Ron Paul: End Obamacare, Abolish the IRS, Eliminate Support for Big Government

Date: 06/08/2011


David Asman Now, one man who has warned us about all of this is running for president to change all of this, and he joins us now. That is Congressman Ron Paul. Congressman, that’s what scares me the most about ObamaCare; it does increase the coercive power of the Fed. Is that what worries you the most?

Ron Paul: Oh, there’s no doubt about it. But yes, that’s the main thing, but I know the consequence of allowing governments to do that to coerce us into programs like this. It diminishes the quality, that means that you can expect, and you already mentioned that Doctors are quitting and fewer will want to go in. So the quality of healthcare, if that’s the goal, they destroy everything. They destroyed our freedoms of choice, it costs a lot more, and it destroys the quality. And they still argue that they are the humanitarians; that’s what gulls me, the fact that they take the moral high ground. And then we, who believe in freedom and liberty and good quality care and know how to get prices down, they paint us as uncaring. That’s the subject we have to address.

David Asman By the way, for those who don’t know, this man is also a medical doctor. He’s not only a congressman. Would you go in to medicine again today if you were just starting out, knowing that we may be moving towards socialized medicine?

Ron Paul: Well, I thought we were moving in that direction even a long time ago, and we were. And of course, when I got out of medical school we did not have medicare and medicade. But I stayed in medicine and I dealt with this by not participating in the programs. But now you don’t have much choices. Now I have three of my children who have become physicians. I need to discourage them, because they went into medicine for the right reasons. So it’s a shame to want to be a doctor and help your fellow man, at the same time you have to be putting up with the bureaucracy and authoritarianism and undermining the very quality practice that you want to participate in. So, to me, it’s a real tragedy.

David Asman And, you know, people do have vocations, obviously to become a doctor. It’s not just about money but you don’t want to spend your life fighting a bureaucracy instead of fighting to save lives. That’s why a lot of people are turning away from medicine.

Ron Paul: Yea, it is. But to not discourage people too much, but I agree with you a 100%. But the federal government is bearing down on all of us everywhere on everything that we do. What if you wanted to be a quality school teacher and have a little bit of creativity. What do you have to do? You end up spending all your time teaching ‘no child left behind’. So we’re all in this together. As a matter of fact, I stayed off the committees that dealt with medical problems purposely, because I didn’t want people to think I went there to make sure the government stayed out of medicine. Because I think it’s a principle of liberty that affects all of us, whether it’s medicine or education or business. We know all about the regulations and monetary systems. So if you’re an honest broker, it’s pretty though trying to figure out what the government’s going to do.

David Asman By the way, to your point about education, I was teaching in the late 1970s, just a couple of months really after the implementation of the Department of Education. Even then, we were being forced to use teaching methods that, all of the teachers agree, weren’t working. But we had to use them just so they we could the federal grants from the Department of Education. So even way back 30 years ago, the Department of Education was standing in the way of good education. Okay, let’s talk about some of the coercive powers that the government now has, and how we might change it, how you might change it, or how you would like to change it if you become president. First of all, the IRS. I for getting rid of the whole damn institution. What about you?

Ron Paul: I’m with you, and I have something I’ve introduced over the many years, it’s called the Liberty Amendment. It gets rid of the 16th Amendment, it gets rid of the IRS. But it also prohibits that after three years the federal government can’t participate in anything that is designed for the private sector to take care, and it’s not authorized in the constitution. Because you can’t really expect to solve our problem of the IRS and heavy taxation unless we change the appetite of the people for big government. You know, the big argument now is how many people want entitlements and how many people want to quit paying for the entitlements. Right now there are still a lot of people who are lining up for their entitlements. Entitlements now are considered rights by nearly half of the people.

David Asman So let me just make sure I understand. So you’re saying before we put forth getting rid of the IRS, we have to convince the American public, those who have become accustomed to government help, that they shouldn’t get government help.

Ron Paul: No, I think you do them together. It’s just that if you and I had a program where we’re just going to get rid of the income tax, and we don’t cut spending and cut the appetite for big government, it’s not going to happen. They say we did get rid of the income tax and they put a sales tax on us of 35% or 40% that won’t solve our problems. It’s the appetite for money coming from us that makes the big difference. And I think in the long term, the people in this country have to ask the question, “What should the role of government be?” And, for me, it’s to defend liberty and not to run a welfare state and not to police the world.

David Asman You know, a lot of those questions, though … I’ve seen all those questionnaires you’re talking about, the polls saying that essentially Americans are too stuck on what they get from the government to get rid of it. But very often it’s the way you ask the question. If you had a choice between no income tax or no IRS and some of the benefits that you’re not getting from government, I bet people would choose no IRS. I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I think.

Ron Paul: You know, I think it might be right, and one angle that I’ve tried in some of my speeches is to say that everybody tells you that you now have to sacrifice for us to get back on our feet again. And I keep thinking, what if we got rid of the income tax and you got to keep everything and deregulate the economy and change the whole system? I don’t think a lot of people would feel like they’re sacrificing, they’d feel like a burden is off their shoulders, so they’ll say, “Wow, this sounds pretty good”. So the only people who would have to sacrifice are the ones who are living off their neighbor or living off somebody else who has work for a living.

David Asman Dr. Paul, we’re almost out of time, but I just got to ask one question about the debt ceiling. If the vote is not made to increase the debt ceiling, what goes first when we run out of money? What goes first, our payment to our bond holders or our creditors, or spending? What do you think will be cut first?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t think they’ll cut the payments to the bond holders. And I’m predicting they’re going to raise the debt limit because they’re going to drum up enough fear that everybody will have to capitulate, and then there will be a pretence they’re going to cut spending. But let’s say it doesn’t happen. I think they can just say, they could make an announcement, “We’re going to reassure the bond holders and we’re going to pay you first”. Which means that they’re going to have to short change somebody else, and that’s when it’s going to be tough. And that’s the reason why I don’t think it’s going to happen, and I don’t think they’re ready to cut and I personally won’t vote for the debt increase, even if there are promises that 5 to 10 years out we’re going to be serious and cut the deficit. I’ve heard too many of those promises, you have to cut it now. The only budget that counts is this year, and this year our obligation is going to go up 5 trillion dollars when you add up everything.

David Asman Yea, don’t trust these promises, they don’t amount to much. Dr. Paul, it’s great to see you again. Thank you for being here, I appreciate it.


  • davejsmith

    The internet today is powerful… Ron Paul has a chance to be president in 2012.

  • rexyrc

    Ron Paul is the best ever!!!

  • jwka2001

    Ron Paul doesnt piss, he liberates urine!

  • mitchthemich

    ALL republicans SUCK..

    • Ted

      Is that a prejudice partisan smear comment?

  • Michael

    OH, and another thing Jim, you’re right that I don’t care about the constitution. The constitution is only used by people like Ron Paul and you in order to fool the people into prolonging the old status quo of the upper class. It’s just a talking point now Jim, and that’s all the care that goes into bringing it up over and over again. You people want to make bad Americans out of those who want to travel the road to real change. Not the pie in the sky kind of change that Ron Paul will never bring about. Ron Paul is dishonest Jim and you are too, at best. At worst you’re just another of the ones who want to keep everything the way it is by pretending that Ron Paul can be elected instead of supporting a leader who wants real change and is in a position to bring it about.

    • Jim

      Oh really. I bet I can figure out what your notion of real change is.

      A global community in harmony with nature. All nations together as one, no more wars, no more hunger, no more strife. Just the human race united as one under the guidance of the world government. One currency. The next step in the evolution of civilization.

      Paradise on earth. Atlantis. One religion. One ruler. Everyone serving the state like good little worker bees.

      Oh yes, I know the plan. Forget it. I never liked satan.

    • Ted

      We fought AGAINST the National Socialists (NAZIs) and their government-control-everyone’s-lives-and-expand-across-the-globe mentality. Why should we change to be like them now? We need to change back to our original stance AGANST National Socialism. Even China has spoken out against our extreme socialism for being unsustainable. They have experimented and become more capitalist free market etc. than us. And their people are less persecuted than those who are harassed in the US by federally funded Child [exploitation] “protection service” organizations that aggressively attack innocent families with intent to destroy for government subsidized profit. (Don’t believe me? Read about what Senator Nancy Schaefer published before she was murdered. There’s no dispute that she was murdered, or that she published what she did)

      Big-budget government is extremely dangerous.

  • Michael

    We don’t have to get into the fact that Ron Paul would eliminate Medicare and Medicaid right now because Ron Paul will never be elected. But it does pay to listen to his lies and his socialist baiting tactics. No, they haven’t done it well and that’s proven in the fact that 50 million have no insurance and the middle class is paying way too much for insurance. It’s the biggest cause of bankruptcy in the country! So no Ron Paul, you haven’t done it right by doing it your way. All you want to do is prolong the agony of a system that doesn’t work for Americans and is bankrupting them. On top of it costing twice as much per capita as Canada’s which is rated higher. You can’t argue with the truth Ron Paul unless you have your followers brainwashed into accepting what makes you and your cronies in the insurance business rich off the backs of the long suffering.

    Stop lying to your lemmings Ron Paul!

    • Jim

      Sure, the status quo knows ALL ABOUT brainwashing. They are the masters.

      I wonder who the real lemming is. Time will tell.

  • Michael

    The thing is Jim, I’m not promoting a system that only cares about profits. My remarks about health care are the exact opposite. We need a system that stops the big insurance companies from making the huge profits off the backs of the people. But Ron Paul has no interest in doing that and his supporters are somehow afraid to ask him to pursue that. Let’s deal with that part of it first Jim.

    On Ron Paul’s anti-war position, I agree 100% even though I don’t see how Ron Paul could ever make it a popular issue. It’s just not there and so it’s not realistic to expect. Sure Ron Paul with the help of Kucinich and others just about passed a bill ordering the president to bring the troops home from Libya immediately but the enemy Boehner, found a way to short circuit it. The enemy whose political party is the very same one Ron Paul supports.

    So how about Ron Paul supporting Obamacare or if not that then a plan that would give the people what they so desperately need? Affordable health care for all and stopping the insurance companies from ripping off the people. That’s the most important issue for Americans like me and probably you too. How about it Jim? Or do you want to go on pretending that Ron Paul is going to be elected on an anti-war platform and end all the wars?

    That’s where I’m coming from Jim and that’s why I post here. Because I care.

    • Jim

      Ok, you have identified the problem. Now, how is it implemented? By what mechanism or mechanisms to they make huge profits off the backs of the people?

      What tools do they use? Why do you say he has no interest in doing that?

      We also need to define some things to make sure we are on the same page.

      Health care. What does that mean? To me it means health insurance companies.

      Who owns most of the health insurance companies? Well, lo and behold, it’s a lot of those banks we bailed out. Isn’t that interesting.

      My point is, focusing on health care, as important as it may be, may involve a lot more than just what that one little word means, especially when you are looking at it as a problem that needs a solution.

      Don’t fall into the mental mindset trap of, addressing a symptom instead of the cause of the symptom. Do a complete exam.

      We have been manipulated over and over again for years. Our perceptions of ideas, what is acceptable or not has been molded.

      Ron Paul is for a free market approach to pretty much everything I think. What would happen, if we had money that was actually worth something, businesses would actually have to compete. What we have now IS NOT competition. It is the illusion of competition. All you have to do is some research to find out this is true.

      As they always say, follow the money. It works you know.

      Take a particular industry. Follow it up, eventually you find, you end up with a handfull of major banks and/or corporations. Certain names keep popping up, even if you go back 120 years, and sometimes even further.

      How many coincidences will it take, before you see the truth of it?

  • Michael

    Why end Obamacare? It’s the most hope ordinary people have had in years of escaping the ominous threat of bankruptcy in the event of serious medical problems. And it will bring down the cost of health insurance to something more affordable like the rest of the world is enjoying. Why should we remain slaves to big business profits when health care is a basic human necessity?

    The Republican party has nothing to offer us and neither does Ron Paul. Sometimes the obvious fix for the problem that is bankrupting Americans needs to be acknowledged. Call it Romney care if it makes it sound more palatable. Call it a huge success that Romney is trying to run away from. And stop babbling the big business talking points because they sound like they are opposing socialism. Start to accept that what’s good for millions of ordinary Americans is not socialism.

    • Jim

      Sounds to me like you’re promoting the big business, status quo, talking points.

      Obama? Sure, look at all the wonderful change we have had. Instead of troops out of Afghanistan, he sent more.

      Do you actually BELIEVE all the crap you post here, or are you just mouthing what your told to?

      Numerous links and posts have spelled out the fallacy of your views, if they are actually yours.

      Yet, you blah blah blah all day long without even the courtesy of looking into the information for yourself, and then dispute things will valid arguments.

      No, you don’t do that. You just spit out regurgitated political psychobabel, that has no substance or truth.

      Since you are so ignorant and unwilling, to at least look into things with an objective perspective, I can only conclude you are anti-constitution, anti-American, anti-freedom, and therefore an enemy of the people.

      If you truly wanted to help our country, you would at the very least, keep an objective mind and weigh all matters against the truth and our constitution. If you did that, the real answers would become crystal clear.

      Instead, you choose to propagate a corrupt system that has failed, BECAUSE WE LET IT.

      It is time to rectify our failure to protect this great nation. You can choose to help or hinder, that is your choice. This ISN’T about parties. It’s about going back to what made us great, and what is right.

      I was looking for something else online, but found a video about how compounds in cannabis actually help cure cancer. Do a search for the words cannabis and cancer, see what you come up with.

      Now why the heck would cannabis be illegal if it can cure cancer? Gee, I dunno, maybe it has something to do with big pharmaceutical companies not liking the fact that you could grow your own cure in your own backyard FOR FREE.

      War on drugs, what a farce. How many commercials have I seen for drugs. It’s just a war on the drugs that the big companies don’t own or control.

      How many millions have died from cancer that could possibly been cured with something so simple?

      This is the type of behavior you want to continue?????

      Money money money, if they can’t make money on it, then it dies, goes away, is illegal etc.

      Stop promoting a system that cares only about its profits and couldn’t care less about the harm and suffering it inflicts to people around the globe.

  • TheGreatGniz

    Absolutely.. My mother has been in the health care field as a nurse for over 20 years and absolutely doesn’t want to become a doctor because of the bureaucratic part of it (which is a huge part)

  • LadyNakedneSS

    Just so everyone understands the concept…when Ron Paul talks about eliminating things from the federal government, like healthcare and education…he does NOT mean do away with everything completely…what he means, and what the Constitution says, is that the FEDERAL government should not be involved, it is the individual STATE governments who have the power to regulate for their state.

  • alirenniehiphop1986

    As some of the posters on here have demonstrated there seems to be a belief that drug addicts etc have sacrificed their right to health coverage, however through my work in healthcare and social care i’ve met young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have relied on free healthcare during some of their most difficult and vulnerable years. Basically my question for those who have knowledge of Paul’s beliefs is how does he propose we deal with people who have lost out on the lottery life.

    • Libertarian777

      Through works of charity. If I didn’t pay income tax I’d have 30% more I could contribute to the charities I give to.

      Instead my tax dollars go towards bombing libyans and I have no choice about giving those tax dollars to my community.

  • alirenniehiphop1986

    being from the U.K. and having experience with working/studying within the NHS, volunteer social care and american political studies, i’m intrigued by Ron Paul and some of his ideas. His belief that excessive government, warmongering politicians and financial/corporate cronyism has stopped progress is spot on, but his views on health care i really find difficult to stomach.

  • clownporn1

    Ron Paul works for the illuminati, and is a space lizard

    • Jim

      And you’re miss piggy in drag.

  • PSNxSTL10

    I don’t care if you’re white, black, republican, democratic, straight, gay…A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the future.


    please ron paul win. people are tired of necons and bankers running this great nation. i know you will do whats right.

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    everyone pay no attention to ProgressiveinAmerica the dude is a idiot that trolls on Ron Paul videos spreading lies about him

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    When asked who I would vote for if Ron Paul’s name wasn’t on the ballot, I replied “I’d write his name in with a quill and my own blood”!!!


  • Coolio

    dang, i am hoping he gets elected,
    seems to be the only hope America has,
    goodluck Ron,

  • dreadblitz

    Don’t know how you can lose an election when you say you want the IRS gone… every real American can get behind that

  • Doc Merlin

    Michelle Bachman just got more awesome.
    She talks about von Mises.