Ron Paul Reaches Out to Portsmouth Voters

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Ron Paul met with several Portsmouth voters Friday morning just three days before the first GOP debate in New Hampshire. He shared his vision for helping small business, restarting the economy and scaling down the U.S. government’s ruinous foreign policy.

Date: 06/10/2011


Ron Paul: If we make a mistake in Texas, you wouldn’t necessarily have to suffer from it. But if we mess up in Washington—which they do constantly—everybody suffers. And that’s why centralizing the government is something—[unintelligible].

Ken Smith [co-owner of Mainely-New Hampshire]: … the federal government could do to back off us and give us a chance?

Ron Paul: What about if we took a position that we would freeze the regulatory system, give you a break? No new regulations. I mean, just think if we didn’t expand the Federal Register for three, four, five years. No more regulations, and the only thing we could do to improve your life would be to repeal a couple of those regulations.

John Fincher of Dover: It’s refreshing to actually have somebody that looks at the Constitution as something other than a moldy piece of paper. He’s taken, a couple of times in his career, an oath to defend the Constitution, and the guy has stepped up and put his money where his mouth is. He walks the walk. That’s why I support him.

Dave Dawley of Rye: He’s a conservative American, the practice, the principles we all are concerned about, more particularly in New Hampshire—the Constitution, the ethics, the honor, the trust. We trust him, when elected, to do the right thing, which I find would be very refreshing.

Francesca Marconi Fernald [owner Geno’s Chowder and Sandwich Shop]: The thing about New Hampshire politics is, you get to see the people, you get to shake their hand, you get to see what they look like, how they act, interact with other people as well. We’re not a huge state where you never get near anyone. In New Hampshire, we like to get near you, we like to see how your handshake is, look you in the eye, and check him out.

Kevin Kervick of Portsmouth: I also believe that he’s been extremely consistent, and—we were talking about earlier this morning that he’s a man of integrity in a profession that you don’t often see a lot of integrity. So that really attracts me to him. But the other thing that I’m really excited about is, I think he’s commandeering the Liberty Movement that is really doing a lot to really capture the hearts and minds of the youth of America.

Ron Paul: I would say that maybe it’s a little slower than last time, but it’s still not unreasonable to think that people are still looking at their candidates. One thing for sure is that the People are pretty darn upset, and they are looking. Because there’s so many problems, so many questions, I think they’re scrutinizing all the candidates a lot more on how the individual is going to solve the problem. Is it going to be all the same old promises again, the same old type of politician, the same old status quo? And I think that’s why they’re a bit frustrated, and I think that’s where I stand out differently, because I don’t represent the status quo in any way.


  • AngusMcSpuds

    i am registering repub to vote for him in primary.

    i am asking evryone i know to do the same.

    i have a BIG red 4×4. i am turning it into a RON PAUL – mobile.

    i think Dr. Paul is our last chance.

  • katsfanman

    Democrats and Independents who want Ron Paul as president should register as republican and vote for him in the republican primaries.

  • GMGvanS

    Why would one NOT vote for Ron Paul?

  • goldcurrent1

    President Paul will turn this country around.

  • Shaunt1

    He’ll basically work to get the government out of your life. If you agree the government is more harm than good than he’s the candidate.

  • jasrogg

    Pauls great and all but until he realizes that its about percentages its about the number 30 thats the percent needed to win if there are more than 2 parties.He needs to start talkin bout 911 and start a 3rd party so we can go out and get him on the ballots.i believe Paul is playing a role for the Republican party.Hes the Libertarian to get the base out and the fringer who like END THE FED.But they still vote Republican .Kusinich plays a similar game for the Dems .Notice neither talk 911 trth

  • PikSokolit

    Live Free Or Die !!

    Ron Paul 2012, it’s revolution time.

  • RoflmaoAtSheepeople

    Yes Sir hes my man too.last 3 times I voted for him.God I heat to registered R or D
    thats sucks, But for Ron Ill have to. move to new state.

  • RoflmaoAtSheepeople

    Yes Sir hes my man too.last 3 times I voted for him.God I heat to registered R or D
    thats sucks, But for Ron Ill have to.

  • pkpapers

    The status quo in the USA, thanks to gov’t education, is FAKE revolution (socialism).

  • sdeevooo

    i feel so warm every time i see a new Ron Paul video.

  • happilea

    303 views 6/12/11 1:07 am

  • Bushiey

    Real people talking!

  • unfpetition

    Tell your family members about Ron Paul. You can be passionate and zealous, but make sure to make a calm, logical case for him first. I have a lot of relatives that still get their news from the mainstream media, so they had no idea about Ron Paul. After they heard a bit about him and saw his voting record and knew the reasons behind his votes, most of them loved the message. Remember, it’s the message. And register Republican for those primaries! Ron Paul 2012! Restore the Republic!

  • MrDeppness

    First New Hampshire. Then the United States! RON PAUL 2012!

    Give me liberty or prepare for anarchy.

  • swizzlecheeks

    If you’re not “pissed off” at government and the Federal Reserve, please, place hands between legs and pull firmly to get your head outside of your ass….then, turn off the damn brain numbing boob tube T.V. set!!

  • lilsm555

    I get to have a clear conscious because im voting for ron paul the rest of you morons voting without thinking or doing research have to live with destroying the country.

  • USFullOfLies

    “CIA spy” Davis was giving nuclear bomb material to Al-Qaeda
    Double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis has been found in possession of top-secret CIA documents pointing to the American Task Force 373 (TF373) providing Al-Qaeda terrorists with “nuclear fissile material” and “biological agents,” including a nuclear “dirty bomb.” com/cia-spy-davis-giving-nuclear-bomb-material-al-20110219-224833-452.html

  • Grevlo

    Ron Paul makes his bullshit policys sound so good. And all of the paultards cheer.

  • im1greatman

    Ignore those that try to slander Ron Paul. These people don’t care what you have to say. The only goal they have is to make Ron Paul supporters look crazy. They will fail because we the people are finding the truth out on our own.