The latest CNN National Poll has me at 12 percent, and…

“The latest CNN National Poll has me at 12 percent, and within the margin of error from first place! Somehow, Rudy is leading and I think we can all remember how easy he is be to beat 🙂 Giuliani 16% Romney 15% Palin 13% Paul 12%”Ron Paul

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  • Libertarian2012RonPaul

    Education, Education, Education.

    That’s what we must do, we must educate the masses on important issues.

    ~The Constitution
    ~Our Bill of Rights

    I bought 50 pocket size/portable ones & I’m handing them out

    ~Our Values & Principles
    ~Read more books by people you believe in like Ron Paul
    ~Show your Support/Donate your time/money
    ~Every contribution helps

    The soap box talkers, everyone get out there & share your knowledge with others.


  • Miles

    I’m just going to keep it simple. Obama is continuing the Bush agenda. Ron Paul is the only hope I feel there is for America…and the world.

  • Dave

    I’d like Ron Paul to end his affiliation with the Republican party. As a liberal libertarian, I see both the Democratic and Republican parties as evil twins, side-by-side on the fascism scale. I’d be ashamed to call myself a member of either party. Ron Paul will have my support if he runs as a third party candidate. As the Republican nominee he’ll have too much political baggage to make his platform believable.

    • Jim

      What you don’t understand is, by running under one of the two major parties, he gains access to various things that otherwise would be much harder for him to get.

      The media is doing it’s best to make him go away and belittle him. Too bad for them, truth will out sooner or later.

      There is no greater weapon than truth.

    • Bassil

      As long as he upholds the truth and fights for TRUE CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS it sh0uldn’t matter what party he is under.

      • Jim

        True, but what I am saying is, that the way the current system works, going independent would actually hinder him in some ways, whereas picking either democrat or republican, helps in the overall race.

        In a video I saw, someone asked him if he would run independent, and gave his reasons why he wouldn’t. I don’t remember exactly what they were, but what I said above, is pretty much the gist of it. He stands to gain more by picking one of the two parties.

  • giv3m3backmycountry

    CNN and FOX do not like Ron Paul because he contradicts everything they talk about. CNN and FOX love to have the right and the left fighting on the same issues every four years. but this is not about right or left, this is about right and wrong, it’s about freedom, stop letting the right and the left divide this country. a country divided against itself shall not stand, this is a revolution Americans, either you’re going to stand up and fight for your rights as our fathers have or you will have your rights stripped from you in the blink of an eye. Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • Michael

    The liberals or the left are not paying a lot of attention to Ron Paul and the reason is, they know he’s not a serious threat to Obama. They should be so lucky as to have Ron Paul to compete with.

    Why Fox news even bothers to detract from Ron Paul’s messages is beyond reason? Perhaps they think his blabbing of his insanity is damaging the Repub message in some way. Probably is because it reveals the true agenda that the Repubs don’t have the courage to talk about. Smart Repubs, dumb Ron Paul!

    • Jager

      I know that ignorance is bliss among any one dealing or interested in politics but this really sets the bar. Ron Paul can and would beat Obama in a landslide victory if Ron Paul makes the Republican nomination. You must be living under a rock if you do not see that yes, Obama may have suckered American into his lunacy by offering a word that sounds so great like “change”, but the American people in whole are not that stupid. They have woken up and started to pay attention. Not just to party affiliation, but to the messages these people are putting out there. They no longer take politicians at their word but do their own research and are starting to find the “TRUTH”. They are understanding how important the Constitution of the United States is and are understanding that Ron Paul is the only man running that believes wholeheartedly in it.
      As far as Fox News. It was my news source of choice and still is, however, I have realized that they are bias and unbalanced as are the rest of the media. They report “more” of the truth but still not the whole truth on alot of issues. You must do your own research and find the truth on your own. Fox is scared that the truth will get out and they as well as the government will start to lose control of the mass populous.

      • Michael

        I’ll give you 100/1 odds that Ron Paul doesn’t become the repub nominee. And I’ll give you 1000/1 odds that he won’t beat Obama. Your choice. Seriously, who is going to vote for a mumbling nearly 80 year old libertarian wingnut who looks like a gremlin and is easy to trip up in an interview. You fukkers are hilarious!

        • ab28

          It is because of this attitude you and many others hold that people like Ron Paul do not get elected. If you just go along with everyone else and follow you will end up with the same old shit. Why don’t you actually consider the best candidate? You know, If people like you would actually have the courage to stand up and oppose the status quo we would not be in this disaster.

          • Jim

            He won’t. Michael is a troll.

        • Jager

          Your ignorance is hilarious to me. Keeps me entertained and makes me feel like I’m a genius and have an IQ of 1000 every time I read one of your posts. Thanks Mike for being the comic relief we all need in a time such as this.

        • Scott

          He’s not easy to trip up in an interview. Never has been. Your not very smart are you? I think you would vote for Miley Cyrus if she ran for President as a Dem.

          • Scott


        • TREEpeople

          Michael , I bet you didnt know this. I think you are so so smart and witty . You are just too kool . I really respect youre opinions. NOW HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LIED TO ! ! ! ! TAKE YOURE OBAMA LAMA AND GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jim

          Mike has no time to deal with real issues. Dancing with the stars, survivor etc take up all his time.

          He has his priorities you know.

          All sarcasm intended.


        • Alicia

          @ Michael
          ….I’ll give you 100/1 odds that Ron Paul doesn’t become the repub nominee. And I’ll give you 1000/1 odds that he won’t beat Obama. Your choice. Seriously, who is going to vote for a mumbling nearly 80 year old libertarian wingnut who looks like a gremlin and is easy to trip up in an interview. You fukkers are hilarious!….

          And you are shallow! What kind of lunatic votes based on looks and smooth talk? We are looking for someone qualified to run our country according to the Constitution not Dictatorship. Talk of hope and change (which of course has been so far nothing more than hot air along with QE…infinity to ensure economic collapse) falls on deaf ears to those who have the compacity to think for themselves rather than allow media and society to tell them how they should think. Personally I’ve seen what the so-called suave candidates can do – and I’m not interested. This is an election – not an audition for the next Miss America Contest! I don’t care what the President looks like; I am interested in his job performance and adherance to uphold the CONSTITUTION. So far the only candidate I see that fights for our Constitutional Rights as well as has sound strategies to fix this economical mess is Ron Paul. If you have something significant to add regarding potential candidates by all means share. Otherwise, please consider taking your shallow comments and vulgarity elsewhere – it is an embarrassment and insult to the integrity of all that is good and just – what America use to be. There is ignorance and then there is stupidity; if you are confused on the difference perhaps there is some hope for you – look it up and then learn to research and analyze – it is called critical thinking and as a human being you have the capacity to develop it!

  • David Ware

    I FULLY support Ron Paul and his charge for freedom, and his commitment to the consitituion. With the swat teams and DEA violating our civil rights, and the Indiana supreme court ruling that wed can’t resist a warrantless search of our private homes and property, we need him more than ever. a swat team is a military construct and as such, it really blurs the line of this ” the police is to enforce the laws of the state, where as a military construct treats the people as enemy’s of the state.

  • Brett Istre

    Obama, Palin, Romney, McCain, Cain, Guiliani are new world order scum! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT! IF ANYONE ELSE WINS THE ELECTION THEN AMERICA IS SCREWED!

  • TREEpeople

    I cant believe this , I just went to CNNs up to date web sight and the comments on Rands frustrations with trying to earn his paycheck. Almost every comment was a nasty slash at Rand and Ron . This displeased me ! I looked for a way to add my own comment, I couldnt find one. This disssssspleased me also. I thought fox was bad and cnn was good . I now know. Is there any thing we can do about it ?

    • Michael

      If CNN is giving Rand and Ron a bad time and Fox is too, don’t you think there may be a reason?

      • Jager

        Yes, there is a very good reason. It’s because both are bias and do not want the American people to be informed as the more people are informed, the more these entities lose control. I was a big Fox supporter (fair and balanced), Not so sure after I have discovered so very bias reporting.

      • JN

        Of course there’s a reason. They are threatened by anyone that wants to say “the emperor has no clothes”. Dr. Paul is interested in restoring America to the principles upon which we were founded … limited government. That’s a frightening prospect for Democrats and Republicans alike.

      • Jim

        There sure is, all those media fat cats see their nice cushy fluffy politically correct world of global domination, slipping through their fingers as the people start waking up to the reality of tyranny that we are being slipped, under the guise of, ‘what’s best for us.”

      • Alicia

        Yes there is a reason – the media is biased based on who owns them…look it up some time. There is a reason they are trying to regulate the internet: It makes it hard to fool the masses when the truth is available via other avenues. Lame Stream Media is a joke…they contradict themselves daily. It takes little vetting to uncover this truth. It is not hard to see through the lies. Perhaps you should try some cognitive brain training…or not (maybe you like to submit as one of the sheeple), but please do troll elsewhere ;o)

  • Jessica

    It would be great if there was a website with lots of pro-liberty news. This might be the one. The media establishment only wants to malign and marginalize Ron and Rand and it’s becoming very overt.

    I won’t even read stories with headlines such as “gadfly not afraid to buzz” anymore. Won’t give them the pleasure of getting a website hit anymore.

    Anyone else feeling the same way I do?

    • Jim

      It’s becoming overt because they are getting scared. More and more people are waking up to the reality of what has been perpetrated against us.

  • Mrketace

    I love Ron Paul and everything hes stands for – America and Liberty, but I fear the welfare state recipients are too many and to desperate to allow a repub to win in 2012. Hope I am wrong and will all I can to support Pual, but am not hopeful.

    • Jager

      Be hopeful, you can obviously see you are not alone. We are here for eachother and for this Country. Ron Paul can win if we continue to stay positive and get the message out…..

  • PeoplePower

    Dear Ron, keep up the good work 12% ? more like 21% CNN news learn to count.

    I’ll estimate Ron Paul has a 98 % chance for winning 2012, folks just realise what Ron Paul stands for Liberty, Freedom & to uphold the Us constitution no other candiates compaire. Stop with all the negative comments already.

    Definition of Freedom: “being able to do whatever you want”
    There are endless laws & rules, even telling you how you should behave towards others. Stop listening to other people & decide by yourself.

    Lots of people disagree with prositution,
    You must realise most of the women are drug addicts, alcoholics most of
    them have really bad lives of abuse ect.
    1st if prostitution was legal it would clear the street corners giving the women a
    safe environment to work. 2nd most women would be able to get clean
    & start a new life which is a far better solution.

    Drugs also should be legal, you can buy a pack of smokes & it’s clearly labled with the risks of smoking, it is your choice in the end.

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Michael

    I’ll vote for Ron Paul for president if he gets the nomination as GOP candidate. If not I’m going to have to vote for Obama because he’s the closest to Ron Paul there is.

    • PaulDem

      Agreed.. I’m a Paul Democrat. He’s more progressive than Obama on the issues I care about. If he doesn’t win the nomination then I’ll be voting for Obama.

      • Michael

        Great PaulDem, so let’s get the movement for Obama going just in case Ron Paul doesn’t make it. Just in case ya know. Cause the Repubs with Paul Ryan’s plan doesn’t seem to be working out for them so far!

    • You’re brain is obviously addled from too much hopium smoke and progressivism.

    • Jager

      Michael and PaulDem are simply Obama supporters who are trying their best to distort Ron Pauls values. They know that some, NOT as many as there were in 2008, Americans can be lead like sheep to a slaughter and that some will believe anything they read. They simply are trying to plant a seed in the minds of some that Paul = Obama because the Obama campaign, as is government in whole (both Dems and Reps), are scared of Ron Pauls message and they are taking notice that Americans are taking notice of the truth. Americans are not that stupid guys. I’d be surprised if these two guys aren’t being paid by our tax dollars to come and post rederick like this all over the internet trying to disrupt the movement freeing ourselves of this tyrannical government we now have.

      • PaulDem

        Jager- Wow, I’m not associated in any way with Michael but I think it’s really unhelpful of you to slander any Democrat who might choose to cross over party lines to vote for Paul.

        He’s the only one among the GOP I would consider voting for.

        Amazing how you just blindly lumped me in with Michael, who doesn’t support Paul at all.

        • Alicia


          Everyone has a right to their opinions regardless of how they express them and we all have the right to agree or disagree. I would caution however that you should not allow anyone’s opinion to influence your own. We should all use our brains – search the available data, vett the candidates, analyze the information, and make our own decisions based on that analysis as it stands with our own beliefs, morals, and values. As for myself, I am an independent voter…I will vote for the BEST candidate for the job based on my own criteria…my references in determining that criteria are readily available to all who wish to study them: The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    • Jim

      Ahahahahahahah, closest? Ahahahahahahaaahahah? Ah hahahahahahahahah.

      What? Obama is killing our country faster than even Bush did.

      If Ron Paul doesn’t win, we are pretty much screwed no matter who else you pick.

  • These polls are ginned up by a 24/7 media hungry to stir things up.

    Daisy summed it up well: Dr Paul is for freedom and liberty first, not government programs.

    The farther we get down this government-build road to hell, the wiser Dr. Paul looks. He’s been preaching the same message for over 30 years. What other candidate can say that?

  • Mike

    That is good news since Romney is the only one for sure who is probly going to run. I hadn’t even heard Guiliani or Palin are running. But I don’t watch mainstream news so maybe they are.

    When liberals participate in the polls, Dr. Paul does much better and beats all of the republicans because he appeals to a lot of liberals as well. I was a registered independent and typically voted more liberal, but last week I re-registered as a republican to vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries. I hope that more liberal-leaning people who really like Dr. Paul will register as republicans to vote for him in the primaries.

    • Michael

      Excellent Mike, and when Ron Paul gets the bum’s rush by the Repubs who hate him then you’ll be heading back to the only place that has any hope for you. Obama!

      • Mike

        Nah, I have come to the conclusion that if Ron Paul doesn’t win in the primary, it won’t really matter who wins. Obama or Romney or whoever, they are basically the same. Their rhetoric might be different, but their actions/policies will be the same. Look at how many pages Obama has taken out of the Bush playbook. If Paul does get bum rushed by the republicans and looses the primary, I will probly just fill in Dr. Paul’s name in the ballot of the general election.

      • Scott

        Yeah, because he’s so much different than Bush….he has a health care plan and…………..

  • daisy

    Yay!!! Keep it up Ron!! I hope you win! I want you to be my president. I believe in Freedom and Liberty. I believe in America! I agree with our constitution.

  • Josh Price

    Is it not misleading to place people who are not running on polls? Would this not make Ron Paul second, but with the margin for error possibly first, and also too close to tell? As for Palin how much do you want to bet that if she does not run Ron Paul would get the majority of her Tea Party vote?

  • Rob Robson

    Truth is sweet to the ears. The Spirit will testify to millions of Americans this year as the principles of liberty are finally heard.
    Conservatives know that the free market is imperative to freedom and the only cure for poverty but they have misplaced their trust in the military industrial complex. Conservatives tend to love the Lord but they have been misled to believe that they should use force to forbid people to break His laws by misusing drugs & participating in prostitution.

    Liberals have caring hearts & want to help the poor & elderly but have been mislead to believe that its ok to steal from one group of people to “help” another group. They need to learn that stealing is still stealing & if you tax the engine the caboos will only get further behind.

    The simple principle is that government can only have powers given to it by the governed. Therefore we can only legislate things that we could morally enforce individually with our own gun. Otherwise the creature exceeds the creator & becomes master.

    • Libertarian777

      they need to put Snookie on the poll too, and maybe that kid who just won American Idol.
      They’d probably get 95% of the vote in the poll.

      Unfortunately I can’t even say this in jest.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    operation regime change in effect
    Note the subtle media movement.

  • Robert Richardsn

    I’m a US citizen living in Canada, and I hate what Obma is not only doing to the United States, but the whole world. He wants to destroy our dollar, he wants to destroy our country, he wants to destroy our freedom. And he is destroying everything he is evolved in, and touches.

    I want Ron Paul to be the president of the United States for the next eight years, and living in Canada I think I can speak for Canadians that getting rid of Obma would be the best thing going….

    I know its hard to find a good man, a man with integrity, and Ron Paul is that man. the country don’t have to look any further! Ron Paul is the man!