Ron Paul: Defend the Constitution, Not the U.N. Security Council!

Date: 05/25/2011

Ron Paul: I appreciate you holding these hearing. You know, since World War II we’ve embarked in the wrong direction. We’ve been fighting all these wars with no declarations. So the War-Power issue is a key issue, and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it and not expand this power. But I think we get a pretty good idea about where the executive branch comes from, and I’m not so sure it would be unique for one party or the other. But the current office of the legal council to our president has said that it was necessary, it was okay to go to war to defend the credibility of the United Nations Security Council. I think that is an outrage. We’re supposed to be defending the constitution, not the United Nations Security Council. But this is not new, we did it in Korea, we ignore it sometimes, now we ignore it in Libya. The War powers resolution, which was set up in 1973, was supposed to curtain this. Technically, it was deeply flawed, but it actually legalized war for 60 days, which always drifts into 90 days, and even our presidents ignore that. So this is a mess, and you know, it’s not all that complicated. Why do we complicate this for ourselves unless it’s deliberate? Because we have a law, the law is called the constitution. We’re not supposed to go to war unless there’s a declaration. We’ve been fighting this a long time and the American people are sick and tired of it, it’s draining us, it’s draining us financially, and now we’re into โ€ฆ how many wars are we in now? Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, now Libya. We don’t even know to the extent to how much we’re involved in these countries. So we in the Congress demand or should demand our responsibilities again. It should be up to us when we go to war and not to the executive branch.

  • hstone39

    This country needs to get rid of the U.N. and demolish the building in New York City.

  • tranceemerson

    ahem… that’s DR. PAUL, Congress ๐Ÿ˜›

  • lucas911611

    As a Canadian I am standing behind you, I pray for you Ron!

  • Visualsilva

    Thank God this man is still alive.

  • kylereese2000

    Americas conscience. And possibly the last hope for his country.

  • pamelajonesmd


  • IckleMcMan452

    Ron Paul almost speaks too clearly for his own good. Americans are too comfortable listening to politicians who never really say anything to ever vote a direct speaker into the presidency.

    Although, I hope like hell that I am wrong.


  • Jamzkangster

    I want to kill anyone who opposes the constitution that lives in this country.

  • Cettywise

    Patriots for Ron Paul!

  • BagOfEyebrows

    and another Ron Paul finest moment in the defense of liberty, freedom and peace… he’s been doing this for decades, right on all accounts.



  • TrippingTheTube

    Why is this site like this now, where the responses are disconnected from the original post so you can’t follow a conversation?

  • PeoplePower

    Dear Ron, keep up the good work if the founding fathers were alive today they would die from shock.

    What the global elite will never admit is they are not running the show, they are only doing what God allows them & soon enough he is going to kick their ass out.
    destroy all you want nwo, like a fire you will burn yourself out & in your place will a golden age of peace & Prosperity for all.

    Go Ron Paul ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LazyJLazy

    America, don’t you fuck up next year. Vote for this man for the sake of the world.

  • jeska7gre3n

    I don’t know much about Ron Paul so I will do more research on him then see if he is good for my vote…never voted but if he is the man that everyone says he is I will vote for him to become president…I just hope he knows what feet he’s going to step on..we all know what happened to JFK…I hope he is brave like him and doesn’t let greed or fear get to him..fear is a weak emotion

  • dumdum5

    I am from belgium and we absolutely need Ron Paul for the safety of the world

  • hazballs09

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Jnymack123

    His name plate thing should say Dr. Paul -.-

  • 2010blufish

    Stop the WARS! Have you seen the vid on the Collapse of the Dollar 2012! It explains what is going to happen if we do not do something quickly!

  • TickleMehNancy

    problem is I am an independent and he won’t get the republican nomination so I will not have an opportunity to vote for him