The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • 1LonePuma

    Mr. McCain proved to be incorrect, but McCain was and still is a part of the problem. I used to believe in McCain, but believe me, he’s been exposed as a part of the New World Order! America must always remain a Sovereign Nation least we become like the communists country WITHOUT LIBERTY!!
    Vote for Dr. Ron Paul, He will dis-mantel Corporate Interest, the thievery of the Banking Industry and not with a band-aid as others have and continue to do!!
    America had better wake up!!


  • mugm2

    FUCKING WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Very, very good video, and even better research. Cudos!

  • SuperSparr01

    This guy is the man for our country! He really knows what he is talking about. Tell everyone that you know about Ron Paul. I fear for this country if he is not elected.

  • ndrthrdr1

    Most people knew these things would happen. Now young people think that Paul’s a genius, and a visionary. Most of us knew this stuff back then, too.

  • 2020starman

    Blue Republican | Facebook

    Blue Republican – We’re Democrats and Independents registering Republican to vote for Ron Paul! | Facebook.

  • LaBelleTML

    Too many republicans profit from these wars and special interests overseas. IF Ron Paul ever was elected he wouldn’t last a term before someone got his head.

  • endtyrany

    maybe most people just like having no money. So don’t vote for Ron Paul cause we don’t need an intelligent man who is serious about fixing our country.
    We can keep borrowing money, expand our empire, debase our currency, destroy our economy and continue to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.
    Keep living in fantasy land voting for liars and crooks. Why do we want to change things cause we are doing so well voting for those that the MSM push down our throats! If paul wins i’ll eat my hat!

  • steadiedi

    Sounds like another Jimmy Carter to me, look what happened during his watch!

  • frenchsaber

    It is just uncanny. He’s been saying these things all along and he is the only one who saw them coming. When will we learn?

  • innationoftards

    Barney talks like he has dick in his mouth………


    The only way Saddam could of increased his chemical weaponry would be if he continued to buy more Bio and chemical weapons from America, who under Ronald Reagan sold Saddam this stuff for over 10yrs and gave CIA intel to Saddam in order to use it on Iran. Osama has been dead for over 5 yrs. You have the Mafia running your country, and it shows, because crooks look after only themselves, and then leave everyone in the mess their in to clean up and rebuild everything again,until the next time


    Ron Paul 2012! Oh yeah! I’m a Liberal Democrat, Ron Paul is the best candidate for our country. It’s obvious because of how afraid the corporations/media get so worried.

  • SickShizta

    Fuck, if Gary Johnson or Ron Paul doesn’t win, I’ll have officially lost faith in American Democracy.

  • pittski75

    Perry IS Obama! The result is the same. Vote no to the establishments status quo! You need not look any further than the media to see who big money wants as president. After all, media is bought propaganda. WAKE UP!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • aironeous

    I hope this guy can become president and stop the pritning of money and bring our troops home and stop the war on drugs and stick the troops on our border.

  • crownby

    Ron Paul? I seriously doubt this fellow’s going to be any useful to the country at all.

  • tommymarines1


    Google: Get Ron Paul on CSB 60 Minutes and Sign the petition!

    Only 977 more signatures are needed!

  • BlackDynamiteNYC

    Ron Paul can NEVER be President because of one very important reason
    He’s THE ONLY person on Earth who hates “The Fed” more than I do, and he WILL shut it down, if allowed, and the government is run by “The Fed”, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    “The Fed” owns this country, and Ron Paul can’t stand for that.
    It’s him, or “the Fed”. And “The Fed” will ALWAYS win out!

    The RNC will NEVER support Ron Paul. EVER!
    They’d back Obama before Ron Paul!

  • Marasma101


  • DrBobDeYoung

    Unfortunately I have to agree that we are stuck in a two-party system, as wrong as that may be. I’m all for less government in any camp. I also believe that “the powers that be” will ultimately get their rep in the Presidency…money inevitably determines who gets elected in this country anymore. It is a shame that all viable candidates aren’t provided with a significant media purview.