The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • How do guys like Barney Frank get elected? He sounds like he should be wearing a helmet.

  • The housing bubble was not caused by liberals or conservatives, it was caused by the government looking the other way while wall street raided the chicken coop. Don’t buy into this divide and conquer conservative vs liberal coke vs pepsi bullshit – Cowboy up so we can work together to stop those bastards from sticking their dicks up our asses.

  • Quickly! Someone find Ron Paul and ask him what’s going to happen next!


  • USA will self-destruct. People like Ron Paul are essentially not electable in a country like USA – with voters being uneducated “flock” of sheep manipulated by their religions and TV choosing their leaders and policy. The US political class will be bought by outside governments, without the sheep noticing.

  • Predictions? *scoffs* this man merely had his eyes opened. The majority of people have reality filters on. I can understand how this must seem like magic to those people though

  • this man will be remembered for being a political legend and for speaking the truth. you Americans will regret not electing this man, who could of made a real difference. to bad the majority of Americans follow the bullshit and fake promises rather than just opening there eyes and seeing whats in front of them. fuck propaganda and acknowledge what’s really going on

  • Wake up, we Americans are the terrorists. We walk in countries and put our people in charge, wtf. Who are we to say we are innocent. We make war movies so kids grow up wanting to be Marines, to fight for thier country. Or so they think. They fight for selfish reasons. “absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  • Anyone who understands libertarianism could have foreseen these coming. Ron and Rand Paul are the only ones in congress with enough intelligence and respect for the American people to tell the truth.

  • suckering sacka stash

  • And people wonder why most middle eastern countries are anti-American….

  • And people wonder why most middle eastern countries are anti-American….

  • There are 76 dislikes. I’d like to think that Greenspan and Bernanke created 76 accounts to do that, but that’s not the way it is. I’ll tell you who did it. Liberals did. The same who claim to hate big corporations and banks did it. They refuse to akcnoledge that liberal policies (even under a Republican president, it doesn’t matter) caused the housing bubble. Sad.

  • the neocon gop screwed you i am sorry Dr Paul you were robbed~

  • could have done w/o the witch though!

  • 7 months since the election. From smalltown USA to Washington DC. From law enforcement from smalltowns MeterMaids to President Obama. There has not been a peep about Election Fraud, Rigging, and voter Suppression that took place NATIONWIDE. DOD announces. Returning soldiers SUICIDE rates are Higher than any any war ever. FACT More soldiers donated to the Paul campaign than all the others combined. Soldier who donated, says to self. And I killed people to support this? His money was no good. Why?

  • thank you for uploading this video! im british and even i want this guy to be president 2016!
    america is in a state of distress! bring home the soldiers now! before its to late!
    i put it like this! its a chess game! and americas in “check”!

  • Ron Paul is such a superb role model, on ethics..