Ron Paul Signs Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge on Debt Ceiling

Earlier today, Ron Paul became the first 2012 presidential candidate to sign the new ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ pledge. The pledge, which is being championed by conservative groups and members of Congress, requires candidates to oppose any debt limit increase unless three major conditions are met.

“We are facing an unprecedented debt crisis, and the prospect of it becoming even worse is on the horizon if we do not deal with our federal government’s spending problem,” said Jesse Benton, Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman.

“It would be a disaster to wait until we reach the point where Greece and other European nations are before trying to tackle these tough issues. Americans want our country to change course immediately. We can no longer afford a reckless federal government that wastes money, endangers our security by borrowing from other nations, and puts us further into debt to advance an anti-liberty agenda.”

  • Patrick B

    @ Kristin,

    So your mad at him because he did not vote for Paul Ryan’s bill? Politics is not just about voting for everything good and not for everything bad. You might have missed parts where Ryan’s bill has vast amounts of pork in it and knowing Ron Paul he did not vote for it because it was just like every other bill put up for vote…. Presented they sound good but once you dig into them they suck. You should base your opinion of Ron Paul on more than simply what the man did not vote for. Educate yourself and read a book or two on politics before you state your immature and biased remarks on a Ron Paul website. Doing what you did makes you look like a troll who is hungry to upset someone. We Paul fans have seen and heard it all. Your attempt at hurting the campaign has failed. I just saw your website titled “” really wants you to sign the petition for bigger government and univserval mandatory healthcare for all. I heard they are giving away free draft cards for the first 100 people that sign up. Be one of the first to claim your prize.


  • Kristin T.

    Ron Paul is a liar and a fraud. He’s a career politician who tries to pretend he is different than all the others. He’s signing this pledge NOW after stabbing his fellow members of the GOP in the back after refusing to back Paul Ryan’s plan to make major cuts in spending, including Medicare, b/c they weren’t “DEEP ENOUGH”. So all of the sudden NOW he’s okay with the GOP plan and willingly signs it like nothing happens. The man has no convictions and has no right to claim otherwise, he’s all about what is convenient and best for himself and his political agenda at the time. Ron Paul is about as much a “maverick” as John McCain is…both are frauds and have no room to make themselves out to be any different than other politician on Capitol Hill….There is no revolution here, just more politics and lies that fit Ron Paul’s agenda. You all are suckers if you believe otherwise.

  • mark971

    With the collapse of the economy in greece and the upheaval with the aid not getting through are these the signs to come? Is this another reason for our troops to come home, to be with loved ones to help get their parents and families taken care of? We seriously need to take notice at the effects our spending is having, when we spend more on bombs than education, more than healing the sick our old not to mention our young. Is this what our founding fathers wanted for us or was this what they fought to get away from, is this what peoples fathers, mothers brothers fought and died for? All the threats floating on bs. mainstream news about our president of “change” helping us, when will he create a job that doesn’t support oil production or blowing up civilians. Is this what we want for our children to know how to create weapons, wasn’t Ronald Reagan trying to limit the weapons so our children didn’t have to learn stop, drop and cover? Have we tore down a physical wall to put up an invisible one? It is time people pull their heads out of their ass and stop waiting for superman to rescue us, we need someone that will listen to the people instead of ignore them. Maybe that hundredth monkey is just around the corner, all I know is we have to start to create jobs that actual create items instead of pulling money out of thin air. I feel no sorrow for the 20% increase in unemployment on wall street as I think it should be closer to everyone that caused this crap to have lost there jobs like myself. So with the acquisition of banks by our government are the small business loans going to be allocated to the people to start small local business to help our economy? I recently moved to Florida and I am at awe that the Governor is trying to fight the production of a Mag lift train from Orlando to Tampa are you able to help us with this problem as it will create jobs and also lessen our burden on fossil fuels? I was a resident of New Jersey and have seen the benefits of elevated rail systems, can some one explain to the Governor the revenue generated from the public rail system? Thank you Dr. Paul and keep up the good work.

  • John Hagan

    keep up the good work!