Ron Paul 2012: Our Best Hope Against Obama

On April 25th 2011, Ron Paul went to New York to announce he was starting an exploratory to run for President in the Republican Party. He was met by throngs of supporters.


  • PatHenry4RonPaul

    LOVE it!

  • CounterRevolutionary

    The best RP video ever!

  • banemaler

    Someone pay these directors to follow Paul the entire campaign. This will be a huge boost to spreading and documenting the message!

  • Cathyvalaz

    BETTER YET, ALSO BECOME A PC! Being a PC can lead to becomng a delegate…the most powerful political position of all. It is free, it takes about as much time as it takes to go to a movie, and empowering to learn your political process.
    What to do: go to your Legislative district meeting (easy to find on line)
    Go to a leg. dist meeting and ask how you can become a PC DON’T MENTION RON PAUL THERE Just say you are tired of the situation and you want to go to work.. They will love you.

  • brockeastman

    OMG – Ron Paul’s campaign so needs to hire these guys who made this video. Outstanding! Can you imagine if every video had these guys going over it and embellishing the message. This way every single video would be completely facebookable versus just clips.

  • mkauai2

    Next MoneyBomb July 19th – Google “Ready Ames Fire” — Q2push till the June 30th, – DONATE -. Go Grassroots!

  • Gioxtream


  • BrandonToddCarr

    All Ron Paul does is win! Ron Paul 2012!

  • callmeyang


  • waynotway

    EVERYONE: YOU MAY NOT HAVE TO REGISTER AS REPUBLICAN TO VOTE IN YOUR STATE’S PRIMARY! NOT ALL STATES REQUIRE THAT. Check on your state’s rules online at Project Vote Smart. Here in Missouri we have an “OPEN PRIMARY”. In an open primary, voters may take a ballot for any party and vote for those candidates!

  • distressed7

    2012 will be death of the Obama agenda.

  • RicoBoudreau

    This viedo was WAY TOO SHORT. It needs to be put in a documentary later on!

  • TMaw345

    Ron Paul and Peter Schiff.. what a powerhouse team. RP2012.

  • moctezuma112

    lol thats me in wearing a white shirt. big head LOL. i couldn’t believe i saw Peter and Ron. amazing!!!
    Ron Paul 2012

  • MartineR12

    I love seeing Peter Schiff with Ron… this can turn out to be the best base for a success… keep the action going, the people are behind you – yesterday’s million and a quarter proves it… and what is more, you have fans all over the world – I should know that – Im from Slovakia…

  • MegaBadhorsie

    The five people that did not like this are Ben Bernanke, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and that guy living in his mom’s trailer with his finger up his nose.

  • mugelerm

    By far one of the best Ron Paul videos yet! Great job, very professional, and well put together. If it were longer it should get its own spot on a network.

  • mugelerm

    Legalize Marijuana Money Bomb! Whose with me?!

  • balabaluze
  • judan499

    We love you Ron Paul……………..ONE MAN WITH COURAGE IS A MAJORITY Vote Ron Paul