Ron Paul’s Great Niece Endorses Him for President

  • PRacrePerAcre1

    You are so cute.
    Ron Paul 2012!


  • FreakishDonQuixote

    Even if I’d share Ron Pauls positions – which I don’t – I’d still believe he woudn’t make a good president. He just isn’t pragmatic enough. He wouldn’t ‘actually do what he’s saying he’s gonna do’, simply because he couldn’t.

  • hidrox4

    How old are you?

  • skeena42

    I am from Canada and I support Ron Paul. He inspires me to be a good person and it is my desire to emulate him here in Canada. Very beautiful to see someone your age with these beliefs. I just asked my 11 year old daughter to inquire about Ron Paul when she gets back to school in Sept.

  • karinjohnson1

    Standing “O” for having the courage to post this video. Sometime our younger generations can help us light our path.

  • Sabnock1990

    Hey, way to go for speaking up instead of being in denial and being afraid like most Americans are these days. I’m 21 years old, voted for Obama, and realize which way we are heading and do not like it one bit. I am a huge supporter of Ron Paul and truly do believe his and our time has come for the nation and world to see. Ron is going to play a HUGE role for our country, and i’m behind him 100%.

  • Aryaba

    Great video! America needs your uncle, badly.

  • yukisucks00


  • SIG551P

    Your uncle’s intentions are just but you are not helping his message by using “like” and “so” as forms of inter-punctuation. It makes you sound like a dilettante.

    Read some books and expand your vocabulary.

  • twashballur

    >This girl for president 2033-2035ish? (she has to be 35)
    >”He would make a really good president. He wants the best for America.”
    >”I don’t want to dis Obama. He’s a great president and all.”


  • djeroid2000


  • madvideogamer

    Viral marketing campaign.

  • GetterRay

    She’s cute.

  • howiloggedin

    You can be proud of your uncle, young lady.

  • TheBlarges

    I would marry you and we would have a dozen aryan children.

  • Jupitarius

    I can definitely see the resemblance.

  • VotePaineJefferson

    Great vid!

    Going to have to disagree with you when you say Obama is a great president though. Hehe

  • cobraboy1100

    your uncle is gonna win :]

  • jmaverion

    Way to go girl!

  • nerdyal

    Abolishing the fed would hopefully end fractional reserve banking a method that allows bankers to create 9 times more money than there actually is from an economy. Also did you know that the Fed is partially controlled from London. Look up “The City of London” not Greater London I’m talking about the city state. Research it and the freeman movement and you’ll see why Ron Paul is the way to be. 🙂 P.S. I’m British but I care more about R.P. becoming president than about the prime minister here!