The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • jimbronaugh

    Remember!! Ron Paul is a Repbulican. He is running for the Republican nomination. If he doesn’t win the nomination, he will not win the General Election. YOU must register as a republican to vote in the Republican primaries. Only 2 states have open primaries. 48 states only allow registered Republicans to vote in the Republican primaries. Register (or re-register) as a Republican. Only the Republican or Democrat candidate is going to win. Register Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the primary.

  • Franke4finger
    Get Ron Paul on 60 minutes! LETS END THIS MEDIA BLACKOUT!


  • ucjb2

    So, who’s the 32 assholes?

  • wcprocom

    Every other politician is showing how they will “manage” the economy… that is what gets us into these messes… we need a total separation between economics and government, end the fascism and give the people the freedom to create wealth.

  • fredjustsucks

    Ron Paul is a very old man. This is OUR LAST CHANCE, America. Let’s not fuck it up.

  • KenMacMillan

    Showing that democrats believed that Hussein had wmd’s is epic in & of itself.

  • KenMacMillan

    Showing that democrats believed that Hussein had wmd’s is epic in & of itself.

  • MaverickZ

    Send this video to 10 friends if you support ron paul. Facebook it.

  • jscottupton

    My God…that was 10 years ago. He NAILED it.

  • LevitoMax

    This is insane… If not for the internet we would never have seen this… Ron Paul has been the same things all along. Good G-d.

  • dicemanace

    They dont like people who know what there talking about like ron paul It puts a wrench in there money machine they will do anything to make him look like an idiot Im still voting for him

  • American1787

    It seems that all the countries we are invading or wanting to invade, either to help or because they are a threat, are the ones with the largest oil reserves. Saudi, Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Lybia, Venezuela. Ive often wondered why the terrorists dont hate Canadas freedoms and liberties like they hate ours but its probably because Canada hasnt been occupying their land for decades and THATS probly because Canada has ALOT more oil than the U.S. and are more self sufficiant.

  • American1787

    WOW, he even called out Fannie Mae!!!! Thats crazy!

  • DynamicVentures

    C is not for Clinton, but C is for Cunt.

  • Elmgren76

    Barney Frank is a hack.

  • cabron0629




  • BlackDynamiteNYC

    THIS is why I HATE the GOP!
    They work against this man at every opportunity. The corrupt GOP can rot in hell! They will find a way to make sure he’s not the nominee.

    This is his last shot people……and the GOP knows this

  • wolf1010

    Why isn’t this man president guys? Seriously wtf. Stop being ignorant damnit.

  • CirqueDuCloud

    Mentioning the hardest decision you have ever had to make is never something you do with a smile (unless it concerns what flavor of ice cream you were going to buy at the supermarket).

  • nateneedto

    Ron Paul;s predictions are un real the man has called everything before it has happen for decades now. He is the true American hope right now