The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • redeemed420

    5 people dont like Freedom! Ron Paul 2012 …or like was said before its time to do what our founding fathers would do


  • DuckSackJones87

    How did Barney Frank get elected to congress? He sounds like a retard…

  • TheDrywaller76

    34 years young, first time voter,Ron Paul 2012-2016, 2016-2020? Please God let this guy in ……

  • sparkypogo

    if ron paul became president he would make every american free.. this is why they will never let it happen, he would either be killed or the vote rigged ….good luck america with your african born leader who works for bush snr !!

  • ustfu

    Fuck Hill Clit.

  • yourtube20061

    Great predictions, my respect for Ron Paul keeps on growing.

  • marjoriejohansen

    He’s the only hope we have to save this country from our current Moron in Chief.

  • yourtube20061

    Barney is stupid. When will more people listen to Ron Paul ?

  • hddnwrd

    How can we not elect this man as president? I LOVE this man. Join the rEVOLution!

  • secretbonus

    Ron Paul looks too much like Timothy Leery. Will someone tell him to dye his hair or eyebrows?

  • poyner1134

    We are like that about him because he is the only one who will turn us down a different path (at the very least try) which is a million times better than what we are getting from the corrupt government now

  • krissmith1986

    Who keeps watching these Ron Paul videos and thumbing them down?

  • uturniaphobic

    a straight shooter! …from Texas no less!

  • 66sicksfishstix

    this vid is for asleep people sheepole

  • mrgeestacksalot

    RP 2012!!!! Awesome!!!

  • codematrix

    How and who and the right mind would ever vote dislike? WTF

  • MustangManiac1115

    This video is beautiful. I must share this with people

  • ryno99

    4 Federal Reserve banksters disliked this

  • ricadrew

    I keep wanting to go all out in supporting Ron Paul, but everytime I view a video about him, these hard core supporters scare the hell out of me with their near worship of him. The guy is not a deity and no one person will fix this mess of a country and by himself stop global government.

    Cause I know one thing for sure, he would not act as a dictator, so we will still need many more constitution minded people in the other branches of government.

    Banned from another RP channel I guess…

  • SirithHeruwen

    barney sounds like a crooked spaghetti gangster..hmm..