Ron Paul 2012: Our Best Hope Against Obama

On April 25th 2011, Ron Paul went to New York to announce he was starting an exploratory to run for President in the Republican Party. He was met by throngs of supporters.


  • MrPloppy1

    All those young faces in the crowd give me hope for the future.

  • Sweet16Official

    Excellent editing job. You should work for the campaign.

  • tcrimsonk

    I LOVE this video! It’s about time we saw more professional videos coming out for this campaign!

  • mersk100

    Register, vote in primaries, become a delegate, don’t let the GOP establishment steal it!


  • nakor667

    Ron Paul / Gary Johnson 2012!

    Peter Schiff for Sec. of Treasury
    Jesse Ventura for Sec. of Defense
    Judge Nap for Chief Justice

  • Cathyvalaz

    Peter Schiff for Sec. of Treasury!!! Judge Nap for VP

  • ronpaulparty1

    good stuff

  • HawaiianBryan420

    It WILL Happen if we get together and make it happen!!


  • askreilly

    Very well produced video. One of the best I have seen. As a background song for a future video check out the song “The Immortals” by Kings of Leon.

  • BadMonkeySyndrome

    what is the name of the first and last song on this vid?

  • skeptikal911

    Ron Paul for President!! Come on let’s make this happen!!

  • crye55

    Great job on this Dustin!

  • ebrake

    Great video guys!

  • UtubeAdminSucksAss

    Who ever produced this video needs to be hired by the campaign ….. today!

  • punktillidie27

    that one dislike boggles my mind but some people people are denser than the earth’s mantle and will never see the light

  • NCIcaucus


  • extrmmxer

    Awesome video. Ron Paul 2012

  • mjs1231

    They can not stop an idea who’s time has come. It can’t not be stopped by any government or any military.

    It’s our time. It’s the time of president Ron Paul.

    long live liberty
    Long live Ron Paul
    Long live our Republic

    Now this is truely exciting.

  • katietb3rw

    This is such a fantastic depiction of the energy, enthusiasm and passion that is pushing this grassroots campaign forward!

    We love our liberty and freedom!

    Ron Paul Revolution 2012!

  • DrinkRumpleMinze

    whoever doesnt want him to be president is a moron