, but libertarian, which is what you are, can be damaging. The government is not evil. The government agency would not be put in place to take away your freedoms. It needs to be there to manage the disaster

  • kommisar

    Again, it’s a very simple matter: The government takes care of the public property it’s responsible for, the citizens take care of their own private property. It’s no mater complicated than that. You just seem to be itching to have some government entity created for its own sake. Pretty insane if you ask me….

  • kommisar

    No, not confusing at all. I don’t know why you think a bunch of bureaucrats have to sit there and play babysitter for all these homeowners and contractors. Do you really think people are so stupid that they can’t do this on their own? It’s not going to be “chaotic”. It’s a common fucking business transaction, you dolt, not a military operation. And you just said the government was there for that, in your very latest comment in fact, so now it seems you’re contradicting yourself.

  • Well, that certainly isn’t a bad idea, but the government entity wouldn’t be there for that. Like I said, I am going to work on a plan and write my congressman. I don’t know what to do about house rebuilding though. It seems to me that the government might have to be involved in order to organize all these private companies going around… knowing what went down in Katrina, it would probably be chaotic. should this just be a form of insurance? or what? It’s a confusing matter, indeed.

  • kommisar

    No, I didn’t — but I don’t see how you can hope to logically explain to me why we need the government to make decisions for people on whom to hire to repair their homes. The government has the duty to repair public property, such as roads and dams, but people can decide for themselves whom to hire to fix their private property. Why would you even want such a freedom taken away from you to be given to a bureaucrat anyway? Makes no sense at all.

  • btr2oz

    American’s always go to the rescue right away. FEMA = buracracy. And it probably puts up barriers for the insurance companies.

  • kommisar

    “And it isn’t that we are entirely obligated, people can opt out if they wish, but most want their houses rebuilt anyway.”

    Great. Let them hire someone to rebuild then. Why does the government need to get involved? It already regulates these companies via building and safety codes. It makes no sense that now they have to go out and hire them when a private citizen is perfectly capable of doing that themselves. It’s redundant, makes no sense and is just another waste of money.

  • kommisar

    Authority in what? Why do you think a federal bureaucracy needs to pick and choose who rebuilds people’s homes? Why can’t the home owners simply choose for themselves like in any other case? “Compromise”? Are you deluded? You’re not making any sense. It doesn’t seem at all necessary to create yet another government entity to hire companies to rebuild others’ private property. That’s just SCREAMING for lobbying, vested interests and corruption. You need to wake up.

  • luvmyctd

    Ron Paul is so bang on it is mind boggling! You Americans are very fortunate to have this brave man on your side. Now clear your American Idol fogged minds and do the right thing … for crying out loud! The rest of the World is also counting on the US returning to some semblance of sanity. Please!!


  • AndrewChan84

    The only place where socialism seems to be working is Sweden. But if you give trigger happy Uncle Sam socialism he’s gonna go Nazi on your ass. Not that I advocate socialism.

  • mark 971

    All we have to do is look at FEMAs track record, it took 5 days to get necessary food and water to the people in New Orleans. But yet they were stationed a state away, we had private truckers and christian ministries providing water, food and clothing. FEMA only gave them checks how many months later. Then they were taxed on the money given to them to start all over, as this is compensation and under tax laws deemed taxable. We all realize FEMA is a huge joke, where were our reservists through this with helicopters or even boats.We did find out how great the people are in the United States, the thoughtfulness of all races, classes and religions. These are the things which make a great nation, not the slavery and the tyranny of control. We are a nation of great people who have done great things, is this going to end? Will the American people go right back to voting for the person with the bigger BS, will the next election bring back reminders of Florida? We as America have in front of us a chance to end suffering, end tyranny and end the slavery known as the “fed”. We are at a great cross roads here on one hand we have big government which we know will not give up power easily and on the other economic collapse. Will we continue to let government push us around or do we elect someone willing to fight for us. Because as we see Obama is for himself, his closed door deal with health care and the new historical military approved increase, I ask Obama why is America making these decisions when we were told about change, you have done the complete opposite to what you pitched us on. In my eyes you seem to be scared that the other politicians won’t play with you nice if you don’t make these decisions. How much profit did you make with cutting medicare and switching to defense, which in your campaign speech you said you would fight to uphold?

  • kommisar

    That’s interesting. I was basing my comment on the data I’ve seen online. What Fed interest are you talking about?

  • kommisar

    No. Say “no” to bureaucracies. The state governments can deal with fixing the roads and such, but the people whose homes and cars are destroyed can find their own help. I don’t see why the state has an obligation to fix someone else’s house that’s destroyed in a disaster. I agree there is the need for rescue help, but FEMA doesn’t do a good job at it, and they do all the rebuilding stuff which is bullshit.

    Yes, your friend doesn’t know shit. Thank you.

  • Makaveli25x

    get insurance you selfish bastards and pay for it yourself. if i decide against living in california because its too risky/expensive (earthquakes) why should i pay for the risk somebody else takes to go and live there? if he wants to live there fine but if he loses his home dont ask me to pay for it