Ron Paul: Free Israel, Libya and Syria from U.S. Dictates

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Ron Paul, a twelve-term U.S. congressman, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate, remarked on President Obama’s speech earlier today about the United States’ Middle East policy. Please see the statement below.

Ron Paul: “The President gave a speech today about our foreign policy in the Middle East, and once again this administration has proven that it does not understand a proper foreign policy for America. When will our leaders finally do what’s right for America and rethink this irrational approach we’ve followed for far too long?

Israel is our close friend. While President Obama’s demand that Israel make hard concessions in her border conflicts may very well be in her long-term interest, only Israel can make that determination on her own, without pressure from the United States or coercion by the United Nations.

Unlike this President, I do not believe it is our place to dictate how Israel runs her affairs. There can only be peace in the region if those sides work out their differences among one another. We should respect Israel’s sovereignty and not try to dictate her policy from Washington.

The President also defended his unconstitutional intervention in Libya, authorized not by the United States Congress but by the United Nations, and announced new plans to pressure Syria and force the leader of that country to step down.

Our military is already dangerously extended, and this administration wants to expand our involvement. When will our bombing in Libya end? Is President Obama seriously considering military action against Syria? We are facing $2 trillion dollar deficits, and the American taxpayer cannot afford any of it.

Our military’s purpose is to defend our country, not to police the Middle East.

As the President prepares to send even more support to Egypt, we should be reminded that it was our foreign aid that helped Mubarak retain power to repress his people in the first place. Now we have to deal with the consequences of those decisions, yet we keep repeating the same mistakes.

I am not the only one who can see the absurdities of our foreign policy. We give $3 billion to Israel and $12 billion to her enemies. Most Americans know that makes no sense.

We need to come to our senses, trade with our friends in the Middle East (both Arab and Israeli), clean up our own economic mess so we set a good example, and allow them to work out their own conflicts.”


  • anarchist

    All of the Zionist Christians make me want to throw up! You know; the John Hagee types.

    They are too busy collecting the faithful’s money while bowing their knees to the so called

    state of Israel, and calling them God’s “chosen people”, and calling them our closest friend

    and ally! What a load of bullshit!

    I am certainly not anti Jewish; If it were not for the Hebrews, we would not have an Old

    Testament (for those of you who care). Judaism and Zionism are diametrically opposed to

    one another.

    I’ll let the Orthodox Jews explain it:

    The current Faux Jews (Ashkanazim) run the so called state of Israel as a fascist/

    communist state. The so called state of Israel is a curious hybrid of Nazi Germany and

    the Soviet Union. They treat the Shepardim (real Jews) worse than black people were

    treated in the old south. Where did I learn all this from? The Orthodox Jews! Look

    it up! The Ashkanazim are a Turkic people who originally came from the area that

    is between the Black sea and the Caspian sea. They converted to Judaism out of

    convenience in the 8th century. In the 13th century, when the Kazarian empire disolved,

    the Ashkanazim spread north into Russia, and then later into western Europe.

    Only 5 to 10% of people calling themselves Jews are blood Jews. In all fairness to

    the Ashkanazim; those in Orthodox Judaism are considered Jews according to the Torah

    or Pentateuch. But Orthodox Judaism does not recognize Conservative nor Reformed Judaism

    as Judaism. The leadership in the so called state of Israel are all Ashkanazim and most

    are atheistic internationalists (fascists/communists; take your pick). The Orthodox Jews

    say that the holy name of Jacob or Israel has been highjacked by the Zionists. Look up

    Dr. Henry A. Makow who is an Ashkanazi; he tells it like it is!

    Louisiana Creole

  • Tina

    I have read comments here that say if Ron Paul does not admit that Israel is a terrorist state they will not vote for him but vote for someone else. Who will you vote for? No one is going to say that, no one!! So You will not vote Ron Paul because you diagree on this issue but you will vote for someone else that you disagree on this issue with and many other issues? Who will you be punishing by doing that? Ron Paul? or will you vote for someone that admits this but you disagree with on most other issues. Use common sense, this is politics and as honest as Ron Paul is it would not be wise for him to say anything like that at this time even if he believes it to be true.

  • D Green

    There are so many comments rejecting Dr. Paul’s labeling of Israel as a friend to the US. I certainly disagree with their conduct as well, but I am not Israeli and therefore I cannot inject my own judgments into their responsibilities. I do not take pride that my country took part in setting up Israel to be a Jewish state, but I have nothing against Jews personally and wish for their stability as I wish for the stability of the Palestinian people.

    If you call Palestine friend, you are hypocrite if you do not also call the Israel friend. They are both wrong, and they are both right. Dr. Paul’s stance is not simply a political expression, it should be one of true patience and consideration for the needs and desires of others in our personal logic.

    I would be glad to see true change in D.C., but for good principles to be overshadowed by ignorance via bitterness would just be a shame. Dr. Paul, if he is what he says he is, is about moving forward, and not dwelling on the pains which occurred in the process.

    Let us move forward considerately and call all countries our friends unless they dare to show aggression against us. In that case, crush them like a plastic wrapper.

  • andy

    You just lost my vote Mr. Paul. Israel is the frontline of the war on terror and the US closest ally and friend. And I was going to vote for anyone except Obama. Hope they’ll be a passionate independent running if it’s you and Hussein Obama.

    • anarchist

      To: andy

      Zionism and Judaism are total opposites. If you do not believe this, then go to

      the following Orthodox (not Reformed nor Conservative) Jewish websites:

      You might be more hesitant getting all teary-eyed and waving the Zionist flag

      for God and the so called state of Israel. Only 5 to 10% (it is closer to 7%)

      of the people in this world that call themselves Jewish are Jews by blood.

      Who the hell are the majority out there that are calling themselves Jewish,

      when they are not? You will have to figure this one out for yourself as I did.

      Look up Dr. Henry A. Makow who is an Ashkanazi (faux Jew). He tells it

      right on.

      Louisiana Creole

  • Sunny

    That is one of the thousands miserable things we get from war….400,000 veterans with brain injuries are coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq soon. Is it worth it?!! Who is benefiting from this?! More will be coming from Libya soon too. Do you think Ron Paul know about these cases? Obama was…and he took the country into another war…and planing for WWWIII???? it seems we might not be alive to vote for Ron Paul 🙁

  • Advocate4Liberty

    I agree with Dr. Paul that we should not dictate to Israel. On the other hand, I don’t understand why Dr. Paul would characterize Israel as “our friend”.

    It is clearly a terrorist state, founded in terrorism, living daily on terrorism, occupying other countries illegally, spying on our government, military and our businesses, engaging in industrial theft, maintaining a nuclear arsenal while trying to deny it’s intended victims such as Iran the same right.

    I am a long-time supporter of Dr. Paul, voted for him in the last primary – didn’t bother to vote in the actual election, and will vote for him again.

    But this point is a little troubling, and I would like to hear his reasoning in choosing that characterization of Israel.

    • Ajeebmjeeb

      I am sure you may have visited this site. I must also give credit to FOX for airing such opinions as well!

      This is a must watch!


  • Dwight Burdick

    “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

    Mr. Paul, you’re looking good for my love in 2012, and in more than half of the big issues.
    On Israel / Palestine, if – “We need to come to our senses, trade with our friends in the Middle East (both Arab and Israeli), clean up our own economic mess so we set a good example, and allow them to work out their own conflicts.” – means ending “3 billion to Israel as well as the 12 billion to her enemies”, I’ll buy your position, while respectfully disagreeing that “Israel is our close friend.”
    On Libya and Syria, I got your back.

  • john from ojai

    I am impressed by Ron Paul’s discussion on cutting military spending which is one of the 2 major causes of the US’s demise. The other is cutting corporate control over politicians.

    I went on this sight today hoping to find more shared views and was shocked to see him calling Israel a good friend of the US. There are many areas where Paul has integrity but this is apparently not one of them.

    Israel has universal health care for their citizens but the US denies its citizens the same so that Mr. Paul’s friend can have more military weapons to beat up on Palestinians. Israel spies on the US, corrupts our politicians, sells our military technology to China etc..

    Israel has been condemned in the UN more than any other country in the world.
    Israel has refused to follow 69 UN resolutions. Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza and it’s blockade of Gaza is a war crime. The International Court of Justice has declared that all Israel occupation in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights is illegal. This is a good friend? If Ron Paul supports a criminal state what does that make him?

    I will not support Ron Paul until he comes around to supporting international law and supporting the Palestinians who were illegally removed from their homes. Take some of the integrity you have in other areas and stand up to AIPAC and the Israeli lobbies.

    • John I agree with for the same reason I also wrote I will not support Paul if he does not speak truth about terrorist & apartheied state of Israel. If I have to chose a stooge appointed by Zionist as American President; I will go for Michele Bachman who has been living on the Zionist crumbs since she was in High School. Zionist have ruined America & Pro Zionist Unionized Gangsters posing as Political, Religious, Business, Media Leaders & Judiciary have renamed America as United States of Israel.

      “We control America”

      “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” -Israeli PM Sharon

      Sharon is very right Jews rather Zionist control US, no matter which government comes into power, whether Rep or Dem, whether G Bush or B Obama their control on US is just like the control on Israel, Palestine & most Western countries.

      US slavery to Zionist foundations were laid by Zionist slave Bill Clinton with 64 Zionist in key post; Sec of State, Defense, National Security, Treasury, Education, Economic Council, Health, Intelligence Agencies, Federal Reserve Bank, Agriculture, Trade to re-Christian America as United States of Israel.

      With the names like Madeleine Albright (Sec of State), Cohen (Sec of Defense), Tenet (CIA Chief), Berger (Head National Security Council), Rubin (Sec of the Treasury), Greenspan (Federal Reserve Chairman), Sperling (National Economic Council) appears in the list of 64 that does not include lower level appointments.

      Clinton contributed towards a real change in Administration’s outlook, having concluded a series of changes in enhancing Z power that started during President Nixon’s Z Sec of State Kissinger, few Z Cabinet members under Carter and again a Z Sec of State Schultz and few Z cabinet members under President Reagan.

      It was Kissinger who opened the first US consultancy company in China to teach them how to do business with US. Opened a market for Z who have been stealing US military technology and secrets for sale to China. To day Chinese have become so powerful thanks to Z.

      After Clinton a George (Buffoon) Bush was Z appointed ruler for 8 years to preside over US transition from prosperity to poverty with unnecessary occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan.

      After Buffoon; Obama elected with Z money to stay in their good books broke Clinton record with over 80 Z in key post of his administration. His first appointment after getting elected in 2008; Rahm Emanuel son of a Z terrorist; dual-citizen of Israel & US as Chief of White House Staff. Emanuel served in Israel ’s military during 1ST Gulf War instead U.S. military.

      Notable Z’s in Obama administration are Axelrod (Senior Advisor to President), Sec of State Hillary, Treasury Sec Geithner, Sec of Dept of Homeland Security
      Napolitano, Economic Advisor to President Blinder & Rubin, Foreign Policy Advisor Feinstein, Dep Secr of State Steinberg & Lew second in rank only to Hillary Clinton in foreign policy matters, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke with 8 Zionist Board Members of FRB out of 12, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, Middle East Policy Advisor Lynn, SEC Chairwoman Shapiro CFT Chairman Gensler etc.

      Current US Congress out of 535 members has 13 Z Senators, 87 Pro Z Senators, 31 Z Rep & 403 Pro Z Rep with only 1 exception Ron Paul is not slave to Zionist.

    • bigjet

      Then don’t support Paul. Go along your merry way and leave.