How Much Freedom Do We Have If We Can’t Even Drink Unpasteurized Milk?

Date: 05/16/2011

The Milk Police

by Ron Paul

On April 20th, after a year-long undercover sting operation, armed federal agents acting on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the business of Pennsylvanian Amish farmer Dan Allgyer to prevent him from selling his unpasteurized milk to willing, fully-informed customers in Maryland. Federal agents wasted a whole year and who knows how many of our tax dollars posing as customers in order to catch Allgyer committing the “crime” of selling his milk. He was not tricking people into buying it, he was not forcing people to purchase it, and there had been no complaints about his product. These were completely voluntary transactions, but ones that our nanny-state federal government did not approve of, and so they shut down his business. The arrogance of the FDA and so many other federal agencies is simply appalling. These types of police state raids on peaceful businessmen, so reminiscent of our tyrannical federal drug war, have no place in a free society.

The FDA claims its regulatory powers over food safety give it the authority to ban the interstate sales of raw milk, but this is an unconstitutional misapplication of the commerce clause for legislative ends. As we have seen, if the executive branch feels hamstrung by the fact that our framers placed lawmaking authority in the Legislative Branch, they simply make their own laws and call them “regulations.” We all know how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses such bogus regulation authority to harass, hinder, and shut down countless other legitimate businesses. Sadly, Congress has been far too lax for far too long as the executive branch continues to encroach on its areas of responsibility and thereby undermines our system of government.

Most Americans understand that if you don’t want to drink unpasteurized milk you simply do not buy it. But the federal government solution is pre-dawn raids which destroy the livelihoods of honest, hardworking families in this time of continued economic hardship.

I am outraged by this raid and the many others like it, and that is why last week I introduced HR 1830, a bill to allow the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines. This legislation removes the unconstitutional restraint on farmers who wish to sell or otherwise distribute, and people who wish to consume, unpasteurized milk and milk products.

Many Americans have done their own research and come to the conclusion that unpasteurized milk is healthier than pasteurized milk. These Americans have the right to consume these products without having the federal government second-guess their judgment or thwart their wishes. If there are legitimate concerns about the safety of unpasteurized milk, those concerns should be addressed at the state and local level.

I am hoping my colleagues in the House will join me in promoting individual rights, the original intent of the Constitution, and federalism by cosponsoring this legislation to allow the interstate shipment of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption.

If we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?


  • 1stardancer

    I am a vegan and don’t ingest dairy products; HOWEVER, I feel that if a person wants to drink unpasteurized milk, they should be able to!

    This government has gotten COMPLETELY out of hand…

    • flinstone

      since you are a vegan 1star dancer you should read this book to understand what you are missing out on
      read a book called the raw truth about milk:
      This book explains how pasteurization, homogenization and processing are adding toxic levels of vitamin d to the milk, and how unprocessed milk can heal and help your immune system. So read the book and then respond to me.

    • flinstone

      Weston A. Price (1870-1948) discovered what health is made of, and proved it. In the early 1930s Price and his wife (“Mrs Price”) travelled more than 100,000 miles to study the diets and health of isolated primitive peoples in Africa, South America, Australia, Polynesia, Europe and northern Canada, at a time when such communities still existed. He was the head of the american dental association.
      Price undertook amazing journeys into the wilds to seek out people “who were living in accordance with the tradition of their race and as little affected as might be possible by the influence of the white man”.
      Weston A. Price
      Wherever he found them — regardless of race, diet and climate — they were a “picture of superb health”: they had superb physiques, perfect teeth, no arthritis, no tuberculosis, no degenerative diseases, and they were cheerful, happy, hardy folk.
      That changed radically when he compared them to other, less isolated groups of the same peoples, charting a catastrophic health decline the closer they got to the “trade foods” produced by industrial society (processed foods grown by synthetic farming methods), in the shape of the “white man’s store”.
      He found it takes only one generation of eating industrialized food to destroy health and immunity, including pasteurized food.
      Price was a fine scientist and a thorough investigator and collected an enormous amount of data with thousands of supporting photographs — his case simply doesn’t leave any room for argument. We are all victims. But he leaves us with the promise of regeneration. Thwarted health can be recaptured.
      he pubished his research in a book called nutrition and physical degeneration in 1939. Here is the link to the first version of his book. read it and then reply to me:

  • Dano853

    Why did I expect Ron Paul supporters to be a little more levelheaded and objective? Its clear from the rhetoric and personal attacks that bias and narrowmindedness have no political bounds. So far i see little difference in the character between those who support RP and those against him. I hope this misrepresentation does not adversely affect his campaign.

    • Michael

      Misrepresentation? No, it’s not and that’s the problem. If Ron Paul ever wants to attract the mainstream then he’s going to have to stop this kind of nonsense. Pasteurizing milk is done for a good reason and it’s a waste of time trying to even argue it further.

      The issue is government interference and that’s the issue that needs to be addressed. Not in this way by complaining about Pasteurized milk because that only makes asses of you Paul supporters.

      Take on the real issues that are going to resonate with the sane majority.

      Oh right, the libertarians are the only sane ones. Forget it. Buty your party horns now cause you can get them a lot cheaper now than after Ron Paul becomes the next president! LOL

      • Jim

        LOL, I like how you twist this around.

        Yes, I agree, the issue IS about government interference. The milk thing, is just an EXAMPLE of HOW it is interfering. I don’t think it’s being highlighted as a major issue, only that it shows an example of how federal government meddles with things.

        Nice try though.


        Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

      • flinstone

        When the milk is heated in the pasteurization process, important things like the milks natural Lactase, Lipase, and Phosphatase, which helps with the breakdown of milk sugars (lactose), proteins, and the absorption of calcium, are destroyed eliminating the natural digestive support given by Mother Nature, herself. All the enzymes naturally found in milk are extremely heat sensitive making them some of the first things to go when milk is pasteurized.
        This process not only destroys the bad bacteria but also a lot of the good ones our bodies could use.
        pasteurization of milk or cheese kills all the probiotis in the milk that your body needs to properly digest the milk and that is why some people have allergies to milk or have lactose intolerance. It also zaps all of the enzymes and vitamins in the milk or cheese, and alters the protiens and fats in the milk. Raw milk has lactase and other enzymes which aid digestion and actually kill germs like salmonella only if it comes from grass fed free range cows. if you get milk that is not from grass feed free range cows you get problems because cows are meant to eat grass not corn, and exercise and move about. If the cows is not healthy before it dies you will catch some kid of sickness from drinking the milk or eating the cheese. Finally most of the milk in these studies and sold in Super Markets around the world is from conventionally grain-fed cattle. These cows are forced to walk around in there own feces and the fecal matter of other cows, which is why they all usually get sick and need to be fed antibiotics. As you can probably imagine cows that walks around in poop all day and are force fed food they were never meant to eat are going to produce milk that is filled with nasty bacterias, antibiotics, and viruses.
        A1 Beta-Casein is the nasty stuff associated with the release of beta-casomorphin-7, which is an opioid-like chemical released upon digestion. This protein fragment is what normally causes the joint pain, digestive issues, and leaky gut generally related to all casein. This is normally because the kind of dairy cow that produces A1 Beta-Caseins (Holsteins and Friesians, these are your typical black and white cows), also produce more milk per cow, so they are the favored dairy cows of the conventional factory farmed dairy industry. The A2 Beta-Casein produced by cow breeds like Jerseys and Gurnseys cows (brown and white cows), hasn’t been shown to cause the same problems with gut irritation, joint pain, or leaky gut problems. So if you insist on drinking milk, or doing a GOMAD protocol try and stick to the brown cows, the Masai did and did pretty well on it. A2 dairy is also associated with Goats milk which also seems to be less of a problem for even lactose/casein intolerant people.
        read a book called the raw truth about milk:
        This book explains how pasteurization, homogenization and processing are adding toxic levels of vitamin d to the milk, and how unprocessed milk can heal and help your immune system. So read the book and then respond to me, michael

      • Jerry

        It seems that you don’t get it. Have you seen Food Inc.? The FDA is ran by ex presidents and vice presidents of large corps that are worried about their profit. They could care less about your health. Do some research and you will learn more.

  • ronpaulsupporter1

    Flood Congress day after day to tell them we know about all the shit that is going on in Washington, and will hold all those going along with it accountable.

  • Actually it is but from your rant I would bet you would support the gov. in taking free speech as well.Washington is putting us in the gutter and only a “douche” would have a youtube channel only to run their mouths.Get a life.

  • ikesterman1

    Watched a Doc. regarding this subject what happened to free markets and entrepreneurism .using swat , to regulate the length of your grass etc. its just another excuse to take away our freedoms .Ron Paul for President long live the Revolution ..give em; hell Ron ..

  • Josh

    Every founding father who drafted our beloved Bill of Rights and Constitution drank RAW MILK!!! That should settle this. lol

  • Ann Draughton, I’ll bet you carry hand sanitizer with you. THE GERMS! If I want to pick my boogers without the feds interfering, I will.

    Here’s Ron’s new Tea Party theme song!

  • Well, those are politicians for you.

  • I agree.If you invole yourself in d.u.i. you have made it a public matter so its no longer personal.I also feel the penalty for d.u.i. or violence should be far tougher.The politicians manipulate law so that it does not affect them or their interest groups example Obamacare waivers,telling you borrowing money wont add to the debt,telling you the war on drugs or in the middle east have been a sucsess.

  • Ann Draughon

    The bill states the following:

    H. R. 1830

    To authorize the interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption.

    When we package a food and put it in commerce across state lines – whether in a grocery store, restaurant or other venue, we are telling people that what we sell is safe to consume. That’s even the way the law is written in Tennessee and many other states as far as liability in foodborne illnesses lawsuits.

    There is no practical or legal way to make raw milk and all raw milk cheese safe for consumption since the harmful bacteria that get in raw milk are naturally present in the milking environment. Many can grow under refrigeration. Milk is known to carry at least 14 different disease causing bacteria such as Salmonella, hemorragic E. coli and Listeria monocytogenes. One of the oddest reports that I’ve seen published is 80 people in Massachusetts who had to be immunized for rabies after drinking raw milk from two rabid cows (Centers for Disease Control, MMWR 48:228-229.).

    The further we take the milk from the farm, the greater the risk since bacteria have time to grow and increase in numbers over time. Many farm families drink raw milk with no problem but they don’t store it for long periods or take it to other states. Drinking raw milk that is handled, packaged and transported is a little like playing Russian Roulette – about 75% of the time it is safe. In the words of Clint Eastwood ” Do You Feel Lucky?”

    I have been a food safety professional and educator at a university for over 30 years. I care deeply about the health of every American and have spent my life trying to improve the safety of the U.S. food supply through education and research. There is a fairly good article written in straight-forward English in the April 2009 issue of a refereed (peer reviewed) scientific publication “Food Protection Trends” – pages 211 to 222 on Foodborne Disease Outbreaks Associated with Raw Milk. This is published by the International Association for Food Protection – the foremost professional association in the world dedicated to protecting the safety of food. I suggest anyone who plans to drink raw milk or feed it to their children read the research. It presents both sides of this issue.

    As a Libertarian, I think government should generally stay out of our business and that we have the right to eat whatever and any quantity or type of food that we want. I admire Ron Paul and support his stand on many issues but I think his aids have let him down on this bill by not providing him sufficient information.

    With only 42% of dairy farmers (in a PA study) aware that milk can carry pathogens (what’s a pathogen? – LOL) , the average consumer is even more clueless about this issue. They get their science “facts” from a family member, the news or off the internet. Then we add to that the junk science that has shown that drinking raw milk cures everything from cancer to asthma. Some children with digestive issues may actually do better with raw milk that is not homogenized. But, the risk of infection is high. It is usually the kids with leukemia or people with chronic illnesses who end up paying the ultimate price although healthy people sicken and die from illnesses associated with raw milk consumption also.

    I don’t ever want to see raw milk NEXT to the pasteurized milk in the dairy case or served at a restaurant or farmer’s market since people are more likely to try it not understanding the risk. There are scientific studies in reputable refereed journals showing growth of ONE foodborne disease causing bacterium from raw milk to 1,000,000 per ml within a week under refrigeration. With most of the bacterial foodborne diseases, it takes about 1000 cells to cause illness, although some can cause illness with as little as 10 cells.. It doesn’t take long to reach those levels if harmful bacteria are present.

    Approximately 14% of Americans (32 Million) cannot read the instructions on a bottle of pills, 25% of Americans are functionally illiterate (can’t find specific information in an article or fill out a form). Only about 20% of 12th graders in the U.S. are considered proficient in Math and Science and 40% in Reading (US DOEd , . It is irresponsible to sell food that may be dangerous when people do not have the scientific information or knowledge to make wise choices.

    We put warnings on packages of ground beef to cook them, but raw milk is a food intended to be consumed raw even if people can and do read the packages. Warning labels of death or injury would definitely be appropriate on packaged raw milk in interstate commerce since the risk is very high. One study done in our laboratory with over 250 farms found that 1 out 4 raw milk samples contained at least one pathogenic (harmful) bacterium.

    People who become ill will not connect their illness or their child’s illness or death to their own irresponsible decision to drink raw milk. Instead they will place the blame squarely on the market that sold it to them and on other parts of the food system such as farmers – because for the most part people trust that food they buy in the U.S. won’t kill them or make them ill. They will contact their attorney – feeling righteously that they have been violated and deceived by a market that would sell them unsafe raw milk. And they will be right…..

    This is not about our rights, the constitution or even our beliefs – it is about science. Please read the science (not junk science) and make an informed decision.


    • Libertarian777

      “Please read the science (not junk science) and make an informed decision.”

      therein lies the downfall to your own argument.
      You are saying we should make an informed decision, yet you are advocating the government make the decision for us.

      Which is it? Are we to make the decision or the government.

      As a claimed libertarian, i’m surprised you’re not in favour of the STATES passing regulations on milk, and not the Federal FDA.

      I agree people cannot and do not read safety labels. In fact tobacco kills more people than pathogens in the food supply annually. And there are huge markings on tobacco that clearly state this. In addition, by law, tobacco is regulated and is always behind the counter. Has this stopped tobacco sales?

      Further, you state “It is irresponsible to sell food that may be dangerous when people do not have the scientific information or knowledge to make wise choices. ”

      Well the same can be said about McDonalds, Burger King, and even Subway. Should the government not regulate them as well? To limit the amount of sodium, fat, etc. in there?

      There is always a pathogen in the food, an unsafe car, tainted meat, terrorists etc. etc. and while I don’t doubt in the short term, removing legislation may see a spike in illnesses / injuries, in the longer term the market (individuals choosing) will sort it out.

      The whole government ‘scare’ about Toyota’s being unsafe, clearly does not correlate with the market’s perception of Toyota’s safety. If people were dying by the hundreds from unsafe vehicles that Toyota made (which they were NOT) that company would have gone the way of GM. But aside from the mainstreet media scare tactics, there have NOT been as many deaths/injuries from ‘unintended acceleration’ from Toyota as they would have you believe.

      It seems cold and callous to say “yes people die”… but unfortunately that’s life. People die from many things. The question is do you give government unlimited power to ‘stop’ people from ‘dying’? If we were all locked in solitary confinement 24hours a day, force fed irradiated food and on suicide watch i’m sure the death rate in the population would decrease dramatically. But at what cost?

    • Michael

      Libertarians have a right to do harm to themselves. I would even support legalizing suicide for libertarians. How about libertarian only communities where children get to pack heat to kindergarten? No government to interfere in the lives of the people. No police, just everybody with their own guns takin care of their own business. This would definitely put an end to the problems libertarians perceive they have with government. And the rest of us could go about our lives as sane people do.

      • Jim

        “Libertarians have a right to do harm to themselves. I would even support legalizing suicide for libertarians. How about libertarian only communities where children get to pack heat to kindergarten? No government to interfere in the lives of the people. No police, just everybody with their own guns takin care of their own business.”

        Where do you get the notion, that the FEDERAL government, is the only one who can have laws to protect people????

        States can do it as well. Just because the FEDERAL government isn’t doing it, doesn’t mean there will be NO law. Get a grip. You have got to be purposely skewing things because you just make some kind of assumption that removing the federal aspect, equates to the removal of all law. How do you come to that conclusion???

      • Libertarian777

        wow, clearly you don’t understand libertarians.

        If we had a ‘libertarian’ community (I would be loathe to label it as such, but nevertheless to entertain you) , and there were 2 PRIVATELY run kindergartens, one allows children to ‘pack heat’ the other doesn’t.
        I would choose to send my children to the one that doesn’t allow guns (get it? I have the choice. Not the government mandating anything).

        After a few months the other one could compete by also preventing guns on the premises or it could cater to people who choose to give their children guns at a young age. If the one that catered for kids with guns ended up having dozens of children dying, two things would happen. 1. the kindergarten would close down since no rational parent would send their kids there. 2. the parents of those children would be prosecuted for violence, since their children are still minors and are incapable of determining the consequences of their actions at that age. I know its a radical thought, but the goal of kindergartens is to NOT kill the children under their care.

        To take it further, each community would be able to define what the ‘legal age of majority is’, some could make it 16, others 18, yet others 21 (my assumption is kindergarten children lack legal majority).

        You display a complete lack of understanding of libertarian ideology. Just because there is no ‘law on the books’ doesn’t mean that we are opposed to a restriction being in place. We just don’t agree with HOW that restriction is enforced. It should be determined by private individuals through CHOICE (of where they spend their money, where they send their kids to school, what they choose to eat), not through arbitrary government mandates.

        And please tell me, has any anti-suicide law ever prevented any suicide? Libertarians don’t want to ‘legalise’ anything as a matter of fact. They only mention that because people don’t understand that NOT having a law ‘against’ something, only decriminalises it. It doesn’t mean we encourage it. Alcohol is legal, does that mean we encourage drunk driving? We just don’t believe in prosecuting people for consuming a substance they choose to consume.

        Does the city/county/state you live in have anti-murder laws? Since they have those laws have there been zero murders in your city/county/state?

        Simplifying the pasteurised/unpasteurised milk argument here…
        You want to drink unpasteurised milk with some risk of pathogens… go ahead.
        If you don’t want to drink unpasteurised milk… don’t.

        The key here… and listen carefully… is YOU CHOOSE. I know that’s a hard concept to grasp, but it’s what liberty means.

  • Lucy76

    People survived unpasteurized milk for thousands of years before Lou Pasteur came along. A HUGE reason why this country is getting so FAT and unhealthy is because of all the “legal” crap that is in our food.

    • Michael

      Are you trying to say that libertarians like you are not fat people? LOL And anyway Lucy, don’t people have a right to get fat or are you intending to take that away from them too?


    This guy is wacky… what the hell?

    • Michael

      Well, Ron Paul does keep the libertarians busy and off the streets with their guns!

      • Jim

        Who is paying you to come in here and distort things? I would like to know. Just curious.

  • Black4Skull

    Ron Paul can be deadly to the average brainwashed sheep. He makes too much sense at any given time. The sheep’s brain cannot comprehend everything at onceso when it tries to, it will cause the sheep to become insecure because its equilibrium of bliss ignorance has been disrupted. Therefore the sheep must be awakened gradually, one fact at a time. Once open-mindedness persists, sheep can then start to draw connections with facts. Then, the sheep begins the process of becoming an informed citizen

    • Libertarian777

      as has been said many times, by many…

      Ron Paul cured my apathy”

  • Dairy

    Thank goodness someone has some sense.

    Thank you for putting this bill forward. My house rep has heard from me this morning and will continue to.

    You may have just won yourself another vote!

    We too have switched to producing our own raw milk. Amazingly, I haven’t dropped dead yet!

  • njb1335

    You are all a sorry lot of rubes…I understand your positions on freedom and the desire for minimal government intervention in your lives, but this is about the stupidest point ever taken in search of liberty…Pasteurization is one of the most effective and proven methods for sanitation and prohibiting microbial growth in food. Please educate yourselves before you beat your war drum on things you know nothing of…Read a scientific journal article or at the very least Wikipedia some info.

    • WOW

      Thank you for your comment, someone who makes sense.

    • Jim

      I think that most people pretty much know that pasteurization is a good thing. The problem is the government dictating whether I, as an individual, can CHOOSE to drink milk that is not pasteurized.

      People have drank unpasteurized milk far longer than we have drank pasteurized. Sure, there may have been the occasional problem, but that is more due to cleanliness.

      Address the REAL issue and stop focusing on only the part that you expect to get an emotional response from.

    • Michael

      Good comment and I note that it’s now six thumbs down and seven thumbs up. On a wacko dominated site like this that’s saying a lot.

      So look you Ron Paul supporting wackjobs, your man can’t win an election for dogcatcher and you people are too whacked out with your stupid dogma to understand that.

      The question now becomes, do you waste your time supporting a losing cause? Do so please because it at least keeps you off the streets for a while. And it’s rillllll entertaining.

      • Jim

        You know Michael,

        I have to wonder why you even bother posting on here. You certainly have the RIGHT to, but I question your motive.

        Certainly, you are under no obligation to support or even agree with anything Ron Paul says, but why come in here and stir up trouble?

        If Ron Paul is not the answer, and is just a whackjob as you say, then who is? Who would you support? Who will you vote for? Which candidate will you support?

  • Here’s the thing… The FDA is in the pocket of big agra-business and that is at least part of why they want to stop small farmers (especially dairy). One of the only way small dairy farmers can survive these days is because they have a product that isn’t artificially low in price and can afford to run their farms and take care of their families. Any competition to big farm corp. is seen as a threat. Accordingly, the FDA is using old outdated science to claim that raw milk is dangerous and says that WE are too stupid to read the labels (this is a quote). Even though (for instance) packaged meats are way more dangerous than any raw milk, there’s NO label or warning there. The corporocracy of America is in control of our government and not “we the people”. Money talks, folks, and the vast majority of us don’t have the resources to do what the corporations do and NOW the corporations (because the Supreme Court just gave them this) are counted as people and have the right to use their vast resources to back whomever they want without having to try to hide the fact that they are doing this. So… Even though I disagree with (probably) most of what Ron Paul is about, I’m grateful that he’s, at least, trying to stop the FDA from taking our healthful food choices away from us.


    A video for the Tea Party

    What a guy! President Ron Paul, I say…

  • SMD

    I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Ron Paul. His comments on this article are comprehensive and accurate. I so appreciate a man of this stature standing up for personal freedoms in this way. Thank you.

  • vic4rp

    They put fluoride in the water and force it on us. I just said these very words this morning.
    How can a country be Free if Govt. can tell us what we can eat and drink?. They actually tell people that FLUORIDE Is good for them. The sad thing is ,most people believe them.
    Even my dentist… What a power hungry,greedy mixed up world we live in. I just wish there was somewhere in this world that we could all live and be free of the dictates of the powers that be.


    don’t wanna drink unpasteurized milk? don’t buy it! – gee that makes sense…