The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

  • admin ur awasome

  • Admin is correct

  • here you go america, the #1 person responsible for the housing market crash.

    bawny fwank, frank dodd, bill & hillary clinton.

    read up about it. it all started in teh mid 90’s w/ the clinton admin FORCING banks to give out ninja loans and the dodd/frank bill put the final nail in the coffin.

    wake up america!

    ron paul 2012.


  • I agree with ADMIN on this one…

  • like if ADMIN sent you here.

  • By the time people look at R.P. most have figured out Main Street Media,,but this is a good explanation why R.P. has some of the most acrimonious objectors. Might want to spread it around as some still are not aware of how the propoganda machine is controlling society. And Ron Paul is a threat to it.

  • VOTE RONPAUL Even if you dont side with him Side with him for the fate of the internet.
    (Every other candidate is siding with the SOPA bill.

  • Democrats are idiots to begin with.

  • Ron Paul is this prophet who has amazingly predicted the future and again he has the chance to be you’re president america! and who is beating him? MITT FUCKING ROMNEY!?! WTF is wrong with America. A big business man is the right man for President and not a man who has been in goverment for over 20 years and predicted with pin point accuracy the reasons for Americas demise? Something is wrong here

  • Ron Paul will be best for the world including USA, anyone else would be detrimental to the world including USA; consider that simple thing called logic while voting. 😉

  • Has anyone considered the possibility that he is no different then most US president fallowing FJK, bought out.
    The same “hype” built around R.Paul could also be observed around Obama before he was elected. The man was an internet sensation the same way Ron paul is, people marched down the streets convinced Obama would bring significant change, yet the man is but an other puppet.

  • (PART 3) But no, they can’t do that. Because they have MOUTHS twice the size of their MORONIC brains and can’t seem to know when to keep it shut!

    So now, our enemies will have a chance to REGROUP, come out of HIDING, seek friends. Use our OWN IDIOTIC LIBERAL MEDIA against us, and last, Take more Innocent American LIVES!! Thanks to the IDIOTS who know NOTHING of war, yet PROFESS they know what is BEST!!!

    You have to be down right S T U P I D!! to think you know more than the TRUE EXPERTS!

  • (PART 2)

    Anything LESS is what we’re in now, a POLITICAL WAR!! Just like VIETNAM!! In fact they are complete mirrors of one another. Fought SUCCESSFULLY until LIBERALS got involved! Suddenly put into a losing tailspin!!

    Why can’t the IDIOTS incapable of understanding the COLD REALITIES of WAR and EVIL, just THANK their lucky stars that they live in this GREAT land and that there ARE young BRAVE Americans willing to put themselves in HARMS way to PROTECT our INTERESTS and SECURITY!!

  • (PART 1) Also, to comment on your OTHER rants! I realize something about you.. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO WAR EXPERIENCE OF WAR STRATEGY KNOWLEDGE!!!

    First, even specialized teams takes out someone’s RELATIVES. So they will want REVENGE TOO!!! Secondly, this isn’t a ONE or TWO man regime!! Again, you are ABSOLUTELY BLINDED by your IDIOCY of what this is.. it is a THEOCRACY!! But you can’t seem to understand that!!

    You win these types of VICTORIES with OVERWHELMING and DECISIVE FORCE!!!

  • Contrast this with any other politician running, including Hope And Change Obumma and see how they stack up. Ron Paul understands Austrian Economics and history, the other clowns understand only sloganeering and double talk.


    For ALL the FANATICAL RADICAL KOOLAID STAINED LIES AND EFFORTS you Ron Paul Spooners made, Poor Little Ron Paul can ONLY muster 12.6% on the overall polling scale!! LOL

    Just go to REAL CLEAR POLITICS dot com, the most TRUSTED polling site in America and look at the Polls!! HAHAHAHA, It formulates the top 60 polls and shows you them in TOTAL ACCURATE DETAIL!!!!


  • you paul-tards have an uncanny ability to galvanize support for your candidate, i will give you that…i guess spamming youtube with your douchebag videos has had a major impact on the american people…sadly, that is only a testament to how fucking stupid the american people have become…america is doomed

  • Hillary looks like Christopher Walken, just sayin’

  • She looks like Christopher Walken…. just sayin’

  • She looks like Christopher Walken…. just sayin’