Wow! The latest Gallup poll has me at 10% and, in third…

“Wow! The latest Gallup poll has me at 10% and, in third place. The Status Quo media won’t be able to ignore us much longer with this kind of support! Romney, Palin Lead Reduced GOP Field for 2012 Mitt Romney (17%) and Sarah Palin (15%) lead in Republicans’ preferences for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee in Gallup’s first update after Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, and Mitch Daniels announced they were not running. Herman Cain makes a soli”Ron Paul

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  • Gayle

    Ron Paul is not a good politician, because he can not lie to the American people. He tell it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything. He’s just a honest man that truly believes in freedom and he only wants what is best for our country. I believe with all my heart that this man will become the next president of the United States of America. Tonight, when you hit you knees please ask God to continue to bless America and Ron Paul 2012!


  • Save USA Dr Ron Paul

    2012 Paul
    We need your help to return the old USA back
    to a good highly respectable place
    your the leader who can do it.

    RON PAUL in 2012

  • Scott

    I do not believe these polls. Someone is trying to disuade Dr. Paul from running. Mr. Paul please run for the presidency. We need you there.

  • Vincent

    I could only hope we have enough good military personal that understand that they do not want there children to be bullyed for the rest of there lives, and when the time comes they will be helping us speak out againest the unlawful act!
    We all thank you for helping to wake some of them up that forgot what the constitution means, for those of us that do know what the constitution is already, we thank you very much Ron Paul.

  • daisy

    Im definately voting for you Ron Paul… because I believe in Freedom!!

  • Mr. Paul I must inform you I am withdrawing my support for 2012. After the patriot act extension and debt ceilings certain pass. Even after Obama’s acknowledgement of voting against it. I can no longer support you bid for republican presidential nomination. It is definatly clear that no one cares about Americas values. The only voices I see are those for socialist Democrats and for the very wealthy. I will support a third party canidate.

    • Mary

      Sorry, Donald lack of an informed decision and comment makes shows the lack of steps you take when actually making an educated decision, this is the exact mistake alot of our citizens make, unfortunately for the rest of us. Shows you have not stayed tuned into Ron Paul since if you had been on Congressman Dr. Ron Paul’s OFFICIAL website PAUL.HOUSE.GOV you would have already seen May 23, 2011 his statement against raising the debt ceiling pay the bills we already have, and article titled “Last Nail” against extending the Patriot Act which he has consistently stated that the act lets the government commit freedom crimes against their own citizens and his sister site CAMPAIGNFORLIBERTY.COM sent e-mails out in advance, if you had been subscribed, let us know to call our representatives in our state expressing our discontent with the vote that did commence today May 27th, 2011 to extend the act against Dr. Ron Paul and Rand Paul’s will. GO DR. RON PAUL!!! FOR THE WIN!!

    • Barry Watson

      You will not support Ron Paul, but you say you will be voting third party. Who do you think the third party candidate is?

  • MaciN

    Paul for President! LOVEREVOLUTION!! Support Drs. Paul until 2028!!!

  • callenfallen

    I love this country. I love freedom. I love to love, and need to love like all humans. I am sick of society “quo’s,” negativity or the mainstream steamer’s attitude control. The hatered of other’s opinion or lack of regard of an opinion unlike anothers is absurd. I love Ron Paul because he respects what it means to have true personal responsiblity so freedoms can ring. I believe in the American Spirit and understand that it can stand against any and all “ill” power threatening this freedom; when we all have a commongood and stand together. But not the way we are living, now, can that be achieved. One that understands the Constitution should not just “dis” Ron Paul’s platform- without feeling like they are treading. If so, I do not understand how a man can vote against the very one that wants you to continue to be a free man in a free society. Name another candidate that would not (or has not) vote against your “freedom?” I’ll take an honest libitarian conservative over a LefthandedRhinoLiberalElitePuppet- Any day…. All day, long….bring it on. IN GOD WE TRUST

  • Michael

    Good grief Ron, you’ll never get even close to being the Repub candidate. Palin’s a bloody joke who isn’t running anyway and the rest haven’t even gotten serious yet. Poor dear Ron, don’t get your hopes up and stop stringing on your lemmings bozo litertarian whackjobs.

    Otherewise, if only Obama had you to run against! What a sad joke.

  • The only direction you are going to TO THE TOP Dr. Paul! Thank you for everything.

  • Chris Ingrassia

    Um, yeah. Not even close. That clown Palin is a complete joke. Don’t make anything of this Gallup poll – we all know polls are highly prejudicial and unreliable. Romney is a pretty face, but none of the other GOP candidates come close, in my opinion, to facing the truth of cutting our foreign policy. I am only 26, but have spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how we can fix THIS country and make us prosperous again. Believe me when I say that if you believe in slashing social system benefits (SS, MC, MA, etc) without ackowledging at least a 50% cut in our foreign policy and imperialist agenda FIRST, you will NEVER get my vote. Bring the troops home, stop occupying and interfering with practically every nation on the planet, and take care of the ish in our own backyard. If Ron Paul does not win in 2012 and then enact his promised agenda, I will be moving out of this country. I’m tired of the corruption, the corporatism, the lies and propaganda, the military industrial complex, the government secrecy, the atrocious crimes of the PATRIOT Act, the torture and secret prisons, blah blah blah. Americans that believe all those things are acceptable forms of human practice make me sick, and I will not be a part of it any longer. I’m not religious one bit, but I pray Dr. Ron Paul becomes president in 2012!!!! He has my vote all the way.

    • Michael

      Keep a diary of everyting you say about this campaign Chris because in ten years fime you will be able to look back on it and have a good laugh at yourself for thinking Ron Paul can win anything more important than dogcatcher.

      • Jay

        Umm, pretty sure Ron already holds a position that’s a bit more important than a dogcatcher.

        If you were trying to look like a trolling fool, congrats, you succeeded.

        You need to wake up and fast!

        Ron Paul is this countries only hope.

        • Michael

          Well, Texas is the exception. They elect people of the dogcatcher mentality into important political offices.

          No really. Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance in hell of making it and for that reason he should just quit now and not waste his lemmings’ time. On the bright side, this will be the last time he does it!

        • Jessica

          seriously what kind of a loser comes to Paul’s website to tell him he has no chance of getting elected…

          wait a minute. is this Donald Trump? check Michael’s hair