Getting ready for my Iowa trip tomorrow!

“Getting ready for my Iowa trip tomorrow!”Ron Paul

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  • Brady Kohuth

    Congressman-I fully support you in your presidential bid.I would like to know if you are going to bring up Fair trade versus Free trade.As you know,our government in the beginning had tariffs for all imports and that was our means of securing money for our country and didn’t have to tax the citizens because of this.I’m sure you know,when you go to the store to buy anything,90% of the products come from China.A lot of produce comes from the S.American countries and Mexico.So,with this being said,why can’t the White house and all the Senators and Congressmen cannot figure out,instead of raising taxes,use of tariffs make more sense.Of course ,I believe some of them are inherently uneducated and others are just selling out our country to the “Elitests”,which I’m sure you are aware of. I am one who wholly believes in the Constitution and will continue to support you.God Bless !!