The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Paul is an abortionist and doctor of death who poops on the constitution and pee’s on our greatest ally Israel. Ron Paul has killed over 4000 babies.


  • ryanshaunkelly

    Ronald Ernest Paul
    don’t tread on freedom
    infowars on a prisonplanet
    the whole world wants to heal

  • Sigrafix

    I’m surprised Dr. Paul has managed to survive this long… usually the good honest politicians who are trying to do what’s right don’t live very long.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • ckrtninja

    All our base are belong to Ron Paul 2012. Feed The Thirst!

  • TheUnitedNewsNetwork

    They say Obama is the most loved American president by other country’s. Well that just might be true he is more loved by radicals over seas then his own people in America, I feel people across the world can support Ron Paul for president 2012. This man would truly stop the policing of the world, He would bring back the troops. Ron Paul is a true American Patriot and friend to the entire world. This man would make a real difference.

  • jwka2001

    Ron Paul doesn’t piss, he liberates urine!

  • GunnysGirl71

    Ron Paul has my 2012 vote. The Dem and Reps have proven that the don’t care about what Ameticans want or need. They have their own agenda. Lets vote for a new party’ Libertarians” the reps and Dems hate them; so there has to be a teason they are feared.

  • ninjashade411

    367 likes with 301 views….huh..

  • sadol11

    Brazilian people also supports Ron Paul!!!!!!!

  • howardb42006

    Unflinching…Ron Paul you have my vote and i will convince as many as possible to see that you are the best choice for America ! I am so pleased we still have a chance to turn this around. Let Freedom Ring !

  • jpops1991

    Only Dr. Paul could have more likes on a video than views!

  • ManNorthern

    I have been predicting the demise of the unsustainable system in the US since at least the mid-1990’s. I was surprised it took until 2007 to show up.
    But just because you can predict America was in trouble, does not mean you can solve it.

  • LetsgetphysicalAg

    Most of the time I am a Donald duck or Buggs bunny voter! But this time around Im with Ron Paul all the way! He is our last hope! Message to AMERICA: WAKE THE FUCK UP….turn off the TV, stop watching American Idol, get off your fat ass and read up on this man! He is our last hope! Get mad at what is going on in our country! GET FUCKING MAD AND DO SOMETHING!!!

    RON PAUL 2012!!

  • hitadjp

    pretty amazing

  • twindwick

    If Saddam ever had nuclear weapons, surely Clinton would have helped supply those WMD’s for him.

  • crinoid1919

    ImNotVoteing4RonPaul = TROLL


  • hillbillybushcraft

    I wish I were wrong but the political zionist owned media will never let this man be president. EVER!

  • ustfu

    Nobody wanted to know the truth and face the reality. It’s not too late.

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • collapseprep101

    It is not a stretch to say that the whole world, humanity itself will be better off if ron paul is president, he is already mine

  • OzzzB1993

    3rd Time’s a Charm!