The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • jjld90

    It hurts my head seeing all this fucking lying cocksuckers. Guys like Ron Paul who really speak the truth never get a chance. It just breaks my heart knowing we can’t do anything to change this corrupt system. Change will come when people stop being such pussies!


  • mlstarbuck7

    There is no way that anyone with any sense at all could dismiss this video! This is the most important video on YouTube. If Ron Paul doesn’t get elected, I have no hope for restoring America.

  • mlstarbuck7

    If only CNN and Fox would show this…


    God Bless Ron Paul. I hope he replaces Hussein Obama in 2012. If not. We are fucked.

  • suitabledude

    and in fact the founders were conservatives of the rule of law, an idea first conceived when the magna carta was made. they were also conservatives with regard to the parlimentary tradition of government. of course they made enhancements to the system and in that sense they were radical, but the main ideas of rule of law, equality under the law were of the English tradition. This is why big time English conservative Edmund Burke didn’t have a problem with the American rebellion.

  • suitabledude

    in today’s twisted sense.

  • suitabledude

    This video needs to be seen by so many more people. All those haters who like to talk shit would for the first time start thinking twice about their “firm beliefs”.

  • StormTrooper629

    Bachmann 2012


      Bawkmann for Bellevue 2012.

  • jtshibbyy

    Before I say any of this, let me preface it with I think Ron Paul would be the best thing for the country. That said, how does Ron Paul (or anyone) rationalize a pro life stance with libertarian beliefs? Get government out of my life… unless we’re talking about vaginas. And does anyone really support dismantling the board of education? He’s got some radical views but he’s consistent and he’s what Washington needs more than anything. A fucking shake up.

  • xplzf

    Israel control this country and if he doesnt agree in paying israel money then he wont win. I want someone like him or Duke to win.

  • vermanshane

    Pro life, Creationist, and doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state…

    that said, still the best Republican candidate by a 1000 miles.

  • BlackDynamiteNYC

    I wouldn’t join the GOP under ANY circumstances!

    That’s his Achilles’ Heel (Not that the Democraps are any better)

  • hemistaka

    Your votes don’t matter. Ron Paul won’t win, although I want him to. He can’t win. He’s not part of the program. He’s not part of the cartel. The public is foolish to think we’re actually part of a legitimate democracy. Everything in this country, including its demise, are going exactly as planned. Nothing more, nothing less. The only way this will ever change is if we rise up and revolt, but we won’t. The powers that be exercise too much influence and too much control.

  • BlackDynamiteNYC

    This only proves two things you should already know:

    1. Our government is corrupt
    2. Ron Paul is smarter than other politicians, and they cockblock him at every opportunity

  • VanceJoudrey

    You Ron Paul people are very likable, but you have to realize that Ron Paul is institutionally dysfunctional and those institutions run the country. For him to win you’d need a real revolution w/ a new constitution and government. But once you have that – you don’t need him. He’s unelectable or unneeded. He’s a teacher, but he’s not/can’t actually win the White House.

  • TheRuiner66

    As an athiest, I will still vote for Ron Paul. He is the only person that seems to have clue what is really going on and how to fix it.

    Fuck Republican, Fuck Democrat. Ron Paul 2012.

  • VanceJoudrey

    Ron Paul is a nice guy and I like his stance on military intervention. However, his Austrian school of economics is a joke – it would destroy the US economy very quickly. Nobody knows that more than big biz and the banks – they will never let him win.

  • aceofspades1369

    joe rogan

  • sadbutsandman91

    Happy Birthday Ron

  • papthat

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