The latest CNN National Poll has me at 12 percent, and…

“The latest CNN National Poll has me at 12 percent, and within the margin of error from first place! Somehow, Rudy is leading and I think we can all remember how easy he is be to beat 🙂 Giuliani 16% Romney 15% Palin 13% Paul 12%”Ron Paul

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  • chris

    The polls they put up are gonna be biased on the #s too !
    The propaganda machines are working 24/7 ! It is all slanted !
    So if Ron Paul is not announced the winner next year, and everyone knows who should win, then I am going to be overtaking some buildings with you fellow Americans ! Because I will not lie down and watch this country go down in its TV zombie, playstation, reality show BS !
    Get out spread the word talk to your neighbors, postman, bus driver, taxi driver, friends, relatives, mechanic etc. The word of mouth needs to be rekindled ! Not text,not cell phone,not the news,not computer. We must assemble in mass on that day !
    God Bless America or whats left of it !


  • Justen

    He will WIN! Losing is not an option, its our last chance of reversing this Socialist Police State! Losing is not an option, our freedom depends on it!

  • I’m voting for Ron Paul no matter what. If I have to write him in I will write him in like I did last time. Please don’t take the attitude that he can’t win. He can if we all vote. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but when he is asked a question –there is no hesitation he answers. An answer you can understand. Wow isn’t that different. I just hope he gets more aggressive and goes after these other candidates and shows with his answers the truth. Go Ron YOU HAVE MY VOTE.

  • Ross

    We Are Change need to follow Giuliani again like a bad smell.This would be puting the fox in charge of the hen house.