Ron Paul 2012: Our Best Hope Against Obama

On April 25th 2011, Ron Paul went to New York to announce he was starting an exploratory to run for President in the Republican Party. He was met by throngs of supporters.


  • christianouuen

    Ron Paul or shit a porcupine!

  • PatHenry4RonPaul

    Ron Paul OWNS the Republican Party!

  • gchuggins

    Well, this certainly shoots the hell out of my belief that all New York Republicans are elitist bastards.

  • Outstanding work. Top notch cameras, amazing editing, altogether a great artistic vision. Keep them coming!

  • jberecz

    Outstanding work. Top notch cameras, amazing editing, altogether a great artistic vision. Keep them coming!

  • Stefan C. Kosikowski

    Ron Paul is far more than our best chance against Barack Bush, er, George W. Obama, well… you know who I mean…

    Ron Paul is our ONLY chance; but be sure the Ruling Elite don’t want you to have any choice in November, 2012. They will endeavor to force another sock-puppet of theirs down our throats to protect the status-quo and all the undermining of the Constitution they have perpetrated against the People.

    • randome91

      Then why don’t everyone just have a protest? From that, the elites will be powerless to do anything if people realise the truth…

      Just a suggestion

  • mirbez

    Can’t say I’ve ever voted, but I’m registered to for Ron Paul this time around… if he flip-flops/lies about his ideals/”promises” I’ve lost all hope for this country.

  • opengee

    Embrace the message and the MESSENGER! (a sidenote: nice touch with the T. Rex Song at the end!)

  • swedchef79

    Amazing Vid! You guys need to ABSOLUTELY work for the campaign! RP 2012!!!

  • libertythug

    Great video production!! It’s very Ocean’s 11ish…

  • BrandonToddCarr


  • ladalang

    you guys rock. That’s the Ron Paul America needs to see!

  • lnsk

    Very well done Grassroots!! We can do it this time!! Ron Paul 2012 and beyond!!

  • bigken61

    One of the best ever Ron Paul videos on the net. I can’t wait for more!

  • Sterling

    I want Ron as our next president and i just have to say the debate has to be graded as a C for average , he needs to win new voters for it to be a higer grade.

    We need to point out that republicans winning is not a difference in how our government is operating.

    so please consider the point of view that “Just Winning is not Enough” to the republican and independents out there

  • 0815funkmaster

    He even makes being a Republican look cool….WOW !

  • rblauvelt

    Front Runner Ron Paul is on a roll. New Orleans Straw Poll winner in a Landslide!
    There is no doubt. Ron Paul is THE Frontrunner!

  • SharronLiberty

    Most Awesome! More More More!

  • guidobambino

    i was there! amazing event..truly inspiring

  • otterlakeand4th

    “Ready! Ames! Fire!” Moneybomb on July 14th. Put it on your calendars.