Ron Paul Wins RLC Presidential Straw Poll with 39.69% of the Vote

Ron Paul overwhelmingly won the 2011 RLC Presidential Straw Poll, gaining 612 (39.69%) of a total of 1542 votes! Jon Huntsman came in second with 382 votes (24.77%), Michele Bachmann was third with 191 votes (12.39%), while last year’s winner Mitt Romney slipped to fifth with only 74 votes (4.80%).

Click here to watch Ron Paul’s full speech at the RLC.

Name Percentage Votes
Ron Paul 39.69% 612
Jon Huntsman 24.77% 382
Michele Bachmann 12.39% 191
Herman Cain 6.74% 104
Mitt Romney 4.80% 74
Newt Gingrich 4.47% 69
Sarah Palin 2.66% 41
Rick Santorum 1.95% 30
Tim Pawlenty 1.17% 18
Gary Johnson 0.65% 10
Buddy Roemer 0.58% 9
Thad McCotter 0.13% 2
  • Ajeebmjeeb

    RP2BP and RP4USP.

    Good bumper stickers eh!



  • George Tolhurst

    sabatoge that’s all I can say sabatoge
    I just wrote 2 good comments and when I hit sumit they disappeared

  • George Tolhurst

    Well I’ll try again as I just wrote what I thought was a good article and it disappeared.

    If everyone could see the vidieo of Ron Paul and the other speakers at the Rally For The Republic in Minn, Mn. There is no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul would win the electon.
    Ron Paul is the most viable electable canidate in this race. I sincerely believe that Ron Paul can and will win the Republic primary. Ron Paul will then go on and beat Obama,
    That is as long as we his supportors don’t waiver and keep on working on the behalf of Doctor Ron Paul.
    There are an awful lot of good people out there that are for other good people and not so good people. You might call them victums of the media and our educational process. They can be won over with Education–discovery of the Truth and Kindness. No arguing or name calling.

  • George Tolhurst

    I just want to say that I was in that crowd in Minn. at the restore the Republic rally that is being used in Ron Paul’s new ad that he can win. If all the voters could see that vidieo; Ron Paul would win by a landslide.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul is the best and most viable canidate out there and that he will win this primary. He will then go on an beat Obama.
    That is as long as we as supporters of Ron Paul don’t waiver and keep our strong support and maybe support Ron Paul even more. Of course there ore still a lot of very good people out there supporting other canidates that have to be gently won over to our side. That can be done with Education–Spreading the Truth and Kindness.

    ———-Go Ron Paul Go———-Audit the FED——–and God Bless you

  • Perhaps it is time for all of us who really want change, to send an onslaught of emails to our local news networks demanding that Ron Paul be given equal coverage without putting their own spin on his candidacy.

  • nathan h from alabama

    Sorry for the spelling errors. I am busy and this message was written from my cell phone. “Mkral” is “moral”. Take care.

  • nathan h from alabama

    I hate to say but but multiple sites have censored my modest rallying behind mr. Paul. He is being put down by, what I suppose, are demons? ……. religiously speaking and politically speaking, Ron Paul seems to be a founding “father’s” choice for our country.. yet people in power stand starkly against him in all his kindness and wise experience. Bizarre. Inexplicable.

    Nonetheless, everyone, tell all you know who are close to you that mr. Paul is the apex of presidential possibility! Let them know paul’s belief in Us, and America, …. wise use of money. Broad comprehension of constitutional politics. Immense defense of mkral principles found in the bible… and far beyond a better choice than any other Feasible candidate.

    Ron. Please, give it all you’ve got! Let’s get our families and friends to hold hands across the nation and revolutionize our political machine! Let’s see who stands against the name of peace and opposes us! Spread the message across the internet and public. Stay clean and work hard everyone.

    This aint work to shirk.

  • Luis C

    Don’t trust CNN or FOX word of mouth is how he has been gainin support and hoe he will win. Use the Internet and social networking don’t let them tell you whose winning you decide. And Ron Paul is winning. Paul 2012

  • blaine

    Every network you turn to had lengthy and very positive coverage about Huntsman coming in second, while they didn’t have a positive word about Paul other than reporting the votes. The alleged reason for not highlighting Paul was that his win was expected (how can it not be newsworthy to both beat the front-runner and to come-from-behind to blast your neck-to-neck competitor from the previous match-up?), and that the Paul’s results were not due to popular support but due to organizational mechanizations.

    This is idiotic because reputable-looking allegations about Huntsman rigging his own vote were present at the same time as the vote results were reported. These allegations were reported with very little fanfare by a couple mainstream outlets, so there is no reason that any political reporter or anchor person could not look into it farther or even mention it at the same time as they dismissed Paul without justification. They just drummed up support for Huntsman with 0% skepticism as they disregarded Paul with 100% skepticism.

    Well, it turns out that Huntsman’s second-place result was undeserved.

    Has anybody out there seen a retraction from the dozens of talking heads and guest-experts who were competing with one another to show who was more prescient by implying an imminent landslide for Huntsmand due to his “meaningful” and “significant” finish here? (Meanwhile they didn’t condescend to waste words justifying their “assumption” that the Paul win was rigged and undeserved).