The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • MrMarkless

    On issues of ending slavery, civil rights, affirmative action, etc., in the 1860’s and 1870’s, Democrats were the conservatives and Republicans were the radicals. From the 1960’s to the present, the opposite was true. The first President to try to get national health care was Republican Theodore Roosevelt, but it was Democrat Lyndon Johnson who got medicare passed and the recent legislation was only supported by democrats. They switch man its just a fact. And stop ignoring ron paul haha


  • knikolla86

    Support Ron Paul. He is our ONLY TRUE hope!

  • a187killa

    I never voted because I never believed the hype presidents or politicians say because lets be honest when have they been right not anytime in my lifetime but I will vote for Dr. Ron Paul his views (if true) are my views on big government and war. Economy will be hard to fix I pray Dr Paul can be the man we need him to be.

  • MelioraCogito

    The “Federal Reserve System” as Ron Paul puts it, is not so much the problem as a product of the problem. The REAL problem is Fractional Reserve Banking – a ponzi scheme whereby money is created from nothing by encouraging debt-slavery through consumer credit. As the money supply increases, the $ devalues causing inflation on your income & savings. As long as paid-off credit continues to be added to the money supply (rather than being removed) your $ today will buy far less tomorrow.

  • aityadeen123

    americans must give ron a chance, help him to help the middle class and the poor, no other politician in USA cares more about the lives of the small guy than ron,

  • introvertical71

    7:40 – 9:11

  • riethc

    Ever heard of Lyndon LaRouche? He came up with a scientific explanation for the economic collapse not only based in money and finance, but also on the physical economy.

  • xdayz

    It’s Ron Paul’s b-day today (20th August)! Give him a gift! DONATE NOW! ronpaul2012 . com

  • freezazoid

    Ron Paul / Peter Schiff 2012 !!!!

  • johnnyborealis

    Why didn’t we fricken’ listen to this dude? I guess we are listening now.

  • introvertical71

    The AntiChrist at 3:33

  • historian65616

    Wonderful video, I’m sharing with all I know, hopefully it’ll open a few eyes.

  • 1sniper1wolf1

    bwish ish nawt de dat cawm siftuafin. Sucking suckitash, okay Daffy Duck.

  • LadyNemesis2007

    The guy sitting in the back left of Paul has NO IDEA what is being talked about……….. !!!!!!!!!!

  • restoration4all

    Ron Paul is the “Re-Founding” Father. (Ron Paul or Bust!)

  • Vensonmusic

    26 people will never grow up… sad

  • stevearogge

    You dont know anything about Ron Paul. If you did, you would know at the least that he is against abortion. You need to wake up if you want to keep your freedom.

  • stevearogge

    You dont know anything about Ron Paul. If you did, you would know at the least that he is against abortion.

  • RedPillProject

    we need to strap all our friends and family members down and listen carefully to this man!

  • cheezoncrack

    If Ron Paul becomes President, America’s Fucked, Really Fucking Hard