Ron Paul: End Debt-Funded Nationbuilding and Preemptive Wars!

by Ron Paul

Last week I joined six Republican and three Democrat colleagues to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its illegal war against Libya. Now that more than 90 days have passed since the president began bombing Libya, no one can seriously claim that the administration has complied with the clear requirements of the 1973 War Powers Resolution.

In a remarkable act of chutzpah, the administration sent to Congress its response to the growing concern over its abuse of war powers. Its argument, in a nutshell, is that the War Powers Resolution is not relevant because US armed forces are not actually engaged in hostilities because Libya is so militarily weak it cannot fight back! This explanation would be laughable if not so horrific. The administration wants us to believe that there is no real violence because the victim cannot fight back? Imagine if this standard was applied to criminal law in the United States! I am sure Libyans on the receiving end of US and NATO bombs feel hostilities are quite definitely taking place.

We must recall the origins of these attacks on Libya. The Obama administration made no claim that Libyan leader Gaddafi was killing his civilian population. Rather, the claim was that Libya might begin killing its civilians in the future. One need not defend Gaddafi’s regime — and I most certainly do not — to object to this flimsy and dangerous rationale for violating the sovereignty of another country. Imagine a scenario where the UN approves military action against the United States as a preventative humanitarian measure over US enforcement of its immigration laws, for example!

Now in Libya we see the possible use of depleted uranium shells, we see infrastructure destroyed, we see universities bombed, we see all the “collateral damage.” Yet, this is a “humanitarian intervention”?

In our lawsuit against the administration, among other critical issues we are demanding that the courts provide relief and protection to the country from the administration’s policy that a president may commit the United States to a war under the authority of the United Nations and NATO without authorization from Congress, and that previously appropriated funds by Congress may be used for an unconstitutional and unauthorized war in Libya or other countries. These are fundamental Constitutional issues and I expect the judicial branch to treat our challenge with the same level of gravity as we do in the legislative branch.

Remember, we were told that this attack would last “days, not weeks” and we are already three months and likely nearly a billion dollars into it. As the bombings obviously target Gaddafi’s houses, even killing some of his family members, we can see that the real goal is regime change rather than protection of civilians. Do we know much about the rebels whose side we have taken in what is, in fact, a civil war?

Although it is a bit late, I am pleased to see that congressional leadership has started to listen to our constituents, who are solidly against this war on Libya. I commend Speaker Boehner’s expressions of dissatisfaction with the administration over this war and I sincerely hope he will use the full constitutional authority granted to the legislative branch to bring into check an administration clearly out of control.

Polls show that the American people increasingly favor a truly conservative foreign policy: one that rejects the leftist, utopian doctrines of nation building and preemptive war, and one that is NOT funded by debt. Forcing the Obama administration to obey the clear letter of the law is one step towards restoring a traditional, patriotic foreign policy that serves American interests.


  • calmingspeed

    The israeli lobby has most of our representitives in their pockets…but not Ron Paul. Foreign aid where not needed needs to stop. The Federal Reserve needs to be kicked out of the USA. Kennedy tried but was killed for it. I hope that Ron Paul sticks to his guns. Go American justice.

    • FreedomWINS

      True, I work for a jewish doctor who says Ron Paul is the only good candidate but he’s too radical, because of his stance on everything, it won’t get him the backing he needs. Tired of the bullsh*t, enough of the status quo, why would you want a candidate that caters to certain companies or groups meanwhile using our tax dollars to support their agendas that have nothing to with our country or our people? I know I don’t.

      RON PAUL 2012 for the citizens of the USA

  • calmingspeed
  • panjok2

    kingsofleonlive.blogspot .com WE ARE HUGE RON PAUL FANS AS WELL!! SEE what big oil did to me and my wife! We won 2nd place in the contest but because of the high gas prices that make the powerful rich even richer we cannot even use the prize! It is like a bad joke! thanks a lot big oil!!!

  • mphseason23

    Just wish you were not Pro-Life, or I’d vote for you.

    • Jim

      That is a rediculous statement.

      That’s like saying you’re not going to go to the doctor to treat your severed arm, because you don’t like the band aids they have for the paper cut on your finger.

    • Libertarian777

      “now that i’m safe…i’m pro-choice”

    • muzzle101

      No offense but that has got to be the stupidest statement ever. The country is suffering from more severe issues that are not being properly addressed by any other honest politician, and you’re stuck with social issues here? Is that what you base your decision by ? Get your head out of your butt and prioritize your reasons! thanks

  • Gioxtream

    I was in the supermarket and….I saw a few people commenting on Ron Paul.

    Seems to me that …the people finally are waking up.Ron Paul means a REVENGE ON THE USA GOVERNMENT A PAYBACK TIME THAT HAS BEEN LONG OVERDUE.




    • Ross

      Gioxtream,Why waste your time on payback when the Ron Paul Renaissnace can bring in a whole new era of enlightment and prosperity. The banksters will destroy themselves in due course.The parasites are killing the host.We just have to work out a way that we aren’t collateral damage when they go.

  • Tyrannyresponder

    Help US Obi-Ron-Kenobi, you’re our only hope!

  • WKaliberr

    Ron Paul has the mind of a small child and the most naive economic policy I have ever seen

    • FreedomWINS

      Only to the corrupted power hungry – WKaliberr

      RON PAUL 2012

    • Jim

      Yes, isn’t it funny how the truth and honesty confuse the heck out of the corrupt.

  • terry0710

    YOU Have My VOTE!!! RONPAUL2012

  • PullTheTricker

    Learn the truth about voting watch?v=igbBItLemsM

    Ron Paul is definitely the best candidate, but I’m skeptical wheter hes gonna solve problems. He can’t change the corruption within the system itself.

    • muzzle101

      So who do you feel optimistic about though ? Somebody has to at least stand up to these nonsense that’s been going on in DC for so long now… or, would you rather have things continue the way they are ?

  • MidasTitus

    0 people are buying Obama’s baloney…

  • BelieveandtrustJesus

    221 likes 0 dislikes lol.

  • Ian Z.

    Congressman Ron Paul,

    I read a few articles that said Michelle Bachmann won the debate. I cannot believe the media is even saying that! She was definitely the worst.

    Secondly, I have a question, I am a space nut. I love space exploration and everything to do with it. Personally, I feel that NASA was essential for space exploration in the 60’s because the technology was so incredibly expensive. I believe that within the next century NASA will cease to be the leading space exploration agency, and that private industry (now that costs are drastically down) will emerge victorious. Perhaps with NASA becoming more of an FAA, and largely R&D, whereas the private sector deals more with tourism and colonization. However, that time is not now. Are you for or against space exploration and putting a man on Mars?

    I think NASA needs to immediately divert focus to private industries like AD Astra and SpaceX for manufacturing but keep its oversight role. Are you for this aswell? (Remeber, if NASA scales down and orders more rockets from private companies, those companies will need to scale up and hire those that were let go from NASA, maybe even have NASA work into the contracts with the private companies that NASA employee’s must be considered for any new positions.)

  • deNIALL92

    He already has the support of the internet, he needs to capaign elsewhere too.

  • TREEpeople

    I have taken down overwhelmingly large trees by climbing to the tops, securing my ropes and repelling down to remove the lower branches . Then working my way up , I remove the others. This technique can be applied to a government thats gotten to big, out of control and no longer belongs in our yard. Ron Paul I have heard your message , and Im bringing my saw.

    • Ben

      Just make sure you do not go on the Libertarian party on facebook because they do not look through party lines. I spent 2 days not even saying RP is the perfect Libertarian but that he is pushing people that way and that bashing him would be stupid. I eventually got blocked. They had a swat team of 6 that if anyone who supported RP they would just bash them.

  • 1962roadking

    Commeth the hour, commeth the man!

  • 1kingconan

    when will they stop! no more wars on civilians and here in the people of the usa!

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  • bunebuer

    Ron Paul is the only hope for USA

  • BelieveandtrustJesus

    Whats interesting is that the 2012 election is gonna line up with the 2012 prophecy doomsday date or close…scary.

  • MrIhaveacat

    Is Ron running for 2012??