Just got back from a great trip to New Hampshire. There were…

“Just got back from a great trip to New Hampshire. There were many wonderful highlights, but one of my favorites was the amazing lobster roll at Geno’s in Portsmouth!”Ron Paul

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  • Bob Burnitt

    Dr. Paul, Pullleeeeeze, DUMP the REPUBLICAN Party!!!!! Now is YOUR time!!! I believe YOU are the only Congressman that even KNOWS what Keynesian Economics is / are. YOU KNOW even better than ME that there is no REAL difference in the parties. I have been a loyal Republican all of my life, I have been a delegate to the Republican State Convention a number of times, I was there in 2010. They are the DEMOPUBLICANS!!!! They claim to be the party of “Fiscal Responsibility”, how can they be when they practice Keynesian Economics???? The two “polices” are OPPOSITE!!!!! It is TIME for a THIRD PARTY to emerge and kick the CRAP out of the other two. They are HOPELESS and I KNOW YOU KNOW IT!!!! Anything I can do? Bob Burnitt