Ron Paul: Defend the Constitution, Not the U.N. Security Council!

Date: 05/25/2011

Ron Paul: I appreciate you holding these hearing. You know, since World War II we’ve embarked in the wrong direction. We’ve been fighting all these wars with no declarations. So the War-Power issue is a key issue, and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it and not expand this power. But I think we get a pretty good idea about where the executive branch comes from, and I’m not so sure it would be unique for one party or the other. But the current office of the legal council to our president has said that it was necessary, it was okay to go to war to defend the credibility of the United Nations Security Council. I think that is an outrage. We’re supposed to be defending the constitution, not the United Nations Security Council. But this is not new, we did it in Korea, we ignore it sometimes, now we ignore it in Libya. The War powers resolution, which was set up in 1973, was supposed to curtain this. Technically, it was deeply flawed, but it actually legalized war for 60 days, which always drifts into 90 days, and even our presidents ignore that. So this is a mess, and you know, it’s not all that complicated. Why do we complicate this for ourselves unless it’s deliberate? Because we have a law, the law is called the constitution. We’re not supposed to go to war unless there’s a declaration. We’ve been fighting this a long time and the American people are sick and tired of it, it’s draining us, it’s draining us financially, and now we’re into … how many wars are we in now? Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, now Libya. We don’t even know to the extent to how much we’re involved in these countries. So we in the Congress demand or should demand our responsibilities again. It should be up to us when we go to war and not to the executive branch.

  • fallenempireoverdrve

    the constitution isn’t perfect ….close enough i guess

  • mtklaric

    common sense blazing through the fog of lies, deceit and downright ignorance! Ron Paul is my president, eventhough im not an american…the message of freedom is universal!


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    RON PAUL!!!!!!!!

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  • FullBlown26

    we need to relax with the damn wars

  • TheEidolon7

    Certainly do not agree with all he stands for, but he is surely the lesser of the evils. Unlikely that a better candidate will appear so he has my vote so far.

  • GetOutMyBidness

    Ron Paul is the man. RP2012

  • jmjfanss

    Ron Paul is the truth here


  • 4ucmikey

    Hell Yeah! Wouldn’t be going broke and have are hands soaked in blood. Im all up for fighting a battle we have to fight but the killing that’s going on now is closer to murder.

  • rhcprh

    Dr. Ron Paul is the only person in politics who understands the Constitution. America needs to elect this genius

  • snake13x

    My country is your country.
    My health is your health.
    My religion is to help Humanity.
    My mission is to unite Humanity.

  • snake13x

    My country is the Earth.
    My health is your health.
    My religion is to help Humanity.
    My mission is to unite Humanity.

  • snake13x

    My country is the Earth.
    My religion is to help Humanity.
    My health is your health.
    My mission is to unite Humanity.

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    Ron Paul all the way! amen!

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    Ron Paul for president 2012!

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    Keep speaking the Truth!

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    I hate firsties

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    numero uno