Ron Paul’s Great Niece Endorses Him for President

  • seantbird09

    What a smart girl!

  • cornflaks705

    OH YEAH!!!!!!!! I met your uncle, in the back of his van….

  • whatisahumans

    Your great uncle has terrible economic policies.

  • IWillEatYourSmile

    tell him i said congrats brianna! :]]]


  • shotsky94

    You’re uncle’s a racist

  • seaofseeof

    Wow, talk about a family resemblance. Holy crap

  • Thrillagy

    Ron paul is an onspiration. Good vid


  • RedOnyxProductions

    Awesome! I had the chance to meet your Uncle a while ago, and he struck me as an honest, down to earth man. Listening to him speak, and looking more into his positions has really changed the way I look at politics. This video was quite inspiring! Ron Paul 2012!

  • mit26chell

    Love your videos – Your great uncle Ron is a good man with my support! Is Wayne Paul your grandfather? I saw him at a Texas End the Fed Rally here on YouTube – he seems just as informed as Ron does, wish he was in politics as well!

  • haskellfilmz

    Awesome! Check out my car The “Official Ron Paul 2012 Car” He signed in 2009 in Phoenix! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Vincent776

    Sometimes you have kids under the age of 18 who have more common sense about what is really happening in American than most adults. Especially those who will continue to vote for Obama. With a presidential candidate like Ron Paul I still can’t understand why people are going to vote for Romney, Bachman and other. It blews my mind how out of touch some people are.

  • sugardaddy815

    I saw more political sense in this video than in any of Michele Bachmann’s or Sarah Palin’s speeches…


    Young girl, the war in Iraq was started for many reasons except the obvious. For example Iraq wanted to get out of us dollars and traded in euro. That would have cause Americas end sooner. Oil was the big cause not terrorism. America does not have a terrorist problem……..yet. The boss want one,whoever that is. Uncle Paul means well but he will never become president. The people will vote for him and he might get the majority of vote but the system is so stewed that it will not happen.


    Ron Paul, you cant bring the troops home. They are better off on the battlefield.


    Ron Paul, you cant back the American dollars by gold.

  • ShrugMeSilly245

    Ron Paul is a hero!

  • MrDrawingguy

    If I wasn’t already voting for Ron Paul I would have after watching this…. :D! Well done missy…. Ron Paul 2012!… 🙂

  • erwinthehamsandwich

    Second link doesn’t work. This is a good one though:


  • fuggsakes

    What a CUTIE

  • romanpr1nce

    You are so cute