Ron Paul: End Debt-Funded Nationbuilding and Preemptive Wars!

by Ron Paul

Last week I joined six Republican and three Democrat colleagues to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its illegal war against Libya. Now that more than 90 days have passed since the president began bombing Libya, no one can seriously claim that the administration has complied with the clear requirements of the 1973 War Powers Resolution.

In a remarkable act of chutzpah, the administration sent to Congress its response to the growing concern over its abuse of war powers. Its argument, in a nutshell, is that the War Powers Resolution is not relevant because US armed forces are not actually engaged in hostilities because Libya is so militarily weak it cannot fight back! This explanation would be laughable if not so horrific. The administration wants us to believe that there is no real violence because the victim cannot fight back? Imagine if this standard was applied to criminal law in the United States! I am sure Libyans on the receiving end of US and NATO bombs feel hostilities are quite definitely taking place.

We must recall the origins of these attacks on Libya. The Obama administration made no claim that Libyan leader Gaddafi was killing his civilian population. Rather, the claim was that Libya might begin killing its civilians in the future. One need not defend Gaddafi’s regime — and I most certainly do not — to object to this flimsy and dangerous rationale for violating the sovereignty of another country. Imagine a scenario where the UN approves military action against the United States as a preventative humanitarian measure over US enforcement of its immigration laws, for example!

Now in Libya we see the possible use of depleted uranium shells, we see infrastructure destroyed, we see universities bombed, we see all the “collateral damage.” Yet, this is a “humanitarian intervention”?

In our lawsuit against the administration, among other critical issues we are demanding that the courts provide relief and protection to the country from the administration’s policy that a president may commit the United States to a war under the authority of the United Nations and NATO without authorization from Congress, and that previously appropriated funds by Congress may be used for an unconstitutional and unauthorized war in Libya or other countries. These are fundamental Constitutional issues and I expect the judicial branch to treat our challenge with the same level of gravity as we do in the legislative branch.

Remember, we were told that this attack would last “days, not weeks” and we are already three months and likely nearly a billion dollars into it. As the bombings obviously target Gaddafi’s houses, even killing some of his family members, we can see that the real goal is regime change rather than protection of civilians. Do we know much about the rebels whose side we have taken in what is, in fact, a civil war?

Although it is a bit late, I am pleased to see that congressional leadership has started to listen to our constituents, who are solidly against this war on Libya. I commend Speaker Boehner’s expressions of dissatisfaction with the administration over this war and I sincerely hope he will use the full constitutional authority granted to the legislative branch to bring into check an administration clearly out of control.

Polls show that the American people increasingly favor a truly conservative foreign policy: one that rejects the leftist, utopian doctrines of nation building and preemptive war, and one that is NOT funded by debt. Forcing the Obama administration to obey the clear letter of the law is one step towards restoring a traditional, patriotic foreign policy that serves American interests.


  • CriticalTh1nker

    …A law suit wouldn’t be necessary now, as they would’ve impeached Obama with the first deception.

    The only thing greater than Obama’s arrogance and willful disregard for congress and the Constitution, is Congress’s cowardliness and corruption.

    Couple that with the bleats of the sheep that perpetuate what ails America, and we’ve a recipe for disaster.

  • USFullOfLies

    U.S. Invasion of Libya Set for October

  • USFullOfLies


    China Issues Ultimatum to United States

    Congress Vote On Declaration? Of World War 3
    blog.alexanderhiggins. com/2011/05/15/congress-vote-declaration-world-war-3-endless-war-borders-clear-enemies-22785/
    The site was recently got hacked.
    Get yourself prepared.

  • USFullOfLies

    “CIA spy” Davis was giving nuclear bomb material to Al-Qaeda
    Double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis has been found in possession of top-secret CIA documents pointing to the American Task Force 373 (TF373) providing Al-Qaeda terrorists with “nuclear fissile material” and “biological agents,” including a nuclear “dirty bomb.”

  • CriticalTh1nker

    I thank you Ron Paul, for having the balls to challenge the administration. They are, and have been for a long time, “out of control”.
    What can we expect however? They have been given a hand through votes by “the people”, when they should’ve been challenged; and as a result, they’ve taken an arm.
    Congress lacks integrity and has sold us out to the lobbyist and interests that facilitate their lifestyles; lust for power, and control.

    Were they honorable…

  • J0HNe77

    I’m 16. I have convinced 8 people to vote for him. There’s still time! Spread the word. I don’t agree on everything he says, but he is what we need.

  • toumana001

    keep it up RonPaul!
    We support you x)



  • ghaidd1

    I’ve noticed an increase in bloggers and people on the street parroting Ron Paul’s viewpoints without outright saying they support him. It’s as if people are beginning to admit that he was right all along.

    I just wish that some of his supporters weren’t so cult-like, because it plays right into the MSM’s hand.. The average voter doesn’t want to put up with people getting in their face either, and in turn Paul loses both votes and credibility.

    Let’s get it right this time!

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    End Debt-Funded Nationbuilding and Preemptive Wars? More like End Ron Paul’s mouth!!

    • Libertarian777

      Keep trolling. The more trolls the more scared we know the status quo are.

  • westiesworld4u

    Thanks for caring


    No no no…

  • MissFriponne

    Many Canadians are watching the Ron Paul Campaign. For many of us he is a beacon of hope.

  • suzieq0452

    I’m a PINKO Canadian,but I would VOTE for Ron Paul. I don’t agree with alot of his policies,but he Stands by his beliefs and lets you know where he STANDS. I have much Respect for Paul. A great Ethical STATESMAN. Wish we had Conservatives like him here instead of the BUSH RepubliCON Retreads. Hope the PEOPLE Stand with Paul,he’ll make a great President if the OWNERS Let Him. All the Best USA.

  • usexoticsltd

    The ridiculous propaganda backing this operation in Libya is one of the most blatant loads of bullshit we’ve ever seen. It’s no different than saying something like; “Oh I’m not “fighting” this quadriplegic man, that would require a defense of some sort on his part to call it a “fight”…. I’m clearly PUNCHING him, but to call this a “fight” would be a silly mistake on your part.” C’mon… How the hell are more people not at least insulted by this kind of crap?!?!

  • fallenempireoverdrve

    the only reason america is in Libya is because china invested in Libyan oil…and china is going to be the biggest economy in a decade the american corporate monopolies wan to stop that….

  • envanje

    US wants to change the regime in Libya by getting Al Quaida in power for they always proved to be reliable friends !

  • envanje

    End the disgrace of the Libyan war Ron !

    Vote the warlord out of office ! Ron Paul 2012 !!!!

  • boldcreation69

    Man! You are the man! Is it true that you will return the Negroes back to Ghana, or any other Western African Country?


    • Stefan C. Kosikowski

      What a dispicable comment from a true coward, hiding behind a false pseudonym. Put your name to your comment or are you chicken?

      P.S.- You clearly are working for the traitor Republicans by mis-representing Ron Paul, who doesn’t hate black people like you clearly do!

  • dudefromtheearth

    Right on Ron Paul! Ron Paul 2012 baby!