Ron Paul’s Great Niece Endorses Him for President

  • romanpr1nce

    Is your uncle Ron Paul??? FFFuuuu I love you!


  • adkpinecone

    Also I just want to mention that I found out about Ron Paul through Mike Adams aka The Health Ranger from Natural News. He made a video on Ron Paul during his last campaign in 2008. Mike Adams is an amazing person. Ron Paul hangs around really cool healthy people. Way to go! 🙂 Thanks for being brave and making this video to support your uncle! You have made a difference. God Bless!

  • adkpinecone

    Great Video! I really hope your uncle Ron Paul wins! I thought it was so awesome how Ron Paul stuck up for that Amish farmer and is trying to make raw milk legal! Now that to me is so awesome. Also Ron Paul has even been on the Robert Scott Bell Show with Mike Adams from Natural News. Wow!! Ron Paul is actually into health and nutrition. Now that is awesome!! To see a guy actually hanging around those kinds of people just sends chills down my spine. Ron Paul is an amazing man. Ron Paul 2012! 🙂

  • steamedturtle

    I don’t like this video, but I LOVE it.

  • seankubin

    My younger brother says the most effective door nocking is a guy/girl team. After watching this vid I think he’s right.
    She uses a lot of distractions to pleasantly keep your attent (oiy a bee!) attention. A guy could not do that- he would look like a spaz. But the presence of a young lady works well, even if only out of respect, to hold your focus. Plus she really does have a finess(sp) of words. I thought she was going to call people liars for a sec, but she took the high road and sa

  • GeneHunt1973

    I so wish I could vote for Ron Paul it would be such an honour, in the UK there is no one like him, we’re stuck in the dark ages in this country and liberty is a dirty word.

    I’ve been following Ron’s campaign since 2007 and was ecstatic when I found out he was going to run again in 2012 I wish him all the best and will be following closely wishing and hoping..

    Peace to all.

  • EltBerserker


  • SidekKickK

    Glad to have your support, but this makes the campaign look very bad. Noone would vote for Ron Paul because your mom likes him.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • pistol987

    well i think that was a pretty strong endorsement.

  • zekezero12345

    It’s heartening to see a young person who is politically engaged.

  • MormonFacts1

    she got Ron Pauls nose lol

  • gaallegos

    You seem very smart for your age. I think you might be a future congresswoman!!

  • tharock220

    I, along with several of my friends, do not agree with a lot of Ron Paul’s position, but a politician who uses common sense and logic instead of slogans and talking points is a breath of fresh air. He gives the impression that his goal is to actually make the country better instead of living with the same ole, same ole.

    It’s too bad this girl isn’t old enough to vote for her uncle. He’s going to need all the votes he can get as the Republican party establishment tries to marginalize him.

  • tradgedyandhope

    You are going to be a very inteligent and good looking girl one day.. We can only hope your great Uncle can be ellected. Peace

  • SuperSelfreliance

    I am also a Ron Paul sympathizer but I have to say that girl is really cute, anyways Ron Paul for president !!!

  • MrTclemson

    good work stay involved and continue to be proactive. Get your uncles name out there the more people who know about him the better. AMERICA NEEDS HIM!

  • Goremetalsatan

    YOUR UNCLE ABSOLUTLY NEEDS TO FUCKING WIN. sorry for my language young girl but its liberty or die at this point.

  • xxxxAXIxxxx

    This girl for president 2033-2035ish? (she has to be 35)

  • Ericrestes1

    That’s so cute! ^.^
    I LOVE your uncle, he is a true patriot with genuine understanding and selflessness (at least politically).
    I can’t imagine a better candidate for the presidency.

  • Max

    Smarter than the status quo.