Meeting with campaign staff and catching my breath a little…

“Meeting with campaign staff and catching my breath a little today. Got in a great, long bike ride earlier as well!”Ron Paul

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  • SM

    President Paul,

    My dad sent the whole family this video of you:

    You’re really good here. You don’t back down.
    Here is how you can be even better:

    *****Have your supporters call you “President Paul” starting NOW.*****

    People – the media, the world – get used to that which they hear most often.
    The interviewer here said, “If you were President Paul…”
    I’ve been supporting you – financially and voting-wise – for years, and this is the first time I thought of you as President Paul, President Ron Paul. It will take people time to get used to these words, and the more we hear it, the easier it is.

    Have us, your supporters, make YouTube videos about “If Ron Paul were President Paul, here’s what I would tell him.”
    I bet people would make videos like:
    “I would say, ‘President Paul, we need to get our troops out of Afghanistan.'”
    “President Paul, I want a strong gold standard.”
    “President Paul, separate the Federal and the State laws.”

    Pretty much, this would start the “President Paul” dialogue. How great would it be to have YouTube videos titled “President Paul, more civil liberties,” “President Paul, get us out of Pakistan,” “President Paul, get the Federal government out of education”?

    A President Paul supporter


    • Goose

      This is a great idea. Maybe it could help cure the apathy that most likely voters currently have.

      I think a national childrens contest that is centered around the constitution would be a smash hit also.

      I also think a “digital congress” that allows registered users to to create accounts and post ideas about issues would be another big deal.

      Whoever gets on the train first will win.

      The current President’s team is certainly capable if making this happen.

  • Awakened Patriotic

    Ron Paul, thanks for giving me hope I haven’t had in a very long time. Thanks for your books, and for the amazing lifetime of work you’ve done for so many people.

    I am proof that you represent a way to unify people of all kinds.

    All it takes is waking up. Thank you for working so tirelessly to wake us up!

    Registered democrat for a long time, from a family of democrats. Registered NP probably early 2002. I read your books in my continuing effort to understand into how/why so much greed, fear, and it has to be ignorance could have overtaken so many people in power that so many of the rest of us would be feeling hopelessly out-gunned by such travesties as rock-solid coverup of crimes committed by enemies within, TARP, Patriot Act, TSA, private ownership and control of “public airwaves,” Diebold and fake elections, Posse Comitatus threat if not suspension…

    I don’t know exactly what your stand is on the following issues, but I hope you’ll talk about them in your campaign, which I am going to support.

    -Election reform, paper ballots
    -Banking reform, restore Glass-Steagall, repeal the 16th, repeal Federal Reserve Act and end FR, enforce Article 1, Section 8
    -Freedom of the press (end the cover-upS) (one place some now-dismantled regulations were probably helpful)
    -Responsibly investigate and prosescute 9/11 crimes
    -Local strength and support (not Federal)
    -Tax reform
    -Protect the 2nd
    -Transparency at HAARP

  • Lindsey

    As a person who supported Mike Huckabee in the last GOP primaries, I think I will now support Ron Paul. He was my 2nd choice in the last election and now that Huck is out Ron is the only other principled conservative that I see who is trustworthy enough about what he says and has enough personality to win. ( I love his kid Rand though) Ron would do well to try to hire Ed Rollins to run his campaign also! Rollins is the best in the business and would really help Ron finally get some major league numbers. He got major league numbers running Huck’s campaign on a shoestring budget! No telling what he could do with the money that Paul seems to be able to raise.

  • The problem I have with your book Ron Paul is my tendency to underline, highlight and circumscore everything I feel is exstremely meaningful and critically important to the future of our country and the world. This, unfortunatley, leaves your remarkable manuscript practically unreadable a second time!

  • Chris

    Good afternoon Dr. Paul, I just wanted to say that I thought you defended your position well vs. Chris Matthews on MSNBC. However I have noticed, at least on one major forum website how half the story has been used or been twisted to make people percieve you as racist. As I have read these comments I have noticed that the theme changes from racism to a more specfic question as people debate it. Are American’s ready for the type of freedom you wish to usher into our union? The type of freedom that comes with very few restrictions other than those the individual puts upon themselves in respect to their environment and fellow man. I say that I percieve myself as an individual that can handle the responsibility of freedom and therefore I would cast my vote in your favor, but I see people not basing their choice on what they, themselves can handle, but what circumstances their environment have placed upon their table. Which leads to judgements of others, and thus fear of their environment in which they look to the system of government to protect themselves from. Which I am sure you already know effectively institutes a nanny state.
    So what I am trying to say is I believe as you campaign you should also note that freedom is a responsibility that everyone has to live up to and that in itself is just as important of an aspect of restoring our union as removal of corruption and tyranny.
    Good luck and God Bless.

  • Jake

    I’ve been waiting for Ron Paul to announce that he’ll be running for president for so long. I’m now a 20 year old college student. In the last election, I was a senior in high school and not quite old enough to vote. Can’t wait to place my vote for Ron Paul.

  • Blaine

    Wall Street Journal poll about Paul running today. I don’t know when it closes. Would be great to get a positive showing there right after Romney got eviscerated.

  • karen Ilar

    Thank-you Mr. Ron Paul for your strength and courage, it takes a lot to go againts that bunch in DC, most so the Federal Reserve. And we know what their up to, and the lapdog media how they do lie, you must be a reincarnation of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson thank-you again.

  • armchairquarterback

    Fox news is at it again. Putting words in Dr Pauls mouth. Hey Wallace, paulenty is a snore bachman can’t raise money romnercare has no chance and trump is a joke.

  • Steve Markinson

    As an Australian i am going to be watching this election with my eyes and ears peeled back because if Ron Paul is voted in the whole dynamics of the corrupt system we are living could be altered for the better.
    I don’t want anymore corrupt corporate controlled puppets running the world.
    PLEASE America vote for Ron Paul he speaks the truth and will create a better country which will ultimately create a better world.

    Give peace a chance vote Ron Paul

  • Steve Markinson

    As an Australian i am going to be watching this election with my eyes peeled back because if Ron Paul is voted in the whole dynamics of the corrupt system we are living could be altered for the better.
    PLEASE America vote for Ron Paul he speaks the truth and will create a better country which will ultimately create a better country.

    Give peace a chance vote Ron Paul

  • AMJ

    We desperately and quickly need:

    1. Ban on outsourcing of jobs – and certainly no ‘tax breaks’ to companies outsourcing.

    Outsourcing of jobs caused millions of job losses to Americans. IT professionals complained how these decisions caused a complete income loss and a reduction of IT skills in the country. When proper salaries are not provided to IT professionals, the much needed skill declines while greater IT skills are desperately needed.
    Importing IT staff from India, for example, is no solution as they have OLD and OUTDATED IT skills. This poor quality labor has forced the US to push their IT performance backwards. Europe is far more advanced in IT sector than the US only due to this fault.

    2. Stop import of third world labor replacing Americans.

    I personally seen American companies train hundred of thousands of unskilled people in the third world for 1, 2, 3 years, tailored to replace an American worker and salary. The entire goal of this is to reduce salaries, and make greater corporate profits. If people from the third world is paid while on training up to 3 years – these companies can train people from the poorest areas of the country and create jobs. These companies are responsible for TREASON.

    3. Add restrictions on Chinese imports.

    The United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, and the U.S. trade deficit with China is now 27 times larger than it was back in 1990.

    4. Reverse policy changes to banking regulations.

    Everyone knows by now that deregulating old and solid policies in the banking industry, has caused very bad practices in the finance industry. These policies need to be put back in force.

    5. Reform medicare.

    How can medicare, intended for our pensioners, cost more than fully covered free healthcare to the entire population of France?? Medicare costs are too expensive, because the trade between government and Big pharma and insurance companies is running on full retail rate and need to be completely reformed.

    What would Ron do on these issues and would he reform them?

  • “you will fail”

    Snore. We’ve heard it all before. Go get hypnotized by Trump’s toupee and move along, please.

  • Peacepatriot11

    Good luck!! Talking my grandfather into liberty. He’s an establishment Republican and isnt quite there, but he’s moving rapidly toward the movement. God bless us all and give us this chance to redeem America!

  • I just came from a refreshing bike ride too. I have been talking about Ron Paul all day, for the past few days, with my twin brother. Sometimes I fantasize about Ron Paul winning the presidency and bringing this country back to greatness. I’ll admit the thought gets me a little choked up. I would be the proudest American ever if Ron Paul was president.

  • Brooke Gestrich

    For my sake and the sake of this country I hope he wins! Rock on Ron Paul :)!

  • Jim

    This is really a no brainer.

    We have two options:

    1. Vote for one of the mainstream, business as usual candidates, and get exactly what you would expect, the same lies, deceit and fiscal irresponsibility etc.

    2. Vote for Ron Paul and see what happens. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If, he is wrong, and/or just another crony of the system, then nothing changes and we get exactly what we would have, had we voted for any of the other candidates. If, on the other hand, he is right. We have done ourselves and future generations a great favor.

    I took an oath when I joined the military, just like everyone who has been in the military, to defend the CONSTITUTION, not a form of government, not a corporation, not a few rich families.

  • Jim

    Ron Paul, Freedom’s Call
    Ron Paul, For Us All

  • joseph

    you will fail

    • Jim

      If he does, I sure hope you will be one of the first to try out the facilities at one of the holding camps that have been built in this country.