Democrats Warn: Beware Ron Paul!

Original article at You Should Know: Five Facts About Ron Paul

  • TakisAthensGr

    Tom Woods for Vice President

  • trimetaler

    They’re all running scared… all because one man speaks the truth.

    I am in a liberal puke state called NY and Dr. Ron Paul has my vote. 2012!!!!


  • agroundhere

    Nothing to see here. Unsuppported assertions ad nauseum. It’s easy to identify problems, anyone can do thet, but here we make assumptions that these new ideas will be better. Why? If these are such great ideas why don’t we see them applied elsewhere. Why are there no libertarian paradises around?
    This is just another shovel of empty political crap…….

  • 3rdEyeSpeaks

    WHY ARE TYT VIDEOS SUGGESTIONS TO THIS??? of course MSNBC gave Cenk a tv show, a shill NWO tool of the dreamland left ughhh leave our consistent, Constitutional candidate, Dr. Ron Paul alone!

  • ggeorgewashington
  • TheLegalImmigrant05

    Both of these titans!!! LMAO

  • carcabe

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is willing to turn us away from our path toward economic collapse and chaos. All of the others offer more of the same failed policies.. All of the other candidates offer us the very UNREAL idea that government can fix our lives and give us all a fairy tale. Ron Paul is the only one who is grounded in reality. Let’s support the one who accepts that the reality of the Constitution and that freedom is the only solution to the human condition.

  • Nakor420ish

    Ron Paul is the next Linoln or JFK. If he wins, we have to get him a pope mobile. Or at least a head to toe bullet proof suit.

  • carolm62

    If these guys want to disagree with Ron Paul that is one thing. But the fact that they need to LIE about what his positions in order to do so is actually quite interesting. If they can’t disagree with his ACTUAL positions and if they have to make stuff up in order to disagree with him — then maybe they ought to be voting for him, hmmm…?

  • Paul37062

    nice video. You have a new subscriber

  • zardcat1111

    Republicans know that he won’t be their puppet. Democrats know that he will dismantle the Democratic Party. So MSNBC and FOX won’t mention him.


    People are waking up. Every talking point they have is laughable. The media is losing control.

  • RPJunky

    How old is this guy he looks young. He should run for president at a later stage.

  • JiveDadson

    I at first thought, who cares what some blogger writes? Bloggers lie. No surprise there. Big whoop. But just for the halibut, I clicked over to democrats daht org, and what do I find at the bottom of the page? “Paid for by the Democratic National Committee.” If that is truthful, what we have here is not some random blogger making up random lies, but the Democratic Party itself.

    The power brokers of both major political parties are scared to death of Ron Paul.

  • TheBullionBull

    “Its just a day of surprises!” lol

  • LoklarYsera

    Glad I subbed!

  • RSG132

    Hilary Clinton or Mitt Romney disliked this video

  • Aiursrage3

    If the liberals are going after Ron Paul than that means they are scared of Ron Paul and liberals you better be afraid because we Ron Paul is going to smash your big government into a million pieces. Your communist dreams will come grinding to a halt.

  • AUSM92

    Rothbard against flat tax: (from Making Economic Sense)

    Rothbard explaining why no tax is ‘just’:

    Rothbard on how no tax is ‘neutral’:

    I really don’t expect Ron Paul would support a flat tax or ‘fair’ tax. Maybe if it was part of a bill that simultaneously abolishes the IRS he may, otherwise I doubt it.

  • AUSM92

    Anyone who understands Ron Paul’s most significant mentor (Murray Rothbard) would know RP ultimately would’nt support 10% flat tax.

    MR wrote many arguments against the flat tax (one titled ‘The Case Against the Flat Tax’), one of his many arguments against it is that at least a complex tax code allows opportunities to reduce your burden, another is that it promotes a shorter chain of production thus discouraging division of labor.

    Another article by MN against it is here: