Ron Paul’s Great Niece Endorses Him for President

  • Dannyc1235



    your great uncle has my vote and everyones vote around me because of me 🙂 god speed to your great uncle and lets get a real patriot in the white house, its been too long!

  • pollo1970

    I’ll send this video to all of my friends.

  • RefoundingParty

    Great Job! Your Uncle is very proud I’m sure! Too bad so many just believe what they are told by Fox News and CNN…that is why you getting the word out and even all of the grass roots doing whatever they can is so important! It’s the only way to bring real hope and change with someone that WILL do what they promise and is so obviously and genuinely a good person.

  • edeneating

    So cute. Love Ron Paul!


  • martron3000

    Your great Uncle would be a great President! I voted for him in 1988, supported his 2008 campaign and will absolutely be voting for him in 2012. Already have donated to 2 Money bombs, and just ordered some campaign materials.
    One of my favorite Ron Paul quotes is when he was asked how he would end the wars, and he said:
    “We just marched in, we can just march out!”

  • bpitas

    Where do you buy a Ron Paul 2012 sign?

  • JeromeGarot

    Wow you look exactly like him! I hope I have such a supportive granddaughter one day!

  • MormonFacts1

    smart kid

  • Keifmoore

    twenty years old here, so I’m voting for him. I just want you to know I’ve been loosely following your great uncle since 08 and there is something big going on there. Seriously about one out of fifteen people I meet are supporters. All the “normal” people I know who vote for the liars and for whoever the TV says to like, those people are changing their minds and realizing that freedom works. 2012 will be the year the America wakes up and votes for something other than another future sex scandal.

  • CYLiu13

    When do you turn 35?

  • xWren

    Aww, cute endorsement. 🙂 Must be nice to have Ron Paul as a great uncle, I wish he was my grandad! He’s the most honest man I’ve ever seen in politics and he inspires me because of that

  • oldspeedsi

    Smart kid she keeps it simple and real. Ron Paul ,12

  • RonPaulFlix

    Look like Ron Paul Flix brought you a few hits 😀

  • GoRandGo

    Keep up the good work, and don’t ever get discouraged by politics. You are an inspiration to the Ron Paul movement.

  • r0npaul4prez

    Your uncle is a great man. He wants to end the wars abroad, close the Department of Education, and end the Environmental Protection Agency. Let the market decide if we breathe dirty air, drink dirty water, and let corporations control our children’s education. RON PAUL REVOLUTION 2012!!

  • rtj3184

    Ron Paul is a Rock Star!

    So are you! Continue to teach your peers about liberty, because the young people are America’s only hope!

  • imanoutkast

    You are WAY ahead of many people twice your age! You rock!

  • Getapa999

    great video!! 🙂

  • davitodude

    You seem like you have a great personality so please continue making videos.

    But yeah, I have been talking to my friends and family the last 5 years, trying to warm them up to Ron Paul or the idea of Liberty and the constitution. Discussions quickly become cold because there’s always one thing they rely on which Dr. Paul wants to cut. For example my brother works for the federal reserve and when he hears your Uncle say “Abolish the Federal Reserve” he takes it as an attack.