The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • Get ready to revolt against the tyranny when election time arrives!

  • your faces when he predicted bin laden in pakistan

  • Im 17…cant wait to vote for him as president cuz ill b 18 by then 😀

  • i think he is from the future… VOTE FOR THAT SI-KICK / PERSON FROM FUTURE

  • If Ron Paul becomes president this country will see HOW the US Constitution was originally designed to work for WE THE PEOPLE!!

    Not the people to be pawns of the minority wealthy top 1%. This economy down turn is by their design. They’re not hurting. If they were they sure would be spouting about the economy’s woes long before now but they have not and it took the media a long time to finally acknowledge it.

    And they only acknowledge it when they got us knee deep in it.

    RON PAUL 2012!!


  • Attention fellow Ron Paul supporters: Do not forget that in order to vote for Ron Paul this coming election you must be registered as a Republican! You can request online for the form to be mailed to you. Please pass this on and inform your friends because we need to get Ron Paul into office if we want a chance at a better future for our children!

  • Back then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were not household names. Interesting that Ron Paul was warning of their dangers 10 years ago!
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Maybe he’ll scap the new National Defense Authorization Act which he didn’t agree with that was signed by Obama…. and give you back your freedom of rights…. Just a thought.

  • I think the scary truth is that this man will never become president because the very people that caused the problems he is trying to fix are the people who rule this country and consequently most of the world. I do hope I’m wrong.

  • Love Ron Paul’s talks,kinda looks like our prime minister Enda Kenny(but Ron is not a liar like him-our Irish leader),amazing how the major media networks worldwide ‘seemingly’ collaborate on NON-COVERAGE of Mr. Paul…..vested interest here….he’s good for Europe too…AND seriously just heard President Obama on about how America intends to remain a ‘supreme military power’…..God help us all…for the future wars then….

  • amazingly accurate stuff, clever guy

  • Reps & Senators in the 112thcongress who honored their Oath of Office by voting in a manner that supports & defends the US Constitution & your liberty 100% of the time: Sue Myrick NC, Ron Paul TX, Phil Roe TN, B Posey FL, C Mack FL, Tom McClintock CA, Raul Labrador ID, T Huelskamp KS, T Johnson IL, W Jones NC, A Harris MD, T Graves GA, John Duncan, JR TN, Jeffery Duncan SC, J Campbell CA, J Chaffetz UT, J Amash MI, Rand Paul KY! 18 of 535 on ur side-vote with care-Ron Paul 2012

  • No one can bring entire justice and peace but this man is so honest and brave that he would really make the world take a huge step towards better times. Seriously america, you must support him.

  • Please watch my story “TIFFANY LEBOUEF SEEKS JUSTICE” They hid my only evidence and lied about it then they made me “TAKE THE DEAL” or go to Prison for 9 + yrs. This is crazy shit. They have given me 2 strikes and one more brush with the law of any kind will send me to “PRISON FOR LIFE”….. HELP MEEEEEEEE

  • Whole World Support Dr. Ron Paul For 2012.

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  • I really admire Dr. Paul, I wish we could have a candidate that honest and good in our country. Please America don’t drive your homeland to a hatred and failed country please vote for this man and make our world better. Greetings from a Mexican living in Austria.

  • I think its curious how Hillary Clinton smiles as she says “this is the hardest decision I have ever had to make”

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    In July of 1963 JFK signed “Executive Order 11110” which would take the power back from Federal Reserve and put it back to the US Treasurey. FOUR MONTHS LATER JFK WAS ASSASSINATED . REPOST IF YOU WANT TO END THE FED EMAIL YOUR CONGRESSMAN’S, SENATORS SPREAD THE WORD AROUND AND MAKE IT VIRAL, IT TAKES ONE PERSON TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE *******