Poll: Who Should Be Ron Paul’s Vice President in 2012?

Ron Paul announced on May 13 that he will seek the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential elections. If Ron Paul wins the Republican primary, who should he choose as his running mate for the general election? You can choose up to 7 options.

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  1. some people have problems with rand. plus, people would spin it as a family dictatorship. Jesse would be the medias fav crazy person. not the smart choice. Only good one is the judge.


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  2. Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Jesse Ventura and Jill Stein. All of these candidates are all very well qualified running mates who are dynamic, intelligent and honest. If he chose any of the above running mates he would become even more competitive. All of the above candidates have supported the occupy wall street movement and understand how the Supreme Court's ruling that corporations are people and therefore have first amendment rights and government cannot impose restrictions on their political speech and therefore they can contribute to political campaigns as a form of free speech has been a terrible impinging force on the ability of ordinary citizens, students, congress, and the states to adopt even limited measure to protect against corporate domination of the electoral process.They know the truth.


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