The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • chazudde

    Great Man!

  • justinmackey24

    Lets be honest people… In this day in age you will not find anybody with a better voting record and more integrity than this man. I still can’t believe someone of his caliber is even a politician. You can find maybe little disagreements with him. But, if you slow down (And stop drinking the “cool aid” that the right and left have been serving) and try to think rationally about what will save the sovereignty of this great republic… Than there is no argument. RON PAUL 2012!


  • creamsykle

    Ron has some good ideas, and a lot of bad ones. This man thinks evolution is false; man just once I would like a chance to vote for a candidate whose head is in reality. With that being said I think he would help more than hurt our economy and its workers, as long as you’re not one of poor saps who makes less then 30k a year, then you’re just fucked.

  • Wenutz

    The video is about right except that Ron Paul agreed with Mccain about not going into Pakistan to take out Bin Laden.

  • ihaveaverybadcold

    the 8 dislikes are the dumb fucks who actually think george bush and obama cares

  • Eunoterp

    Good God…this is a brilliant man. Integrity and passion, RP is really the only hope we have. If by some terrifically great stroke of good fortune we are able to get Dr. Paul into a position of serious power (POTUS or VP), there is a chance that we can begin to correct the downturn of this nations prominence in the world. It won’t be easy, it won’t feel good, but it will be the right path. I’m on board, I’ll help Ron in any way I can.

  • adulby

    CNBC just had a poll for the GOP and Ron Paul has 41% out of 10 candidates. Its pretty impressive. The country is leaning towards Paul.

  • urbanII1095

    1215,1776,2012. Tyranny rejected natural law rules.

  • rmed30

    In 88 everybody laughed at Ron Paul. 08….same story, people dismissed him as a crazy. In 2012 if you are still laughing at Ron Paul, the joke is on YOU. He’s been ahead of the curve on every policy disaster for the last 20 years.

  • ImNotVoting4RonPaul

    Hello Ronbots-

    Truly you are works of art. I’ve never seen so many drones incapable of basic logic and reasoning. Try not to self destruct when Herman Cain owns Dr. P in the debate tonight.

  • ggeorgewashington

    Ron Paul 2012

    Thank you

  • beethovenmetalhead

    im from Europe and everybody wonders why this guy is not a president ?!?! o_0

  • ninjashade411

    when ron paul gets the c.i.a. he wants, im signing up for it 🙂 his idea is solely intelligence gathering. no training armies, no tactical attacks, no means to violence. just intelligence. go in, get info, come back. period, end of story. none of this side branch of the military. just actual legitimate spying and not blowing crap up. jfk did that with the cuban missle crisis. works much effectively than wat we do today 😛

  • TheErn5

    ROMNEY 2012!! How does it feel guys?

  • pkpapers

    The purpose of the USA is to obey the orders of AIPAC.

  • USFullOfLies


    China Issues Ultimatum to United States

    Congress Vote On Declaration Of World War 3
    blog.alexanderhiggins. com/2011/05/15/congress-vote-declaration-world-war-3-endless-war-borders-clear-enemies-22785/
    The site was recently got hacked.

  • randomjesse

    Wake the F up America, your country has become an empire of evil hated by people around the world. Your ignorance about the brutal actions and dictatorial foreign policies of your government has made you the laughing stock of the world. Almost nobody believes your message about promoting freedom and democracy anymore. Almost everyone understands that you are currently no better than other horrible empires in history. Please vote for Ron Paul, he clearly understands how money and the world work.

  • popkocher

    And please do something about these seven idiots…

  • popkocher

    I wish so hard for you US citizens that he’ll be your next president, but he is not gonna make it if you do not embrace your old ways the world has -or at least I have- loved you for: power of the people and a naive believe that your own effort can make a difference. Please get out and make it happen. PLEAZZZZE!!!

  • SumerianInspired

    Why for some reason when they do the count of votes im gonna see like 2 recounts until Obama gets in…fuckin sick