Ron Paul Post-Debate Interview

  • im an american and people around the world think of me as torchrers of the 21 centurey. i need to change that. ron paul is the peacful way. i hate the media.


  • here what he said? we dont own our soil we rent it. that means they sold our military to them before our soil. sold to who you ask. the very people ron paul wants to put outa bussiness REDERAL RESERVE ACT.

  • stfu you bleeding heart liberal 😐

  • stfu you bleeding heart liberal 😐

  • Ireland supports Ron Paul.

  • TheFootegirl73

    Dr Paul is so correct in hos commentary abt great empires falling when they are spread too thin… we should learn from the Romans….I do not think there has been a better candidate for election since JFK ran for office in the 60s and this is definitely the most important election in my lifetime!


    3/3: w/ everyone&everything else involved,both directly&remotely,& in-between;going w/ a good attitude,taking 1 good step at a time,all at a good pace.So…Let’s make the IDEAL the REAL.Onward&Upward,May We The People of the US Go.MAY *G* BLESS THE US&MAKE EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY&EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD FOR THE US;WITHIN&ALL AROUND,AS IS DESERVED&AS IS RESERVED.Now…Let’s get to it.


    2/3: GET REAL:Overall,from the past,in the present,& on into the future:Ron Paul most closely lines up w/ this political philosophy.Each candidate’s got his/her good points;some, more so than others.Please save yourselves from projecting&commenting based upon whatever’s going on inside your lower ego:’Leggo Your Eggo.’Ideally,to the core,the higher ego within us all is to line up just right with the US Constitution,to the greatest extent possible in this world of today,


    1/3:It’s called PASSION,people. Some possess it&it shows,1 way or another,to 1 extent or another.It’s called being smart,of/by/for the US Constitution.Some are smart&it shows,1 way or another,to 1 extent or another.Some think it’s ‘I’m in charge,now.We’re in charge,now.’That attitude is a major mistake.What is Right&Just is RightJust/Righteous.Some people ask:’Who is the leader of the Tea Party?’WHO?1st of all,it’s really about WHAT.In essence,the US Constitution is the leader of the Tea Party.

  • It’s ok I’m atheist and I’m voting for him. Our country needs us.

  • I’m an atheist and i agree w/you. i just think the the good qualities outweigh the religious stuff I disagree with. As long as he has good morality, I don’t care where he thinks it comes from.
    It’s like how the phrase “endowed by our creator” means our rights are not from man, who cares where they come from so long as it’s NOT from man or govt.
    If man or govt. gives us our rights, then they can take em too.Our rights are inalienable, it doesn’t matter if you think Godzilla gave em.

  • I guess Paul is the lesser of the evils, but it still bothers that he implied morality and religious faith go hand-in-hand.