My hearing went well today. Did you know that 88% of the bank…

“My hearing went well today. Did you know that 88% of the bank bailout money through the discount window went to foreign banks?”Ron Paul

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  • Scott Osborn

    Dear Mr. Paul.

    I have listened to you for years and highly respect your passion and your Libertarian principles. If you win the nomination, I will be your most ardent supporter. I believe you would make a good President. I come her however asking you and your supporters a favor.

    Your supporters are flooding manipulative polls. They are on an attack against all other candidates. The favorite seems to be Herman Cain. Example:

    It is beginning to make your supporters, and you by proxy, look dishonest and you are by far one of the most honest politicians in my lifetime. It also makes you look like you are on the defense which I am sure you know is not where any candidate wants to be.

    While I firmly believe in the open debate of defending your candidate as well as telling why you oppose another, this is not the case in a large minority of the posts I have read this last few weeks in the comments sections of many places on the web. I regularly face this kind of ad-hominem attacks and uncivil discourse in places like the Huffingtonpost from the far left. It saddens me to see Conservative and Libertarian side thinkers degrade who the Right side of politics is with this type of behavior. This is not a small problem Mr Paul. It is becoming well known on the internet that a group of your ardent (and I so respect that) supporters are using these tactics. Example:

    I respectfully ask that you plead with your supporters to stop this craziness. It will only go to hurt you in the National election should you win the Primary. My number one concern is not who wins the Primary. (You however are in my top three) My number one concern is taking back our country from Obama and the damage the far left wing of his party wants to do to this country.

    We on the Right are on the Right I believe basically because it is in lock step with our basic religious principles. If we do not stand by those standards, i.e. act like Christians, act within certain character standards of civility, we have lost the fight. Many of the posts I have seen in the last few weeks from your supporters fall very very short from the standard that I have seen you live by and preach.

    I wish you the best. You as well as other candidates are in my prayers. The sacrifice you have made if you win the primary will be horrendous. The left will attack you with every hurtful thing in the book. Just the willingness to run and the sacrifice made doing so makes you a hero in my book.

    Best wishes,


    • Robert

      Dear Dr. Paul,
      We are well aware of gullible folks like Scott who believe every comment against your opponents is generated by someone who genuinely supports you. Remain confident that your supporters don’t need to resort to flooding manipulative polls of other candidates, or engage in uncivil discourse.

      • Fluidly Unsure

        The issues Scott brought up need to be addressed. It is not going to help to stick our head in the ground. Remember all the meetups with the specific goal of flooding conferences? It wasn’t a reflection of Ron Paul’s value as a president anymore than Obama’s campaign caused “changes” beyond making us “ready for a black president”.

        I don’t want this to be a replay of 2008 where he did well in strawman polls and online fund raising, but not in the actual election. Four years ago we needed the over enthusiastic supporters to catch people’s attention, but the media is taking him more seriously this time and these kinds of tactics (if they are truly being used now) could hurt more than help.


      • Scott Osborn

        “gullible folks like Scott”

        That is exactly the type of ad-hominem attacks I speak of. We are all on the same side. We want smaller government, less taxes, and for the 12% far left to get their grubbies out of our lives. Yet you attack me like that. Notice the civility in my post next to the incivility in your post. That I say again, is not in line with the incredible character of Dr. Paul. When supporters of a cause lower themselves to that standard it is a reflection on Dr. Paul. He, of all the candidates, does not deserve that. It does not help him. It hurts him.

    • lg

      Scott, we are learning some very disturbing things about Herman Cain that you aren’t being told by Fox News and Free republic. I know the truth hurts but some of us prefer the truth. We aren’t going to blindly support someone just because they are a slick talker and Fox News likes them. I would share my research with you but you are obviously not ready for the truth, it will all come out in the end though as it always does.

      • Scott Osborn

        So if Cain or Palin or Romney wins the primary, are you going to support our candidate or are you going to be a vote for Obama?

      • Scott Osborn

        This discussion has nothing to do with pros or cons of any candidate. It has to do with the civility in those discussions. You proved my point thank you:

        “know the truth hurts but some of us prefer the truth.”

        “you are obviously not ready for the truth”

        You have no idea who I am. Yet because we disagree, you label me. Those statements reflect on you, not me.

        Those are ad-hominem attacks that have no basis of substance. You will never, no matter how we disagree, find me resorting to that kind of discourse. I do not participate in that kind of discourse with someone even on the far left. It would reflect on my character.

        As an illustration, the same could be said about those who use profanity for every other word in the speech. While that type of individual may think it makes them look tough or strong, it doesn’t. It shows that they have a lack of vocabulary. It makes them look weak.

        Support your candidate with fervor! Argue against why you disagree with another one with fervor! Leave out the ad-hominem attacks on the persons character with whom you are debating. It weakens your argument, reflects poorly on the one who you are supporting, and tells the person you are debating that you cannot support your position as you have to resort to name calling instead.

        Read the comments by the far left at the Huffington post. You will see this tactic used prolifically. We all know it is because they cannot argue facts so that is all they have left. They call us racist, they call us stupid, they say, you are obviously not ready for the truth. We on the right side of politics are better than that.

  • TREEpeople

    RAND PAUL, I hope you read this. …. If you trip ,or stumble .Pick your self up, dust your self off, … smile…. and get back to work. When on rocky or uneven ground, slow down,take your time, and make sure each step is planted firmly. Don’t let them get to ya! There is to much work to be done. Remember , what doesn’t kill you……..only makes you stronger. Arborists and Ron,Rand Paul supporter.

  • Dean

    Got to prop up the Euro some how…

  • steven cox

    Ron Paul said on 5-25-11, “The last nail has been driven into the coffin of the Republic”.

  • Ron Paul Gold!

    Dr. Paul is a hero who understands the Austrian School and money.

    Here is a “Open Letter to Ron Paul” that raises a great idea concerning Dr. Paul’s astute observation that the valuation of gold at $42.22/oz makes no sense:

    “Dear Dr. Paul,

    I would like to share with you what I think is a brilliant opportunity for you to lead the revaluation of the US gold stockpile from its present book value of $42.22/oz. which, as you say in the video below, “makes no sense whatsoever.” I think that when a rare opportunity like the one I’m about to describe presents itself, the least we can do is to give it fair consideration….”

    • Michael S

      I just finished reading your open letter and my jaw is still dropped, my mouth open and I am starting to drool. What an amazing concept and I will not belittle by saying it is simple, it took, in my opinion a clear, educated and very informed mind to come up with such a doable idea that it is hard to believe it has not already happened. Forgive me for my mind is still racing and I am having difficulty compiling my thoughts into words. I pray Congressman Paul will read your letter and act. I agree with you, Ron Paul is the right person to have this knowledge or should I say thought process. Have you tried to reach him through his official government website or contact one of his aids by telephone? Good luck.

  • Carol

    So what? Eliott Spitzer slept with a hooker he was prosecuting, Clinton had sex in the Oval (orafice) Office with an Israeli spy, Obama hasn’t shown his original birth certificate, Kennedy was a womanizing pervert, Schartzenegger had an ongoing relationship with his housemaid whilst posing as Mr Perfectspouse, Nixon was Nixon , Reagan was senile, Georgie Peorgie Bush knew about 911, Eisenhower was known as a mediocre student in Westpoint and somehow became the President of the US and murdered more German civilians after the surrender of Germany (he was known as the dirty swedish jew), George senior was on the take from the Israelis like all other congresswimps except these outstanding men …your point about a comment Rand Paul made once ….is?

  • 88% went to foreign banks? Let’s do a little analysis of this reality.The Fed creates money form nothing that depreciates the value of work of the US citizen and then loans it to foreign countries so they can profit from interest payments.This is why there is no liquidity in the US economy for it to function productively.They are still propping up the worthless derivatives,credit default swaps etc that will soon collapse
    thus destroying again real productivity.

    The real productive economy is being purposefully starved of the medium of exchange.End the Fed now!

  • Ben

    Rand said “Violent overthrow of the government”

    I was under the impression violence is generally bad and should be punished, regardless of it is towards the US government or a separate entity. Give Rand a chance to explain himself and it will make more sense.

  • Blaine

    Reprising the discussion about

    My opinion, based on what I know about Rand and what he values, is that he spoke very ambiguously by accident. I think that if he took a moment to think before he spoke, he would have stressed that the real criterion about jailing people is if they participated in an event promoting “violent overthrow of the government”. If you think that any nation should permit the violent overthrow of itself, that just won’t work on earth.

    But even if I am right and it was just a communication mistake, it still makes me really wonder if Rand has the mental quickness and discipline to be a long-term, successful, national leader for Libertarianism.

  • Catarina

    I didn’t actually respond to the article.
    But, I am not surprised about what happened in USA.
    Portugal was forced by the EU and the MIF to ask for monetary help – a stupidity because we have enough gold to face our debts. Anyway, it was given the ridiculous amount of 78 million euros, and 80% of it is going to private banks, also. Which means that those that were the cause for the flop are the ones that are getting the help, and the people are still losing their jobs because the private micro and medium enterprises cannot keep on paying the increasing taxes the state is subjecting them to. The state has become a massive spender, by the many ministries and secretaries of state as well as by supporting public enterprises that do nothing but employ loads of people, and those are not going to disappear. The health care, education and pensions are the ones that are asked to pay for the money that was received by the banks from the international help.
    The dimension is different but the principles seem to be the same.

  • Catarina

    Dear Dr. Ron Paul
    I’m not an american citizen, I’m portuguese, and even though there is a big ocean that separates our two countries I cannot but worry about wat goes on in USA. The main reason is because America has become the main agressor in the world, not the terrorists, as they claim. In the last 50/60 years USA has started or “fed” more deadly wars in and inter nations than in the last thousand years.
    As an european I was raised to believe that America represented the ideal of democracy, but what I see know, as an adult, is that America is a cancer in the world.
    I’m not going to digress about the reasons why I lost my respect for your country’s last Governments, that would take too long, but I want to make it clear that I admire many americans.
    And one of the Americans, in the political field, that I’ve grown to admire the most since 2008 is Dr. Paul.
    I don’t understand how such an intelligent, educated, reasonable and rational person is not being supported by his own party to become the next president – in fact he should already be the President of USA.
    I don’t like conspiracy theories, but in this case maybe they make sense. Dr. Paul is too independent, and probably wouldn’t take orders like the puppets that the republican party is supporting.
    I hope that enough americans see the jewel that they have and vote massively for this true American.


  • Michael S

    Here is a YouTube link where you can hear Senator Rand Paul saying what he is accused of here which is quite shocking. One of the many reasons I think people that run for high profile political office are all a bit masochistic, you make a statement like that and BANG, you carry it forever. But the issue here is not Rand Paul, it is Congressman Ron Paul who is running for president.

  • Wonk

    Im afraid Rand did say that peeps who attend rallies that encourage government overthrow should be put in jail. Just attend. Im a big fan of Ron, but his son, not so much after this. If Im wrong, I would love to be corrected.

    • Wonk
      • Jimbo

        I did listen to the recording, and i personally do not agree with it. I would like to hear Rand defend or at least better explain himself for having said that. I do support Rand in many of the things he does stand for. Nevertheless, Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. I notice a lot more wisdom and maturity in Ron’s positions, speeches, and books. Let’s not forget they are not the same person and I have seen them hold different ideas to things before. Regardless, I would vote for Ron if his son was a complete loser because I agree with Ron and have done the research necessary to know that he is the ONLY candidate that can save America. However, with that being said, I do not believe Rand is a loser – I don’t believe his actions should at all effect our support for his father. Again, I would like to hear Rand explain himself. Now let’s not get distracted here, think about the real issues, the important issues. I think we are taking giant steps towards ultimately eliminating the FED! Congrats Ron Paul! Now for all you supporters don’t forget to fill out your sticky notes and leave them around for people to see, don’t forget the importance of getting Ron’s name and ideas out to everyone, Ron has started a REVOLUTION lets continue it and do our best to get people educated. RON PAUL 2012 -LIBERTY-PROSPERITY-PEACE

  • tj

    well…yes our government needs to sell its propert to pay off the debt….but, government never should be owning property in the first place….

    …and yes, this also includes buildings…from when the department of education and energy are shut down…along w/ the new limos the obama administration purchased…look it up…google limo liberals…even the Huffington Post reported this one…

    Ron Paul 2012…you are either for FREEDOM or you are not…

  • marty

    Hey, flipflop you’re an idiot. According to you Rand said “radical speech can get you thrown in jail”, can not should. He might have been pointing out what’s wrong with America today. You can get thrown in jai for breathing nowadays, if Obama labels you an unlawful enemy combatant, and there’s no judicial review. By the way, Ron doesn’t need to sell books. According to his financial statements, he’s been invested in precious metals for the last ten years.

    By the way, you’re an indictment, of whatever school, that taught you to write.

  • IO_Storm


    Having just watched Rand Paul working hard to defend our fourth amendment rights against the Patriot Act continuation, I find it very difficult to imagine him ignoring our first amendment rights. Do you have any evidence of this claim? If you have it, post it for all to see. There is only truth here. If not, then I’d ask you to be a little less wreckless with your words.

    Thank you,

  • Flipflop

    Hey your son just went against the first Amendment by saying radical

    speech can get you in jail!!!! And you want me to vote for you? The fruit

    doesn’t fall far from the tree and if its in the cat its in the kitten!!!! just

    another joke to sell books YOU NEED TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT WITH



    • andy

      I’d like to think that I am an objective person. Could you please provide some links, so I might follow up on your claims? Thanks! I support Rand Paul, and find it hard to believe that he would make a statement like that. So, I hope it isn’t true. But we need to hold our representative accountable, and I’d very much like some evidence before accusations are made.

    • Michael

      Racism, extremism, and hate is starting to seep out of Rand Paul. Ron Paul hides it better but in any case it’s nearly the end of Ron Paul. Rand Paul will go on because his brand of hate politics appeals to the lowlife he has supporting him in his state. And what a sad experiment Ron Paul has been.

      • John W.

        Do you suppose you might provide some evidence of your claims of “racism” and “hate?” You are not the first to throw this excrement out to see which wall it sticks to, and sadly you probably won’t be the last. What all of you have in common besides old-fashioned ignorance is a total lack of any evidence to back up what you put out here. If you have any, by all means shine the light on it and allow us to see it-I don’t think that any of us who support Ron and/or Rand Paul would knowingly support a racist or anti-Semite.

      • Jimbo

        I am sorry you feel that way because you are not only hurting yourself but your family, my family and the entire country. Unfortunately, I dont believe you have any evidence for such ludicrous claims. I hate to say it but there is quite a veil of ignorance in your speech. Lack of education, research, and true understanding of the constitution and the simple yet great principles that made America such a great country. However, over the years it has been ruined by greed, selfishness, lack of education and people’s interests not in whats important but in complete nonsense that has made too many ignorant. You my friend are very ignorant and it’s the people like you that are ruining this country.

      • Michael S

        Let it be known I post as Michael S and I hope I will never be confused with this person who posted as Michael who makes blatant statements with no merit.

    • Foreigner

      A son is not his father, A father is not his son. A child is not his sibling.
      There’s no guarantee of how similar or different a person may be from their relatives.

      ( now some idiot’s going to reply with “The sins of the father…” and other colloquialisms as if they were rock solid scientific fact…)

      How many holier-than-thou parents have criminals and sluts for children?
      How many super-successful families have that 1 black sheep child that can’t even move out of the paren’t house.

      Not saying this Rand guy is anything like that. Just saying that not all Fathers and Sons look like the George Bushes.

    • John W.

      I think it was pretty clear that Sen. Paul was pointing out the danger our Congress and President has put us in, should we dare to speak our minds as Sen. Rand Paul does-anyone who fights as hard as he does for the Bill of Rights is not suggesting that we be jailed for speaking up. Read his comments more carefully, and reflect on how fortunate we are that we have at least two in Congress who are trying to preserve our Republic. While you’re at it, brush up on your grammar and your spelling-both of which are atrocious.

    • Michael S

      Ron Paul supporters are often accused of being radical but few have been identified as ignorant, actually none I am aware of and RP supporters tend to put more thought and research effort into their commentary than those I have read from persons that oppose the man, or with that said, people that support Obama. That is an observation that I am making and only that, an observation. I do know that Rand Paul is not a member of Congress, he is a United States Senator and not subject to being told what to do by his father who, because of his beliefs would not ever even try, as you say, ‘SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT WITH YOUR SON’ and if you knew anything about the man you would not make such an ignorant statement. Is your user name Flipflop a synonym for fickle?

  • mark 971

    The question has been is there gold in that there, Fort Knox now? The last time the American people were allowed to see this was in the 1970’s. I believe it was CBS who was allowed to film and hold the actual bars. But what about now being 40 years later, 7 conflicts later is it still there? But I also think they were asked to move it by World Bank and Congress shut them down. This just goes to show that our Founding Fathers were correct, it will not be a major conflict, we will be taken down from within. I think you can also find the video on about the tour of fort knox.

  • PeoplePower

    Chinese folks are very wise people, you can learn a lot physical items have real value.

    Can anyone remember when China invaded iraq or libya to bully & steal ?
    NO thats because they are smart. Does it not make sense to build schools & hospitals that people actually need,instead of handing over a bag of photocopy cash notes ??

    We need a Gold Standard not credit crap, do an audit of the federal Reserve, audit fort knocks check all the banks in the world for gold, I bet you will find nothing in any of them. Federal fraud is going bye bye.

    Watch this space folks & know who your friends really are …

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

    • mark 971

      The question has been is there gold in that there, Fort Knox now? The last time the American people were allowed to see this was in the 1970’s. I believe it was CBS who was allowed to film and hold the actual bars. But what about now being 40 years later, 7 conflicts later is it still there? But I also think they were asked to move it by World Bank and Congress shut them down. This just goes to show that our Founding Fathers were correct, it will not be a major conflict, we will be taken down from within.

  • mark 971

    Did you know china is buying our river fronts right here in our country. China just purchased 69 acres along the Maumee River in Toledo Ohio. Article can be found at Is this what we are reduced to selling our country to pay debt? So whats next government getting kicked out of office and the city taken over by a city planner? Oops forgot already done that so whats next the sale of Michigan to China? So is our government going to start selling our bankrupt cities and states to pay off our debts? This just goes back to the great brains they do have, lets have another country guarding our coasts like New York. But lets not talk about the real terrorists. You fight them Ron, fight for my country and my constitution!!!! Ron you are gaining my respect and we are watching you and hope to see you succeed.