Ron Paul’s Great Niece Endorses Him for President

  • Here’s a guide to get Ron Paul Nominated for President!! watch?v=btzhrobPTPU


  • Save America, VOTE FOR RON PAUL

  • No Ron Paul for me, I prefer to live in the 21st century, not the 16th. Perhaps he should secede from the Union he hates so much, and take Texas with him.

  • you did a awesome job and you make perfect sense and good luck to Ron Paul,were rooting for him and he has our all you speaking nonsense and spilling out hate,just goes to show how a teen girl is smarter then you in politics…and proves she has more common sense then you ever will…for shame,go back to watching your music videos now please.

  • I hope you grand uncle wins too. But if it’s all the same try to articulate yourself without using the word “like” so much and you’ll make a good campaign manager when your an adult.

  • obama is great president ? bitch you trippin ?

  • Ddstairclimber

    You do look like ron paul. i see a big resemblance . You are lucky to be in his family. Even if you weren’t you should be proud of his ideas and honesty.

  • piercemk

    Great video


    The scent of death is on those who have been throwing America under the bus in order to assert their power both here and abroad and this is why the Tea Party was able to be formed – this is why so many republicans and democrats are getting behind Ron Paul and even if Ron Paul retires, this is a movement that can’t be controlled forever.


    I don’t know if your uncle will win. He’s a direct threat to a lot of people in power and they’re doing everything that they can to ignore him. He’s got fierce supporters who will be all over mainstream media if they totally ignore him, but they’re ignoring him just about as much as they can….which doesn’t make sense, especially since he’s getting a good following from both sides of the isle. I hope he gets the nomination, but even if he doesn’t, he’s started something in America



  • MrGreco2100

    I definitely see the resemblance

  • matsa666

    hi i love your enthusiasm you would be a great asset to his campaign but get his campaign g people to do your video ……….i want your great uncle to have the best chances to win…………… good luck …….

  • jfabproductions

    i love ron paul but this bitch is really stupid and no obama is not good

  • feliznavdavid

    I wish I was related to Ron Paul! You are so lucky! Many of us around the country are pulling for him and ready to support him in any way possible. God bless you and your family.

  • LiezerZero

    “They wouldn’t let him talk..They ware like .. ‘la, la, la, la, la’.. they’er women”

    HAH, LoL. Awesome.

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  • iiEpicNinja


  • jacquob15

    I think that its great that your doing this it really shows that younger people like us can actually make a difference, I mean 8,000 views is a lot of people. Good luck to your uncle!

  • valmorgan

    Aww : ) i feel like Ron Paul is my uncle too. Hard not to love the man!